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How Much Does a Bowling Ball Cost?

‘How much does a bowling ball cost?’ is a complicated question with a multi-tier answer. To put it simply, you can purchase a good bowling ball for any price between $48 to $200. You may ask, what is the difference between a $47 bowling ball and a $200 bowling ball?

The short answer is that the difference in prices is derived by the type, performance, features, and design of the bowling ball. Most often, these characteristics differ because bowling balls are manufactured while keeping in mind the level of play and the style of play.

Look at it this way, if you are learning to drive, you won’t practice on an Audi 8, a Honda will be the sensible choice. Similarly, a beginner-level bowling player has fewer demands from a bowling ball. Hence, a ball that performs the basic functions at an affordable price will be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you are a professional bowling player, then you will require maximum utility, features, and higher performance from your bowling ball. We all know that better and more features come at a higher price.

Thus, we can say that the price of a bowling ball depends on the bowling ball that you want.

Are you confused? I can completely understand if you are! To make it easier, this article will explain the different types of balls and their prices.

So, let’s get rolling. 😊

The difference in Price b/o Material

First things first, you should know that a bowling ball has two essential parts; the Coverstock and the core. The Coverstock is the outer shell of the bowling ball, it is the part of the bowling ball which is visible to you. The second essential component of the bowling ball is the core or the weight mass. It is on the inside of the bowling ball, a part that is not visible.

The Coverstock is essential because it is the part of the ball which is actually making contact with the Bowling lane. The Coverstock provides ‘hook’ potential to the bowling ball, which is created when the surface of the ball (Coverstock) comes into contact with the surface of the bowling lane.

When you roll down a ball down the bowling lane, it creates friction between the surface of the ball and the surface of the lane. The higher the friction between the two surfaces, the higher the hook.

Needless to say, a higher hook means that the probability of you making a good roll and scoring higher points will increase.

The ‘Hook’ potential of a bowling ball depends on the type of material used to make the Coverstock. Commonly, a Coverstock is made of Plastic, Urethane, Reactive Resin, and Particle (Proactive).

Let’s take a look at how the material of the Coverstock affects bowling ball prices.

Plastic Bowling Balls and their Prices

Have you seen the balls in your local bowling alley? They are most probably plastic bowling balls. Plastic bowling balls Coverstocks are made from plastic or any synthetic polymer.

Balls with plastic Coverstocks have a smooth and shiny surface which provides the minimum hook potential. I bet you can guess why; the plastic is smooth, and it rolls down the bowling lane without creating much friction.

Who Should Use Plastic Bowling Balls?

Beginners – Plastic bowling balls are a good starting ball for beginner-level players. The balls are easy to control; hence, players can use them to straighten their aim.

Professionals – professional bowlers often use plastic balls to shoot spares since a plastic ball gives predictable results.

Low-Budget – Plastic bowling balls are perfect for bowlers who are looking to buy bowling balls which are a good fit and affordable.

What is the Price of a Plastic Bowling Ball?

Now here is the kicker, the price of plastic bowling balls can be anywhere between $40 and $150. The main reason is the difference in the quality of plastic, the design of the ball, and the brand. A low-end plastic ball can cost you $40-$60 whereas a higher-end option will range from $50 to $100. There are some brands that offer designer plastic bowling balls; these balls have unique designs, and they sell for more than $100.

So which ball should you choose? It depends on your skill level, taste, and budget. To assist you in making a decision, we have compiled the top plastic bowling balls of 2021.

The Top 3 Plastic Bowling Balls 2021

Brunswick Tzone Range

Check Price

Storm Ice Storm Range

Check Price

Hammer Black Widow Ball

Check Price

Urethane Bowling Balls and their Prices

Urethane bowling balls are a step-up from plastic bowling balls. Urethane is a durable material, and it provides a higher hook potential. While the shiny surface of the plastic is unable to cut through the oils in the bowling lane, Urethane is able to cut through them effectively to create friction between the ball and the lane.

Who Should Use Urethane Bowling Balls?

Intermediates – Urethane bowling balls are perfect for players who are transitioning from beginner skill level to intermediate skill level. The ball is ideal at this stage because it allows control of the ball as well as a significantly increased hook than its plastic counterpart

What is the Price of a Urethane Bowling Ball?

Urethane Bowling balls range from $75 – $160. Again, factors that affect the price are the quality of the material, the make of the ball, and the brand. Urethane bowling balls are durable and will last you a long time, some really good affordable choices are available in the market. Take a look at our Top 3 for inspiration.

The Top 3 Urethane Bowling Balls 2021

Hammer Black

Check Price

Storm Mix Range

Check Price

Motiv Combat Tank

Check Price

Reactive Resin Bowling Balls and their Prices

Reactive Resin is the Coverstock for professionals. Reactive Resin has a much higher hook potential than both plastic or Urethane. However, it is also a less durable material than plastic or Urethane.

Professional players prefer Reactive Resin Coverstock over other alternatives because it creates a higher hook potential and wild pin action.

Who Should Use Reactive Resin Bowling Balls?

Professionals – Reactive Resin Coverstocks offer higher hook potential, hence the chance of higher scores.

Who Should Not Use Reactive Resin Bowling Balls?

Beginners – Beginners should stay away from Reactive Resin balls because they are tough to control. Unless you have the skill, you should not use Reactive Resin balls as they are too responsive to bowling lane conditions and operator errors

What is the Price of a Reactive Resin Bowling Ball?

Reactive Resin bowling balls are high-end balls with a higher retail price. A good quality Reactive Resin ball will cost you $150 to $250. 

Take a look at the Reactive resin bowling balls we have shortlisted for you.

The Top 3 Reactive Resin Bowling Balls 2021

Hammer Onyx Vibe

Check Price

Motiv Venom Shock

Check Price

Brunswick Kingpin

Check Price

Particle or Proactive Bowling Balls and their Prices

Particle or Proactive bowling ball Coverstocks are the most unusual of the lot. Covered in bumps, this coarse ball provides the highest hook potential of any other Coverstock material.

Consequently, particle balls are harder to control, they can dig into the bowling lane in unexpected ways. An advanced level player or professional player can use these bowls to increase the sharpness and ferocity of their throws. It is especially effective in well-oiled bowling lanes.

Who Should Use Particle Bowling Balls?

Advance level players – A bowling player with advanced skill level will be able to use a Particle ball to its full capacity. This ball has a lot of potential and only a player with ‘mad’ skills can use it to tame the bowling lane.

What is the Price of a Particle (Proactive) Bowling Ball?

A good quality particle bowling balls can start from $100 and go up to $250. These are high-performance bowling balls with a higher price range. Check our picks for the best particle bowling balls in 2021 below.

The Top 3 Particle Bowling Balls 2021

Storm Sure Lock

Check Price

Brunswick Bowling

Check Price

Track Alias

Check Price


We have found that you can purchase a bowling ball for any price between $40-$150. Mainly, the difference in prices is because of the coverstock material used and the performance level of the ball. Remember, you must always choose a bowling ball according to your skill level and your style of game.

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