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7 Best Pool Tables Under $1000 [2021 Edition]

Pool tables, more than just playing pool offer a more classic look to your living room, play areas, and other patios. Although, there are many bars and pool clubs nothing compares to your table at home, where you can comfortably play pool at any time, anywhere at your ease!

The first one is the price as you really need to watch your pockets, determine your budget for the purchase, and prepare to choose the best pool table.

There are hundreds of models in the market. I researched and shortlisted the 7 best pool tables under $1000 you can get your hands on.

Best Pool Table under $1000

ProductMain FeatureWeight Price
1. Barrington Claremont SlatePremium Sisal Material384 lb
2. Hathaway Fairmont Nylon Carry Bag136.5 lb
3. Lancaster 90 Pool Table Easy To Assemble 290 lb
4. Harvil BeachcomberDense Fiber Wood231.5 lb
5. Mizerak Dynasty SaverSpace Saver 190 lb
6. Mizerak Dakota 8Metal Frame879 lb
7. Emperial Outdoor Pool TableK66 Cushion Rubber--
8. Hathaway HustlerCARB Certified MDF272 lb
9. Brunswick Wolf Pool Table Metal Pocket Corners700 lb

You can pretty much make your decision based on table above. If you want to dig deeper into each model. I am going to review each model in extreme detail. Please keep reading.

1. Barrington Claremont Slate

  • Anti-scratch lust protection.
  • Suited for beginners
  • beautiful traditional design.
  • Not steady enough
  • Assembly style is weak

This elegantly designed 8-ft full size pool table from Barrington is all you need to enhance your pool playing skills and a classic addition to the interior design of the gaming room. It sides, supporting claw feet and top rails are constructed from solid wood that gives some extra weight to the table and also makes it one of its kinds in offering paramount durability.

  1. Comes with faux leather ball drop pockets
  2. Incorporates three piece slate system that consists of 1″ premium slate for robustness and balanced ball roll
  3. The playing surface of this pool table is made up of 60% wool blend, which offers finest feel during playing pool
  4. Incorporates K-66 planned bumper guards that offers a steady bounce for top finish and genuine professional look
  5. It weight is around 260 pounds
  1. Professional ball drop pockets for professional level playing experience
  2. Extremely rich design with modern urban details
  3. Ideal for family fun and professional practicing
  1. It is a little difficult to assemble, because of its heavy weight, manufacturer recommends to call a professional assembling help

2. Hathaway Fairmont

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool...
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT – This gorgeous...
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY – The Fairmont’s...
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Every table...
  • DIMENSIONS - Table dimensions: 76" L x...
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Nylon carry bag,...

 Hathaway Fairmont portable 6-ft pool table has a unique formation from all construction angles. Its design is super fit for rooms of all sizes. However, its small design is not a disadvantage because it consists of premium features only available in the highly expensive table with greater formation size. It comes with steady and balanced metallic legs that make players experience a smooth playing experience in various flows.

  1. It comes with different features and specifications that entirely separate it from other pool tables. Let’s have a look at them
  2. It has steel legs designs which give full support of the entire structure as it comes with stabilizing leg leveller
  3. It has an MDF poly sealed playing surface with half inches of thickness certified by CARB
  4. These tables come wrapped in black melamine of high durability nature
  5. Table dimensions are 76-in Length x 43.25-in Width x 32-in Height
  1. Easy to install and move
  2. Low price with  Strong and steady structure similar to non portable huge  tables
  3.  Come with 180 days warranty time frame for complete user satisfaction.
  1. Do not withstand rough floor
  2. Users may include it in the list of mini pool table rather than compact or regular sized pool table which is not a fair deal with the playing experience this portable table offers

3. Lancaster 90 Pool Table

Lancaster 90 Inch Game Room Billiards...
  • GAME ROOM ESSENTIAL: Easy to assemble...
  • DURABLE & Classic: Built to last out of...
  • INCLUDES: Black table, balls, 2 cue...
  • STANDARD DIMENSIONS: (L x W x H): 90 x...
  • WARRANTY: 90-day warranty

Lancaster 90 inch game Room pool table has the chromed surface levelers that aids in  providing a great feel during play. It is designed with a rugged 18mm board and offers incredible bumpers for quick ball return.

  1. Frame of the table is made of top-quality woods.
  2. The durable green table cloth is very soft and complements any room interior
  3. It is built for long time use made up .75 inch particle board
  4. It comes with a metallic frame structure with integrated rubber cushions, hardwood rails, and wood support stands
  5. It is made with extremely durable solid oak or beech wood and is as well made anti-termite for long lasting life
  6.  Under supplied accessories, you will get a set of billiard balls, 2 cue sticks, a triangular rack, 2 chalk cubes and a brush to clean the cloth.
  1. Resistance to Termites and robust
  2. Easily assembled
  3. Durable as compared to other pool tables in the market
  4. The table has a leg stabilizer for better balance.
  1. The green top of table dulls with time.
  2. There is no night weight.

4. Harvil Beachcomber

Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Pool Table 84...
  • MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Your table will...

Harvil Beachcomber another top quality indoor pool table and comes from top-class merchandise from the Dazadi. This table brand has the most adorable features which are responsible for delivering maximum fun when in use. It is designed with high-quality thick fiber wood and Teton cloth material playing surface for providing a smooth playing experience.

  1. It comes with elegant chrome silver rail edges , steady balanced legs,in-built  leg panels and levelers
  2. Incorporates balanced rubber bumpers for a consistent ball bounce and returns
  3. The décor of the billiard table and its fresh design is appealing to the eyes
  4.  It comes with all the relevant accessories along with an installation guide manual.
  5.  Additionally, there is usually a brush used in keeping the play-bed clean
  6. Its dimensions are 84 in  Length x 48 in Width x 31inches in Height
  7. It weighs around 232 pounds
  1. The package consists of all the required accessories for installation and play that includes a detailed assembling manual
  2. Comes with a year’s warranty.
  1. Users have reported about the alignment of assembling holes is not up to the mark
  2. Customers have also complained about missing accessories

5. Mizerak Dynasty Saver

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5'...
  • 6.5' space saver design fits in smaller...
  • Leg levelers for perfectly even playing...
  • Automatic ball return - quickly reset...
  • Double - sealed MDF play-bed for...
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - With a...

As the name suggests Mizerak dynasty saver 6.5 billiard table is one of the best top known pool table that comes with unique features and a compact size. This table typically ranges from 7-10 feet long. Mizerak dynasty saver 6.5 billiard table offers a very even playing surface, doubled-sealed MDF play-bed and automatic ball return mechanism.

  1. Comes with an automatic system of ball return.
  2. The black corner design adds classiness.
  3. The play-bed of pool table has a rubber caution around its play-bed area to provide rebound towards speed.
  4. Rubber cushions around the perimeter of the play-bed offer excellent rebound for speed and accuracy
  5. It comes with two cues; triangle, chalks, and brush and Billiard Balls
  6. Black corner posts and accents with regulating functionality
  1. Its an ideal match for a compact room
  2. Available in Affordable price
  3. Its integration of Disc-style leg levelers allows the player to adjust the required height of each corner of the table for an ideal playing surface even with sloppy floors
  1. The side and joints are sometimes peeled off as reported in user complaints
  2. Opening to the return ball is small for standard size hands

6. Mizerak Dakota 8

Mizerak Dakota 8' Slatron Billiard Pool...
  • ULTIMATE STABILITY - with metal frame...
  • EVEN AND BALANCED - Reinforced pedestal...
  • DURABLE BUT STYLISH - Durability and...
  • CONSISTENT REBOUND - with three - 5/8"...

Mizerak Dakota 8’ slate billiard table is having a long-lasting pool table design that offers you all the convenience to play. The table is having a unique outward appearance from its quality finish and is particularly characterized by a sleek styling with a simple look as compared to other pool tables available in the market.

  1. It offers an optimum balance with Metallic side Frame and Laminated Cabinet attached
  2. Comes with Pedestal supporting Legs with high quality Leg Levelers
  3. Wool blended cloth on playing surface
  4. Rail Integrated Pockets with Ball Return System
  5. This pool Table offers a steady ball Rebound with 3-5/8’ Rails with K66 Nose Rubber.
  1.   Elegant design like other expensive options on the market at an affordable price
  2.  The design of the table’s legs allow for easy leveling
  3.  Source of fun for family members
  4. Easily adjust to various floor types
  1. Customers have reported about  weak legs and broken slates that question the table’s durability
  2. It’s a bit difficult to assemble

7. Emperial Outdoor Pool Table

Imperial 8' Outdoor Pool Table
  • 8-ft. outdoor pool table
  • Mostly assembled; just bolt on the legs...
  • Anodized aluminum rails and aluminum...
  • Bed is covered in Camel color,...
  • K66 cushion rubber, Accessories included

If you are searching for a unique piece of attraction for pool games indoors and outdoors, this might be it.   Imperial Outdoor Pool Table is an 8ft urban advance look table with partially assembled parts. Yes that’s certainly a cherry on the top with its weather-resistant quality. You just need to bolt-on table legs and simply level them to the ground.

  1. It comes with all-aluminum parts alongside with a matte coating which is an ideal fit for outdoor weather.
  2.  Hefty leg-levelers gives firmness to the table and measures about 5 inches
  3. It consist of anodized aluminum rails, edges and supporting legs
  4. Incorporated with K66 cushion rubber for accurate ball rebound
  5. To increase it durability its bed board consists of 140 layers of Formica sheets and polyester resin for making it water-resistant and fire-resistant
  6. It playing surface is made up of 18-mm wide Camel color Taclon cloth
  1.  It is suitable for outdoor pool game
  2. Water and fireproof material used in its construction
  3. It comes with more gaming accessories like 02 pool cues, a single set of polyester balls (resisting cracks and usual break off), a pair of chalk, rack triangle, and a playfield cover.
  4. Easily installed
  5. It is very durable
  6. Supporting  Legs are adjustable
  1. Usually come in camel color which sometimes is not considered appealing some times and is quite dull
  2. It’s an expensive piece of art

8. Hathaway Hustler

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Hathaway Hustler 7′-8′ Pool table is the best-known pool table brand yet quite on the expensive side, black-matte elegant design pool table that is certainly a gimmick in your pool game room. It comes with handy accessories which include a table ball rack, pair or cues, balls and a chalk.  It has a bend-resistant playing surface and with a soft felt

Its quality construction includes K66 rubber cushions for ensuring an even, speedy durable ball action for years.

Warranty offer for 180 days

Comes with blue felt with thick CARB certified MDF coating

  1. The ball bounce system makes an easy re-rack
  2.  It has strong ball drop pockets
  3. The playing surface has a thickness of an inch
  4. Very easy to assemble, just requires few minutes as it comes with streamlined instructions
  1. This Pool table is quite  heavy
  2. As discussed in customer reviews that If you buy new cues other than those that come with the table may not work properly on the table
  3. Customers have also showed their concerns about chipping of the cloth in the reviews

9. Brunswick Wolf Pool Table

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This is another glossy and sophisticated pool table design and is made up of worth quality wood thus making its external well built and noticeable to the eyes. Its stylish appearance can enhance the look of your pool game room, by adding up a striking, state-of-the-art aesthetics. Additionally, it is deliberately designed with metallic pocket edges, curbed with round rail sights, and finished with classic black lamination that ensures the table to withstand all of the intense gaming moments in a pool game. Additionally, This pool table also comes with all necessary accessories of the pool game kit like a pair of cues, balls , table brush and 12 chalks.

  1. Smooth play-bed for increased consistency in ball bounce and returns
  2. Availability of strong Gully Return or even ball-Drop Pockets
  3. This pool table playing surface is covered with superior quality of woolen cloth, ensuring a completely knot-free surface.
  1. Onsite delivery and professional installation services are available
  2. The outward presentation of the table is elegant and professional for playing
  3. Comes with a Lifetime warranty
  4. For user preference there is a variety of cloth color options: Regatta Blue, Sahara, Merlot and dark Green.
  1. The most common complaint is the felt color of the table
  2. Another downside is the cost of this pool table is on the expensive side

How to Choose the Perfect Pool Table

Now that being said it’s very necessary to know the details about how you are going to choose a perfect pool table that matches ideally with your skills level as well as your pool gaming room! So here’s the answer of your How?

Obviously every brand of pool table has something different and valuable to offer. Its purely our call to give preference to the aspect that we value. Here is the list of few features that you might  consider while choosing a pool table.

But before that I have a quick pictorial view of recommended pool table size as per the room size from the Room Size Chart on the legacy billiard website! The international standard regulations that needs to be taken care as shown below!

before selecting an ideally sized pool table multiple things needs to be considered if the table will fit easily inside the room, there must be sufficient space left around all the sides of the tables for standing players to take their shots easily. Additionally, You need to think what size of your pool cue you intend to play with, and you might also wants some added space for the  rack or some compact cupboard to stock up extra cues and pool balls.

Other Things you need to consider:

Commercial Design vs. Home Design

A commercial pool table sometimes has a locking system that locks the balls and a panel on the front. On the other hand the home designs lack these features and only ideal for those who just want to play for fun.

Combo Models

These designs are known for their compact sizes thus also called space savers!. Therefore, if you want to save some space, look for a combo model. Some models come with built-in features that also allow you to play other games like table hockey and poker.


This aspect is interlinked with the above-mentioned aspect. Dimensions are important for those who have limited space. Commercial models and models designed for home use can range between seven feet and eight feet long, though some tables are even smaller. However, very small tables are not at all recommendable for the professional level playing purpose.

Slate Tables

You may find some inexpensive models that come with felt laid directly on top of wood or metal, however you generally want a table that has slate underneath the surface. As this creates a smoother and leveled surface that makes balls roll and move much  faster. The top tables come with one piece of slate under the felt mentioned.

Felt Color

Most pool tables come with a layer of felt on top in the shade of green. If you want something a little different for your home, you can look for tables with felt in shades of blue, red and purple. Some manufacturers also make tables with professional and college sports team logos in the center of the felt.

Felt Strength

Repairing the felt on a pool table costs much, that’s why you should look for tables that have a durable layer of felt on top. The thicker the felt is the longer it will last. You should also look for materials mixed with the felt to ensure the thicker felts won’t interfere with where your ball goes.

Top Rails

The top rails are the rails that wrap around the top of the table and keep your balls from jumpers oversized. Some tables come with rails made from two pieces that will last longer than other rails will. While laminated rails are less expensive, these rails usually do not offer the support that you need.

Leg Design

The table’s legs will give you a good idea of how much those legs will support the table. Thinner and more ornate legs might look great but usually, do not do a very good job of supporting the table and the weight of anyone leaning or sitting on it can make it stumble easily. For homes with a lot of enthusiastic playing, shorter and squatter legs are usually better.

Look for Compatible Pool Cues

Pool cues are not directly a part of the pool table but still, you have to consider finding the right pool cues for the kind of pool table you are playing on.

Final Verdict!

With all the above comprehensive analysis of specifications, brands, and Pros and cons, I hope it will make your job much easier for choosing the perfect pool table that goes well with your gaming room, other indoors, or outdoors. Now you must have realized why I mentioned in the earlier section of my article that you really need to choose between price, durability, brand name, or based on your expertise in pool while purchasing just the right kind of pool table.

Therefore, to guarantee your speculation in purchasing a pool table is in safe hands and durable for years to come, you can use this ultimate buyer’s guide to edify yourself on ideal pool tables earlier than you make a final purchase.

If this article was helpful, comment below and tell me about your pool table?

Also, If you are interested you can also see the quick video tutorial for choosing a perfect pool table.