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STIGA Titan review

If you’re a beginner in table tennis and you’ve concluded that you like the game, then the next is for you to perfect your hand strokes, this is the primary and most crucial feature when learning to play the game. 

In such situations, many people make the mistake of choosing a racket that is too heavy and too professional for their calibre or choosing one that is too weightless with no good quality rubber. 

As a result, many lose their confidence and stop playing the game overall.

Luckily for you, STIGA has introduced it’s SITGA Titan, which is the perfect paddle for beginners. Moreover, the racket is also easy and comfortable to grip thanks to its flared handle.

We say it’s one of the best rackets for beginners because STIGA has remained one of the top ping pong equipment producing companies. They’ve achieved their calibre by integrating proprietary materials to craft the best products. 

Now let’s take a more in-depth look into the features of the STIGA Titan paddle:

STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket (T1260)
  • Stiga Titan Table Tennis Racket ( T1260...
  • Good control
  • Adequate spin
  • Great value for money
  • Speed not good enough
  • Comparatively lower quality rubber


The most essential thing when learning to play table tennis is placing balls with precision.

When starting to play, many beginners use a racket with good quality sponges that end up giving the racket more speed, and the ball quickly lands off the table. 

Keeping this in mind, the STIGA Titan is an excellent paddle for starters and for people who’ve just gotten serious with the game.

The low-quality rubber doesn’t give the racket enough speed for the ball to land off the table. Instead, you can easily play full motion and extend your arms while practicing new moves without having to worry that the ball will land off the table.

Many people have complained that the speed isn’t good enough, and the racket does not feel professional.

Some other people have argued that the spin isn’t anything extraordinary. The use of 5 plywood has also been the subject of critique by many customers since the racket feels lighter and hollower than most other rackets. 

The low-quality rubber is useful in a way that it provides enough spin and speed for you to land the ball on the other side of the table while practicing security in your strokes.

There are two reasons for these complaints. The first one that we’ve already discussed earlier is that STIGA intentionally made a lighter racker with low speed and low spin for the amateur players who’ve just started playing the game. 

The other reasons for the low-quality rubber and overall low performance can be attributed to the racket having a low price, which in a sense is also its most significant plus point. 

The racket is exceptionally affordable, with a cost of around $39. If previously you were giving this paddle an overall low score, you probably should revisit your critique.


Blade quality

The STIGA Titan is made from 5 piles of extra light balsa wood that uses STIGA’S very own Crystal technology.

This results in the blade surface hardening up. While this isn’t the best of blade quality since we have seen the Killerspin Jet 800 with a seven-plywood and carbon fiber blade, it is still really good and useful for beginners to practice their angles and shots. 

To see how far off the STIGA blade was in comparison to the Killerspin Jet 800, we conducted a speed test and found out that the Killerspin Jet 800 beats the STIGA Titan by a long mile. This it wasn’t that surprising since the Killerspin Jet 800 costs two times more than STIGA Titan.

Overall, for a score of speed, we’d give the STIGA Titan a score of 5.5/10, and for a spin, we’d give the paddle a rating of 6/10.

These ratings may not look good, but they are excellent for beginners and young table tennis enthusiasts.

Rubber quality and ITTF registered 

Adding on to the manufacturing features, the STIGA Titan makes use of the custom-made Triumph inverted rubber approved by the International table tennis federation. 

This resultant rubber on the blade offers a decent amount of spin. Still, speed isn’t that great, mainly due to the quality rubber being used. As average as the rubber is, it provides excellent control for beginners to practice their strokes and become better.

The components listed make the entire racket very easy to handle; the racket is quite light with a weight of around 158 grams.

This means that beginners and early table tennis enthusiasts can play their hearts out without having to worry about the weight giving them soar arms.

Flared handled grip

Another feature that will be appreciated by many new and budding ping pong players- whether knowingly or unknowingly- is the flared handle grip. This wide and thick form of grip makes the racket extremely easy to hold and provides a satisfactory playing experience. 

We know this is important because a slim handle would neither be comfortable nor would it be able to help you play the proper strokes.


The STIGA Titan is a budget table tennis ping pong racket that offers excellent value for its price. It targets a specific demographic of table tennis players and delivers to their needs exceptionally well.

Due to the racket’s lightweight, you will be able to play shots in all directions for hours without your arms feeling sore or tired. 

It goes without saying that this racket is not meant for professional level or even intermediate level table tennis matches due to its lower quality rubber that offers less speed and spin, we’d say this racket is more suitable for recreational matches between friends and colleagues or for young budding players who want to make sure their angle and arm strokes are alright before moving to higher quality paddles. 

In short, we’d give the STIGA Titan an overall rating of 7.5/10 and would definitely recommend it for day-to-day recreational table tennis matches.

Still, we’d recommend you look at some other paddles for intermediate level or professional matches, particularly the Killerspin Jet 800, if you’re someone who wants to continue with the game on a professional level.