Sohaira Zahra

Best Pitching Nets (2020 Edition)

Known as America’s national past-time, Baseball is the second most popular sport in the United States of America. Baseball is ingrained in the American culture; whether it is major leagues, little league, or PeeWee leagues, Baseball is indeed the favorite past-time of all Americans. Apart from being an incredibly fun past-time, Baseball can also be …

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7 Best Skee-Ball Machines In 2020 (Buying Guide)​

This guide will help you decide which Skee-Ball Machine is perfect for you. The guide contains helpful pointers on how to navigate the initially confusing world of Skee-Ball machines; scroll down to find our guide on how to choose the right Skee-Ball machine. Best Skee-Ball Machines Barrington Coventry Roll and Score Hathaway Boardwalk Skee Ball …

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History of Badminton (Since Middle of 19th Century)

The Origin: From Poona to England In the middle of the 19th century, bored British soldiers in the Occupied Indian Subcontinent came up with a game that involved hitting a woolen ball with rackets. The game quickly caught on amongst the soldiers garrisoned at the British Headquarters in the state of Poona, and it came …

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