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Best Ping Pong Robots for the Money

Ping pong is a two-player game but it is hard to get another person to play with you all the time.

Ping pong robots come to your rescue. You can literally buy a ping pong friend for less than $1000!

It works with your existing ping pong tools like racket and balls.

The price of ping pong robot depends on how complex features it has. it goes without saying. We tested dozens of robots and came up with 9 best ping pong robots for your money one can consider to buy.

Best Ping Pong Robots for the money:

1. Butterfly AmicusButterfly23.90 pounds
2. Paddle Palace H2W Touch ProPaddle Palace 60.00 pounds
3. IPong V300iPong5.70 pounds
4. JT-A ping pong training robotHUI19.60 Pounds
5. Newgy Robo-Pong 2055Newgy17.64 pounds
6. HUI PANG-07 Practicing RobotHUI19.00 Pounds
7. Oukei TW 2700 S9Oukei--
8. JOOLA iPong V200Joola33 pounds
8. SmartPong S100 TableButterfly25 pounds

You can pretty much make your decision based on the above table I created. but if you want to dig deeper into each product let’s compare each one against the other.

1. Butterfly Amicus

Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis...
  • Adjust ball frequency from 5–120 balls...
  • Sequence together several drills so they...
  • Perfect footwork, strokes, & other...
  • Download regular firmware and software...
  • Control the robot wirelessly via...
  • Great for Controlling Spin
  • Auto Produce Side Spin
  • Auto Programming Drills
  • Insect Elemnination
  • User Manual is not detailed
  • Pretty expensive

From top-quality manufacturers this ping pong training Butterfly Amicus robots A/C powered wired remote control which comes with very user-friendly functional settings their attaching feature to one end of the ping pong table.

These ping pong practicing robots can approximately deliver up to 120 balls in a minute for aggressive game trainings.

It has a distinctive feature of three heads which aids in delivering multiple amounts and kinds of lateral spins, top and back spin a no spin. Butterfly Amicus  also have an adjustable functionality.

What makes this product ideal is that unlike other two headed wheel ping pong training robot, It comes with three wheel head mechanism offering a Ball speed of about 10m to 60m per seconds and  Ball spin is also available in all varieties.

Adding to the list it comes with super vacillation mechanism for all possible ball placements with the help of 20 pre-programmed drills along with storage ability of 99 customizable drills with 07 shots per drill It has random ball positioning, handling and spinning mechanism

It auto collects and returns balls and all this is carefully designed by coach Richard Prause.

Additionally, the manufacturer has offered a ball recycling net and bag with a Warranty of 4 years.

This one is probably the best option for your money.

2. Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro

Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Table Tennis...
  • High-Tech Table Tennis Robot with LCD...
  • Great flexibility in setting spins and...
  • Short & long balls, strong & weak balls,...
  • Ball Recycling and net collection...
  • Ships from Paddle Palace Table Tennis....
  • Spin Indicator Control
  • 22 Ball landing Spots
  • Net Collection System
  • Remote LCD touch Screen
  • Accessibility and shipping issue
  • Not for beginners

Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro is particularly designed for players who want to enhance their fast gaming skills in ping pong.

It has this LCD installed features with incorporates touch screen remote facility that aids in programming to shoot the ball on 22 multiple positions on the table.

The outshining part is that it does this by selecting any mode of spinning and order for the ping pong table.

This high tech ping pong training robot features a spin indicator and a very fine  Net Collection facility with ball recycling system that enables players to collect the balls after return shots easily.

Also, It comes with 120 Nittaku training balls which are totally free of cost. The manufacturer offers one month of money-back guarantee along with a 01-year restricted Warranty.

3. IPong V300

iPong Table Tennis Training Robot -...
  • Table tennis robot for consistent...
  • Holds up to 110 balls; Casts balls at an...
  • Remote controlled and battery-powered:...
  • Assembly time: under a minute; Includes...
  • Compatible Accessories: 40mm and 40+...
  • Built-in Oscillation Option
  • Superior Wheel and Motor Build Design
  • Wireless Remote
  • Affordable
  • Ball Jamming issue
  • No side Spin

It has a user friendly adjustable built-in oscillation option

It is of much Better design and construction quality compared to it previous models like iPong Original

Superior wheel and motor build design

Offers an amazing Wireless remote for effectively controlling ball spin and speed along with oscillation

It is quite affordable that offers very fundamental training for ping pong

It usually has this issue of ball jamming when releasing ball for multiple times. But this happens usually because of feeding the different sized balls or too many balls with no little time gap.

For resolving this downside firmware upgrade has been introduced by the manufactured however success rate is still questionable!

Another downside of this robot is that it doesn’t offer any side spins.

In low speed setting the ball trajectory is on the bid off side

V300 ping pong training robot is a versatile choice that offers complete control and flexibility to your shots during ball placements.

It is one of the most affordable practicing partners that you can have , by not being tight on your pockets.

What makes this A/C Powered ping pong training robot cool for beginners is its Wireless remote control system that makes its mobility possible everywhere.

It  incorporates two motor wheel design thus producing an ability for one spin at a time which can be either top or no spin at all.

V300 ping pong training robot is a versatile choice that offers complete control and flexibility to your shots during ball placements.

It consists of inbuilt regulating oscillation option to set ball positioning with ease.

Additionally, to increase its effectiveness it is mentioned in the manual that  It works best with 40mm sized balls and this ball can be easily adjusted in a Ball tray with a capacity limit of approximately 100 balls with a Ball casting frequency of about 20 to 70 balls per minute.

4. JT-A ping pong training robot

HUIPANG JT-A Table Tennis Robot/Machine...
  • 1: The approximate capacity of the...
  • 2: The ball can be rotated into...
  • 3: At the same time, the ball is...
  • 4: Rotate the ball button to make the...
  • 5: Simple Chinese/English control panel...
  • Auto ball feeding
  • Net recycling option
  • Regulating ball positioning
  • Stock Avaibility issue
  • Remote language is chinese

It is heavier than other training robots that make it a bit difficult to set up by taking some extra time to initiate a training session

Another drawback is that the user manual and the wireless remote is just available in Chinese. But the manufacturer has already uploaded many links to YouTube for resolving this issue. You can visit the link for further demonstration

The real manufacturer of this training robot is Huipang but it is now sold in the US under a few famous brands like GDAE10 and Nopteg other.

This training robot is suitable for players at any level from beginners to improvers and intermediates.

The innovative feature of this training robot is that it offers an adjustable point of fall for the ping pong ball that helps in making the training sessions even more tricky and interesting.

It really helps players to practice all-round ping pong gameplay and perk up their gaming capacities.

This ping pong training robot is designed with a very basic technology in order to facilitate players on all levels.

It consists of two motorheads that offer ball frequency per minute of 30 to 100 balls and delivers Ball speed of approximately  4m to 40m in a second.

It also has a broad ball capacity as compared to other ping pong training robots which is about 200 plus offering a large variety of 42 multiple ball spins types.

The  unique arrangement of spins that it offers includes Side, Back, Top, Left, Right, and no spin with Oscillation option for 8 different locations on the ping pong table.

The real manufacturer of this training robot is Huipang but it is now sold in the US under a few famous brands like GDAE10 and Nopteg other. This training robot is suitable for players at any level from beginners to improvers and intermediates.

The innovative feature of this training robot is that it offers adjustable point of fall for the ping pong ball that helps in making the training sessions even more tricky and interesting.

It really helps players to practice all-round ping pong game play and perk up their gaming capacities.

This ping pong training robot is designed with a very basic technology in order to facilitate players on all levels.

It consists of two motor heads which offers ball frequency of per minute of 30 to 100 balls and delivers Ball speed of approximately  4m to 40m in a second.

It also has a broad ball capacity as compared to other ping pong training robots which is about 200 plus offering a large variety of 42 multiple ball spins types.

The  unique arrangement of spins that it offers includes Side, back, Top, Left, Right and no spin  with Oscillation option for 8 different locations on the ping pong table.

Adding to this list, has an option for random ball landing along with the facility of ball recycling net. It has a feature of Automatic ball collection and return options. It is just as strong as other available options as it is A/C supply powered and it comes with 03 years of Warranty.

5. Newgy Robo-Pong 2055

Pro Digital Robo-Pong Table Tennis Robot...
  • Digital Accuracy for ball speed,...
  • Selectable randomization controls create...
  • Comes with 64 pre-programmed drills for...
  • Optional advanced use: Included RP. 2....
  • Recycling Net System to capture your...
  • Extra PC software
  • Multiple ball spins
  • Auto Functioning Feature
  • Ball Jamming issue

As it has an inbuilt functioning with RP.2.PC software, it helps to make and distribute practicing drills by offering simple USB connectivity mechanism with a PC however PC not at all needed for its standard functioning

It offers multiple balls spins for professional training sessions such as Topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, and other mishmash spins as per the aggressive training sessions

It comes with an auto functioning feature for saving the player’s ball fetch and ball feeding time in advance.

It usually has a downside related to the ball jamming which can be quite annoying for professional level players who want uninterrupted gaming patterns.

With the strong construction material, quality experience, continuous and broad variety of training features, this robot is famous for delivering aggressive ping pong training sessions to players on intermediate and advanced level.

This ping pong training robot incorporates a good quality inbuilt recycling net and auto ball feeding system for continuous practicing.

It has a very quick set up time due to its simple design and once everything is all set up, other functionalities can be controlled using a simple digital user remotely. The unique aspect of this training robot is that it comes pre-installed with an RP.2.PC software that makes it very comfortable to handle with its handy wireless remote control.

Further to add details like other A/C powered training robots it is designed with Two-wheel headed training robot and has a Ball frequency that ranges from 1 to 170 balls per minute and Ball throwing speed that ranges from 5m to 60 m per second with Ball capacity of approximately  120 and above.

It also offers multiple ball Spinning options with Oscillation of 21 Random ball positioning and spinning mechanism.

To make it a more user-friendly manufacturer has added an automatic feature for collecting and returning balls during practice it comes with a Warranty for 5 years.

6. HUI PANG-07 Practicing Robot

CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine...
  • Large capacity, it will accommodate...
  • Easy to install and used,We provide...
  • New table tennis serving machine to...
  • According to your own preferences,...
  • Best machine for tranning and have fun...
  • Quick Asembling mechanism
  • Ball spinning, Ball Speed ball throwing frequency
  • Well built
  • can be problematic in long sessions

It has a very quick assembling mechanism with no extra confusing manuals and videos

Comes with a broad array of settings on the ball spinning, ball speed, and ball throwing frequency.

It isn’t much aligned to match the skill level of expert players.

It usually stuck-up while ball spinning and once used for long practicing sessions.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate, this ping pong practicing robot is for someone who strives for constant practicing.

It is one of the most little expensive practicing robots available in the market as compared to other options on the list.

Players can easily stack the ping pong balls into the ball canister and the robot shoots them out at the selected speed, ball frequency and the projected angle.

It is very user friendly, simple to operate, and doesn’t take a lot of time in setting up for practicing purposes.

It uses voltage between 100V-240V with electric power of approximately 36W. This training robot has a good Ball shooting frequency which is about 40-70 per minute with a Ball shooting speed ranging between 4 m – 40 m per second.

Talking about its spinning directions , it just offers just Fixed dropping with Adjustable Out-ball frequency between range of 0 to 5 and Swing frequency with swing speed level of  0-5 Ball incorporated with a facility of switching option for Short balls and long balls Ball loading capacity for 100 balls.

7. Oukei TW 2700 S9

Oukei Dual Head Table Tennis Robot...
  • Free shipment to worldwide is used to...
  • Dual-Head Intelligent Table Tennis Robot...
  • What are the differences between Oukei...
  • You can see the Images about differences...
  • Dual-head server allows player to choose...
  • 8 Serving Models
  • Time calculating feature
  • Auto programmed model
  • can be problematic in long sessions

As it lacks automatic sidespin therefore the manual adjustments during the training sessions might be a bit annoying

As it lacks automatic sidespin, therefore, the manual adjustments during the training sessions might be a bit annoying.

This is just another elegantly designed ping pong training robot by a very famous Chinese manufacturer Oukei. 

It is suitable for players on advance level and intermediates (based on their preferences)

What makes this product is different is that most of its parts are designed with fine quality of metal. Even though this training robot does not offer the feature of auto side spins but still offers a rotating feature to the user that offers manual side spinning.

Additionally, this training robot has a ball throwing capacity at 18 different positions on the ping pong table and it incorporates a dual-headed two-wheel mechanism.

It has a Ball frequency of approximately 30 to 100 balls per minute with a Ball shoot speed of 5m to 50 m per second and also Ball spinning includes top, back and side plus no spin.

It has a storage capacity of  99 practicing drills with random ball spin, positioning and speed has an impressive feature of balls automatic collection and returning of balls comes with a user friendly Wired remote control. Manufacturer provides 03 years of warranty.

8. JOOLA iPong V200

iPong JOOLA V200 Table Tennis Trainer...
  • Table tennis robot for practicing...
  • Adjustable spin settings: topspin and...
  • Holds up to 110 balls; Casts balls at an...
  • Includes iPong, remote control, A/C...
  • Compatible Accessories: iPong Table...
  • Offers regulating ball freuency
  • Repetitive practice sessions
  • Easy Setup
  • No oscillation feature

Offers regulating ball frequency

For future use and saving ideal custom made settings, It contains a Memory button so that you can have repetitive practice sessions for more difficult shots

Quick and easy setup for initiating training

Due to absence of an oscillation feature, it might lessen the quality of training session2. Missing random ball spin and random ball placement functionalities

With JOOLA ipong ping pong robot players can simply set their own pace for playing, very easy to set up.

This robot comes in unique green color that offers 100 balls shooting at a time before reloading them again. It is best suitable for newbie’s and the players seeking and struggling to improve their skills at playing ping pong.

What differentiates this ping pong training robot from its competitor is its large LCD installed on the front it comes with a unique tilt stand for players to practice wide array or you can simply utilize  the strokes or use the iPong Table Tennis Training Targets (which are put up for sale individually) to perk up precision and ball positioning

The robot holds approximately up to 110 40mm or 40+ Poly ping pong balls with an easy adjusting technology for frequency ranging between 12 to 70 balls per minute.

Further its unique memory button helps players to save their favorite setting as well as offers a functioning of play and pause for making quick adjustments.

9. SmartPong S100 Table

Butterfly SmartPong S100 Table Tennis...
  • Electronic table-tennis robot for...
  • Able to produce topspin, underspin &...
  • Infrared remote control - no wres & no...
  • The unit can quicky be set up and...
  • Includes 100 balls, user manual and...
  • Extended mode of playing
  • No heating issues
  • Detailed user manual
  • Only electric power supply

This training robot makes up in the list of top versatile training robots available in the market.

They are on the average pricing scale and offer four unique modes of practicing that is quite a fun activity for beginners and players who want to improve their skills on different speeds.

It is also very simple to assemble and comes with an inbuilt timer function which allows users to note their timings for shots precision.

The very first reason for choosing this ping pong training robot is its four modes of playing which are as follows:

  • 1st is Automatic Mode which helps player in selecting any single option from 9 auto programmed drill patterns
  • 2nd is Fixed Manual Mode and this mode allows the user to manually program their own settings as per their playing pace.
  • 3rd is Swing Mode which is also a manual mode that allows players to play at two different positions of the ball landing on the ping pong table
  • 4th is Memory Cycle Mode  that lets users to arrange their shots by programming them on an individual basis on repetitive mode

Adding to the above amazing playing inbuilt modes this training robot has a modern Wireless infrared remote control.

It also integrates auto ball recycling mechanism in its super design  for offering limitless playing experience to the players at all levels.

Another unique feature that it offers is installed Timer for 15-minute training sessions. It is auto designed with electric power switching feature for its easy mobility.

It Uses a power supply between AC 88V to 240V and the manufacturer offers a one year warranty also.

With that said!  Now we need to move towards the next important question that is what to look for when buying a perfect ping pong training robot!

  • Always check for the AC Power Supply

This feature holds quite an importance because the one with AC supplies are more potent and strong as compared to the ones who are powered by batteries.

The AC powered training robots are higher in speed with greater strength to throw the practice balls. For a habitual player or a professional one, these AC power driven training robots are the best choice!

But on the other hand if we talk about the ones who uses battery power have a good mobility in terms of portability as well they don’t need electric sources everywhere especially if you want to carry them while travelling. 

The battery-powered ping pong robots are highly mobile, and you can use them in places with no electricity.

Battery powered robots are good especially if you are going for a hike. In my opinion you should try a hybrid of both options, i.e. select a ping pong training robot that has a facility of AC power source as well as battery mechanism.

Some ping pong robots also comes with both AC plus battery power systems.

  • Wireless remote control Vs Wire Control Remote

Ping pong training robots have two options when it comes to this feature which are Wired or wireless controlled training robot.

Well, the choice here is also based on the fact that on which level do you play. Are you a newbie (Beginner), advance (professional/expert), or an intermediate (improver)? Or the comfort level that you want to have!

If you are someone who likes typical conventional type of machines and are not very tech-savvy you can go with the wired ones and vice versa. Some ping pong robots have remotes that enable you to control the features of the robot.

However, the wired remote control restricts your mobility and portability of the machines but with a wireless controlled training robot, you can control your training robot functioning from few feet away even.

But one thing to note here is that wired ping pong training robots are much affordable as compared to the wireless one.

  • Look for multiple Robot features

This is a fact that you will get satisfaction once your training robot comes loaded with complete array of features that you are looking for.

Most importantly, you need to see that either the available features are aligned with your skill level or not.

Following is a list of some really important features that you should take into consideration:

  • Spinning option availability

For having best realistic experience the training robots much have this human like ball shooting mechanism.

Therefore, you need to check if there is an inbuilt function for selecting the suitable spin as required by the players. There are various spinning options available like top spin, side spin, back spin or other combinations.

  • Check for Ball holding capacity

This is another important aspect that you need to consider. You really don’t want to have the hustle of loading balls again and again once you are all set in your playing pace.

Therefore you need to know the ball holding capacity that the training robot offers. You should look for the one which has a minimum capacity of holding 100 balls for your ease.

  • Shot landing selection

You really need to know the tactics to handle random ball landings on the ping pong table.

Because such drills can actually horn your skills and this can really improve your skills when playing in aggressive tournaments where you need to have quick response for every strike to remain ahead of your opponent.

  • Look into for ping pong Net Recycling mechanism

This feature really answers your prayers having someone to just collect your ping pong balls.

However, quite a few ping pong training robots have this feature that allows you to play with a complete free mindset without having tension about the robot getting empty with balls.

The robots with this feature offer a very useful catching net that allows the balls collection after returning shots.

They are auto fed in the robot again for continuing an uninterrupted interesting practicing session.

  • Check for the portability and weight

This aspect actually caters the need of mobility, especially if you have to travel a lot for your tournaments and you need a practicing travelling partner Portable ping pong robots are designed in a particular way that they can be assembled very easily as per the player needs.

Additionally for a ping pong robot to be portable it should come with an ideal weight that can be carried and moved easily single-handedly so that you don’t need someone else to carry or move it with you.

  • Brand name is very important

Well, the basic idea of providing you guys with this review is to list down only the known as branded options available in the market so don’t get any buying shock later with increased level of cognitive dissonance.

Therefore, you should carefully look into the brands that are rated high in customer ratings on to avoid any risk attached.

Some of the top rated brands are butterfly amicus pro, Ipong robots and others.

  • Pricing is also important

Price is something that makes a major part in your purchase decision. However the price of these training robots is completely proportional to the skill level you are on (will be discussed below later in the article).

So you don’t have to go for the cheapest robot available if you are a professional just t

  • Check for the practicing Skill level

You should match your playing skills with the robot throwing speed as it will help you to perk up you playing skills in a very effective way.

So let’s discuss this in a little detail of what skill level requires which type of practicing robot!

Regardless of the category of skill level you fall in, the most important thing is that you choose the right compatibility of practicing robot.

You really don’t need to worry as For beginners, intermediates, or professional players we have already segregated robots in our review section! For Beginners, skills level if you are a beginner or someone looking for recreational/sport activity you should go for an average or low priced training robot may be in a range of $70-$200.

The training robots offered in this price range are usually very simple to use and mostly battery-powered and very light in weight.

The basic features of such robots include speed, fundamental spins (top and backward), and ball frequency to throw.

These light robots surely aid in providing consistency to your shots however the downside that you can face is their confined ball holding capacity that can annoy the players usually and mostly they are programmed to generate a single spin at a time!

Recommended models: iPong Topspin Table Tennis Training Robot and other light weight iPong models

For Intermediates skill levelIf you are already playing ping pong for a while and seeking a robot to enhance your shots, then you must try some updated models than the beginners for improving your skills to the advanced level.

Price range for the training robots is not very expensive or cheap.

it is somewhere in the middle of the price continuum that is between $ 170- $ 500.These Intermediate training robots are preprogrammed with auto improving training drills in order to test your skill set.

Additionally, they include a net recycling system with automated ball collection function for offering a continuous training sessions.

The only downside of these training robots is their portability and weight.

As most of the robots that are offering intermediate practice level, comes with an AC power supply and you are going to need an electric source always for setting it up.

Also, they are much heavier than the one with batteries.

However, these robots are more technologically strong and updated in altering ball speed, frequency adjusting with different types of spins, and random positioning of ping pong ball on the table for keeping up with your attentiveness!

This category of players is offered with the latest, innovative, and top-notch options available in the market for keeping up their expectations in the game.

These training robots are usually loaded with training kits that facilitate the players in training sessions.

Additionally, these robots consist of a wide array of functionalities with all types of spins and combinations possible with precision.

Another remarkable feature of these training robots is that they come with auto regulating plus manual altering selection modes in ball spinning, modifying ball frequency as needed and altering the ball speed for random placement, which is really important for a professional player to practice in order to maintain the consistency in shots during aggressive games.

However, with all these value-added features the price of these training robots is a bit on the expensive side.

They can fall in the range of $1000- $2700. But one this is guaranteed for making up with this price downside is its value and quality of training session that they offer.

Also, don’t forget to expect a heavier design and portability issues with all these loaded features!

Look for random placement. This feature is usually known as Oscillation on some user manuals of the training robots.

This oscillation attribute allows the ball to throw at random table locations with auto programmed positioning function with variable speed and ball spin type

  • Option for Programmable Drills

This feature is usually incorporated in the training robots offered for intermediates and professionals.

Whereas are not available usually in robots with battery power. Advanced technology and modern training robots come with auto programmed drills in order to improve the skills of the players on a professional level.

Additionally, users can also set or alter these pre-programmed drills manually as per their requirements.

Wrapping Up

So whenever you are going to evaluate the best ping pong training robot, it is really important that you are very clear about your standing in this game.

Because choosing an ideal match with a player’s skill set is really something that you can’t go wrong with.

We have tried to cover every related aspect that can be taken into consideration while you are looking forward to purchasing a new training robot.

I hope this article will serve you as an ultimate guide for making things easy in your buying decision.

However, I still would like that you can take some time out and do a better self-research and visit all the provided links, reviews, and videos for an in-depth insight of all the choices that you can make!

Don’t ever compromise on the quality and features that are best suited and matched with your skill level in ping pong as that’s the only secret to beat the best in ping pong game!