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Stiga Evolution Review

Are you looking for changing your paddle from the entry-level to a performance-level ping pong paddle? Stiga Evolution can be a great paddle to take your ping pong game to the next level as this paddle is light in weight enabling you to play longer without getting fatigued. 

It is pretty popular among the mid-level players and for the one who is trying hard to improve their skills.

However, there are amazing features Stiga has to offer in this paddle making it the best seller. Let’s take a look at the Pros & Cons of this paddle and dig deeper into the review.

STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table...
  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Features Shock Dispersion Technology...
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 96 Spin: 94...
  • Premium Rubber, 2mm Sponge, and 6-Ply...
  • Great Value for money
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Quality & Replaceable Rubber
  • Good Control
  • Steep learning curve
  • Overall balance not ideal for aggressive player
  • Pretty Expensive

The Stiga Evolution is a high-quality racket especially made for the defensive style of play in mind and it can be a great choice for the intermediate or recreational players looking to step up the spin and speed.

It is a premade paddle that offers a high level of quality and is almost perfect for intermediate players. Let’s dive into the full review and find out more.


Your playing style is one of the important factors when you make the ultimate decision. No matter how advanced or expensive the paddle might be, you would never be satisfied with the results if it is not built for your style of play.

Clearly, the Stiga Evolution is made with the intermediate players in mind and for the defensive style of play.

If your style of play is more aggressive rather than defensive, you might want to take a look at Stiga Pro Carbon.


The STIGA Evolution features the six-ply of light wood for the blade making it a quite sturdy and robust build but also keep weight minimal.

However, the real secret of the Stiga Evolution lies in the rubber and the handle, it’s because of how Stiga’s proprietary technology is used to enhance its performance. 

The rubber used in Evolution paddle is a premium grade of rubbers and features a huge amount of microscopic air bubbles which holds the rubber particle together and makes it even firmer.

Let’s have a look at it’s specification sheet

Blade6-ply All Wood
Performance RatingControl – 90. Speed – 85, Spin – 91
RubberSTIGA Premium Rubbers
Our Rating / ITTF Approved⅘ / YES

All this is made possible with the help of Stiga’s proprietary Shock Dispersion Tube Technology in the handle.

Due to this technology, the paddle gives the player more spin and more control over the ball.

Coming to the handle of the paddle, the dispersion tube situated in the handle collects the tension from the surface and redistributes it after every stroke to the surface of the paddle which helps in improving the shot power of your strokes. 

Summing up, the Stiga evolution is an amazingly built paddle with advanced intermediate players in mind and that’s because the delivery rate of shot speed and spin of this paddle might take a while for intermediate players to get used to it.


The Stiga Evolution is very well balanced since almost all the weight of the racket is in the head than the handle. It makes this paddle great for defensive players which tend to play closer to the table.

However, for aggressive players, it might not be suitable as they do more forehand and backhand loops standing far back from the table.

On the other hand, Evolution is not made for aggressive players, unlike the STIGA Pro Carbon.

The feel of the sponge on the Stiga Evolution is amazingly good and makes it great for defensive play and keeping the slams in control and returns much more easily without struggling to keep the ball in play. It also gives the paddle a very uniform ball placement.

Apart from all this, Stiga Evolution gives excellent control through the design of the handle. It features a flared design of the handle to reduce slippage.


To be honest, the Stiga Evolution is really pricier but we are sure that you get what you pay for.

Even though there are a lot of paddles in the market out there at a lower price point, many of these paddles are for the players on a permanent recreational level.

If you feel like it’s time to step up your ping pong game and you’re becoming more of a competitive defensive style player then Stiga Evolution is worth buying.


Summing up the review, this paddle is great for players that prefer to play closer to the table as explained in the review above as well. 

This paddle provides the player with outstanding control and a good amount of spin, however, if you try to understand the design of this paddle you will realize the SDT technology just reproduce your opponent’s shot strength in your return stroke in such a way that it shot the ball back to your opponent with more preciseness and spin depending on your skill level. 

The only downside we found in the Stiga Evolution is that it is not made for an aggressive style of play and if you play in that style then you might want to reconsider the choice. 

Overall, we also recommend you to purchase a cover along with the paddle since it is important to prevent the rubber from being exposed to scratches, dust and abrasion which will eventually reduce the performance and life of the paddle.