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Darts Score Sheets: Download Templates and Tools

Confused about calculating your score? Understanding where do you stand in your game? Or is the winner of the game? You don’t have to worry! Because today I will be discussing all the stuff related to darts score sheets and would try to help you in understanding your scores clearly!

Dart is a game for individuals and families no matter what age you belong to! However, In the past, there were various rules and different boards used for this game and also It was considered a traditional pub game that was commonly played in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Don’t worry; I am going to provide you with all the details in my upcoming article on “The History of Darts”.

The only rule that must be followed is that, you just have to throw a dart on a dartboard and see where you hit. For this reason, Darts Score Sheet is the best tool to record the scores accurately for every player or team playing. The standard dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections which are scoring from 1 to 20 points. Various games can be played using a dartboard but first you need to understand how you can score? And what are the areas of the scoreboard? But before that you need to understand the basic terminologies used on Dart Sheet Board. Let’s dig in more into that!

X01: Reading Dart Score Sheet
Win % refers to: Total wins based on total games played.  Wins divide by games played. T80 refers to: 03 triple twenties scored.
Game refers to: Total number of games played. 3BD refers to: 03 triples thrown in the same number.
Win refers toTotal number of games won. HAT refers to:  All 03 darts registering in the Bull’s eye in one turn.
SSPRE refers to: Super S.P.R.E. A system that allows the combining of Cricket, 301 and 501 stats to give a player one overall rank, instead of three separate ones. This has generally been superseded by Marks Per Round, and Points Per Dart ratings.  

HTN refers to: High Ton.  A score of 151 – 180 points in one turn.

PPD refers to: Points Per Dart.  Total points divided by the number of darts thrown. LTN   refers to:  Low Ton.  A score of 100 – 150 points in one turn.
6DO refers to: 6 darts out. Source:  Dart Leagues: Rules Book and Guidelines
7DO refers to: 7 darts out.
8DO refers to: 8 darts out.

Hitting Score On Score Sheets

There is a proper way of throwing a dart so that it would hit your targeted point. Grip the dart with your finger and swing your front arm forward. Raise the dart to the eye level; it should be just to the side of your eye. You should make sure one thing that your elbow is pointing at the dartboard and your elbow, hand, and shoulder should be aligned forming a 90-degree angle.

There are a lot of games which are played using darts, some of them are:

  1. Around the Clock
  2. Cricket
  3. Killer

Around the Clock:

It is a very popular game played for fun. In this game, each player takes his turns to throw 3 darts. The player starts from 1 and cannot move further unless the dart has been successfully thrown at the target segment. Doubles and trebles are ignored in this game.


To decide who bat first the players toss a coin. The bating player starts the game and he tries to score more usually using the 501 scoring system. If the player scores more than 40 in a turn then that scores are added in the player’s score. Like: if a player scores 50 runs then the score of that player will be 10.

The bowling player aims only at a bull’s eye. The players will take turns unless the bowling player throws a dart that scores the tenth wicket. After that bating player would have to bowl. The game will end when both the players have played their innings and the one who has the highest score will win the game.


This is the most popular game. To start the game, first of all, the order of play is decided. Each player has to throw “bad-handed” at the board to decide their number, it means that left-handed players throw right-handed and right-handed players throw left-handed. In case if the dart misses or the dart hits that number which is already allocated then the player retires. Each player is allocated with a set of a number of lives which are usually 5 and generally they are required to put a small stake into a pot to avoid being adjacent to somebody else number. Players start playing by taking turns. Once the player has scored five lives then he becomes a killer until someone else deducts one or more than one lives from his score. To become a killer a player should have exactly 5 lives, if he exceeds this then his score is deducted by the amount he exceeded.

Once a player becomes a killer then he aims at any of the other player’s numbers. When he does this then the appropriate lives are deducted from the victimized player’s score. If the score of one player reduced below 0 then that player is out of the game. For example, if a player is left with one life and the killer hits that player’s number’s double then his score becomes in a negative figure like -1 so he is out of the game.

Now let’s get to the main part! Why do you need darts score sheet?

Recording Scores in a Dart game

Recording scores in a dart game are quite simple but Dart scoring mentioned above is for the most played games mentioned on the dart board however, there is a defined version of the dart game where players have to begin and end the game with double scoring dart. The beginning score is 501 and subsequently the players scores are deducted from the starting score (501) with focus on finishing the game as soon as possible. Also if you go for scoring the double dart on the very last dart it will be equal to zero.

It may require some quick abilities to multiply, add and subtract i.e. doing the math. When a player has thrown 3 darts then the score is added up. To make all this process easy the people usually use the darts score sheets to record the scores of all teams.

Common Math Mistakes In Darts Scores

Generally, it seems very simple and easy to record the scores of each team but in fact it is the real test of our arithmetic skills. Sometimes, if you fail to record correct scores or by chance there you make some mistakes in recording the scores then it can really mess-up your gaming scores thus the winning team may lose just because noting the records incorrectly.

In darts usually, there is a dart scoreboard and the scorekeeper.

Dart Scoreboard:

If you are playing on an electronic dart scoreboard then the scores are recorded automatically. No hassle, yes it is that simple! But if you are playing on a traditional dartboard, (the magnetic ones usually) you can use a basic chalk scoreboard or dry-erase board, (manually) and it is going to need you full attention and vigilance!

The Score Keeper:

If you are playing in a tournament or a league there should be someone who should react like a noter to keep a record of scores. Players should keep this thing in mind that they should leave the darts on the board until there score is recorded.(i.e. the darts shouldn’t be removed from the dart board)

All the above games are so interesting to play but sometimes a problem arises in recording the accurate and more detailed scores of all the teams playing the game. To avoid these types of problems Darts score sheet are here.

How To Record Scores In A Dart Game?

If you are playing a tournament or a league game then you usually use an official score sheet to record the scores.

Following are some steps involved in recording the scores in a dart game

  1. The names of players are written on the left side.
  2. The scores are called out to the scorekeeper after the player shoots, in the first inning you just need to write down points of a player in that inning.
  3. At the start of the second inning, the score boxes are cut in half by a diagonal line. There we need to mention the score of each player in a single innings in one section and his running in  total for the game which is then written in another section.
  4. This allows players to keep a more accurate and more detailed record of every player’s scores.

Types of Darts score sheets available:

  1. Darts Score Sheet: Dart Scoreboard for Personal and Multi-Player:
  2. Darts Score Sheet Book
  3. Darts Score Notebook
  4. Printer Ready Score Sheets
  5. Printer Ready Two-man Score Sheets
  6.  Printer Ready Three-man Score Sheets
  7. Score Sheets in Excel
  8.  Functional Score sheet

Darts Score Sheet: Dart Scoreboard for Personal and Multi-Player.

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It is a very useful tool to record your scores in Darts game.


  • It is very lightweight
  • Comes in quite a compact pocket-size so it is very easy to carry (6×9 inches) making it portable in nature
  • It provides you with accurate information about the scores at any point of time!

Darts Score Sheet Book

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It has 100 pages (50 sheets) it is also very good to record the scores of each team in the game.

Darts Score Notebook

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This dart score sheet is also very good to keep records of your scores. It has 100 pages its size is 8.5 x 11 inches. This score sheet has space to record your scores in all your darts.

Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard

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This dartboard has good user ratings and keeps track of the dart games. It is designed with a smooth surface which is compatible with erasable markers. It includes a single set of erasable market and an eraser tip. It also comes with a portable hanging facility making it easy to mount or install with hardware.

It is designed for Wooden Cabinets and walls with measuring dimensions of 23.5″ Height x 15.5″ Width.

Viper Illumiscore Light Up Dartboard Scoreboard

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It is another chic and top-rated dart scoreboard for Viper’s.  This Light up dartboard scoreboard lets the players to track the scores of dart games in modern style as compared to dry boards with chalk and erasers!  It is designed with brilliant lightening mechanism that offers a clear view of the scores even under intense sunlight.

It also features a very even surface which guarantees trouble-free score noting and also erasing. All you need to do is a simple wipe-off with a dry cloth for fast cleaning. It also comes with 02 unique grease pencils and a mounting hardware.

Additionally, you will need 4 AA batteries or you can utilize any external power supply like portable chargers for its functionality. The best part is that this small product comes with a one year warranty by manufacturer!

Dart World Mini Chalk Scoreboard

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These Mini chalk scoreboard  are just right for hanging on cabinets or can easily be mounted to the wall (cemented or wooden as per the user preference).But  you should know that the writing Chalk is not provided with the mentioned scoreboard and you need to get it separately!

Though it’s quite a thin score sheet board but have a firm holding flimsy shaped scoreboard. It gets fitted easily fit within 3/4″ closed doors.

Few other options readily available over the counter in the market are:

Printer Ready Score Sheets:

The score sheets which are used in tournaments are usually doubled or triple-layered, with carbon backing so that several copies could be made. One copy is given to each team and one copy is returned to the tournament director.

Printer Ready Two-man Score Sheets:

When someone records the two man tournament scores on a paper he/she usually uses this type of score sheet.

Printer Ready Three-man Score Sheets:

The score sheet which is designed for use in a 3-Man Dart tournament

Score Sheet in Excel:

Obviously only one type of score sheet cannot fit all, so there is also an excel version of the score sheet. You can save that and customize it according to your needs.

Functional Score Sheet:

There is also a darts score sheet in which certain functions are built. When you want to add a player’s dart scores to an inning, in this score sheet the math takes place automatically.

Something You Can think of in recording Your Dart Game Score!

  • You can simply log on to darts-scoring Website for recording the scores digitally with much ease and already defined customizable template!
  • Secondly, you can view a quick review of dart score sheets available here on
  • You can also visit our site for checking Best Dart Scoring Applications in order to get a quick insight!

Wrapping It Up!

If you are worried about recording your scores accurately or confused about what a real use can be of a dart score board sheets, then for sure this article would be of great help! I have tried to give you the most traditional yet usable options and most advanced version of scoreboard sheets available in the market! If you have something to say about this article feel free to comment below! Your suggestions are always welcomed!