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Best ping pong table under $500

The ping pong game is pretty popular among the kids as well as adults. It is also an amazing option if you want a quick indoor workout.

 Behind the game being popular, there are reasons like the game itself is quite easy to set up as you need just a pair of paddles and a ball provided you have a ping pong table. 

We come with this exclusive guide to help you choose the right match for you to need since there are plenty of choices when it comes to ping pong tables, ranging from the high-end to lower-end.

Best ping pong table under $500

ProductMain FeatureWeight Price
1. JOOLA Rally TLLockable Wheels186 lb
2. MaxKare MDF4 Lockable Casters --
3. STIGA AdvantageSilk-screen Striping190 lb
4. MD Sports Regulation Table15mm Table Top135 lb
5. GamePoint Indoor TableEasy Locking Mechanism161 lb
6. STIGA Vapor Outdoor TableAluminum Composite Top161 lb
7. Kettler StockholmSpace Saver172 lb
8. JOOLA Midsize CompactHalves Features Legs57.8 lb

You can pretty much make your decision based on the table above, but if you want to dig deeper and read more details about individual table. Please keep on reading.

1. JOOLA Rally TL

  • Great for Controlling Spin
  • Magnetic Scoreboard
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Amazing Aesthetics
  • Easier to assemble
  • Costumer support isn’t good
  • Fairly Expensive


The Joola Rally TL Ping Pong table is well built with the high-quality medium density fiberboard making it sturdy and robust.

The table is around 15mm thick and top of the table is painted in appealing grey color using the polyurethane paint.

 The polyurethane paint prevents the scratches and the ball marks over time. It also features the undercarriage which is again well built as the legs are built using the 1.5” steel tube and are powder-coated to prevent the corrosion. 

The 1.5” inch thick steel tube apron supports the edge of the table and keeps the structure stable. 

To move the table and make it portable around the house, the whole frame sits on the eight industry grade 3” caster wheels while each wheel is lockable that prevents the table from moving from sudden forces or when you want it fixed at one place.

The wheels in this ping pong table make it portable and are really simple to move the table around.

Additionally, the height adjustment levers are provided to adjust the level of the table even on an uneven surface. Overall, the undercarriage is fairly strong and supports the table very well.


The JOOLA Rally TL Ping Pong table comes almost 95% pre-assembled and you just need to attach the four brackets that hold the caster wheels which simply can be done with the help of 14mm wrench that will be used to tighten the bolts. 

The table is well designed and is very aesthetically pleasing and the space grey top looks very classier than the default green and blue tops.

The table is built for multipurpose use and it is ideal for home users, recreational players and the beginners.

If you want to play the fun games of ping pong with your family and kids and alongside seriously need to improve your game as well then this can be a good table to buy.  

JOOLA is a well-known brand and provides a 3-year limited warranty that covers all the issues of the manufacturing defects and they also take responsibility of any product breakage during the shipping until the delivery of the product to your doorstep.

The JOOLA Rally TL is quite heavier and big in size. The dimensions of this table are around 9 feet x 5 feet and weigh almost a whopping 155 lbs.

The assembly is still easier but it would require more than 2 persons to set it up due to the weight. 

The table comes in 3 thicknesses which are 15 mm on the lower end, 18mm in the between and 25mm which is the official regulation thickness.

 It totally depends on you to choose the thickness for the table, if you’re looking for some quick fun playing ping pong with family then the 15mm is usually fine but if you’re a bit serious about ping pong then 18mm is recommended.

15mm table is cheaper while the 18mm and 25mm are expensive.

Build Quality

The build structure of the JOOLA rally TL is impressive. The durable frame and the table apron make it stand out and a robust ping pong table.

The thicker frames are used to withstand the heavier weight of the tabletop. 

However, the ping pong table can get very heavy and the ability to split them into two makes them more portable to put them into storage and even move them to new places.

The Rally TL can be split into two halves which makes the moving part easier. 

The best part of the JOOLA Rally TL is that each half of the table is further foldable and once folden it can be kept in place by a safety latch to prevent it from collapsing. That’s a great safety feature to have as well. 

Bottom Line

Summing up, the JOOLA Rally TL can be an amazing choice for the one looking for an affordable indoor ping pong table to have fun games with the family or also if they are looking for a serious practice of the ping pong game.

Apart from this, the ping pong table is foldable quickly without any hassles making it virtually effortless. 

However, the table could be of slightly thicker since the 15mm is fine for the casual players but if your budget allows we recommend you to settle for the 18mm version.

All aside, if you are looking for a table which is sturdy and reliable over the years then this is the good option.

2. MaxKare MDF

MaxKare Ping Pong Table Table Tennis...
  • 【Versatile Playing】: two single...
  • 【5/8 Inches MDF Surface & Net Kit】:...
  • 【Portable & Folding & Easy...
  • 【Safe Locking Casters】: Maxkare...
  • 【Adjustable Table Legs Height】: The...
  • Elegant and classy design
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Better Suited For Solo Play
  • Great For Outdoor Use
  • Moderately Hard Assembly
  • No Ball Holder


The MaXKare Ping Pong table is certainly not portable as all other ping pong tables as this is a 4-piece ping pong table that requires extensive work and time if you don’t recruit someone to help you with the assembling process. 

However, since the ping pong table is not that portable, they added the locking casters and the latch system to increase the overall maximum safety feature and experience. 


The design of the MaxKare MDF Ping Pong table is on the good side. MaxKare knows it right and they designed it to be much more stable and sturdy.

It also comes with the top-notch accessories that allow you to play like a professional and as well as an exciting game with friends or family members. 

Keeping all aside, the clamp style enclosure makes the assembly and disassembly of the net process seamless. 

It also features a stability bracket that can be mounted on the legs and this can be considered as a nice-to-have feature and many people would love to have it.

It makes you feel confident about the durability of the table. Moreover, the 8 wheels attached allows the table to be moved quite easily. 

The size of the MaxKare MDF Ping Pong table is clearly 9 feet by 5 feet which makes it even heavier and less portable. It weighs around and near to 150 lbs after assembling.

It comes 75% pre assembled and it has foldable legs that can be easily folded so that you can keep it easily in the smaller spaces. 

Build Quality

There’s nothing to worry about the build quality and structure of the MaxKare Ping Pong table.

The tabletop is made of the thick MDF material which makes it even sturdier and robust with extended durability.

Apart from this, the table also has a rustproof galvanized steels legs that clearly provides better stability overall.

The built design is also very compact along with that it also suits the harsh climate conditions which makes it a good choice for placing it outdoors as well.

Bottom Line

We really love the quality of the table and its ability to withstand the harsh climatic condition making it suitable for placing it outdoors.

Moreover, it is a pretty large table with the amazing 15mm premium feel smooth top making it a good choice for both casual players and the serious players.

Looking to place it in your garden and have fun games of ping pong till the BBQ is done, no problem at all. You can clearly place it outdoors.

3. STIGA Advantage

STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor...
  • Competition-ready indoor table tennis...
  • 10-minute QuickPlay design comes 95%...
  • Effortlessly roll and transport table...
  • Excellent playability with 5/8”-thick...
  • Easily attach and remove net with...
  • Affordable
  • Post and Net is included in the package
  • Foldable for easier storage
  • Portable
  • Not So Smooth Top Surface
  • Being portable but still very heavy


The major decision before buying the ping pong table is often the portability of the table. It’s an important future since everyone looks for something that is easy to store and put away when it’s not in use. 

Therefore, the STIGA Advantage can be easily split into two halves making it easier to fold away. The best feature is that when the table is unfolded the legs are automatically deployed and vice versa which provides both ease of use and safety for the users. 

The storage dimensions of the Stiga Advantage is around 60 inches by 28 inches and is fitted with 3” caster wheels making it very portable as you can pull and roll each half to wherever you want it and once in position you can lock the wheels for safety and to make it stay at one place.


The Stiga Advantage is just fantastic when it comes to its design. It is made of a strong durable frame and of course a good ping pong table surface. 

This ping pong table definitely has the robust undercarriage and that’s what gives the whole stability to the table The Stiga Advantage has around 1.2 inches or 30mm sturdy legs made from steel and is coated with premium matter black powder finish which makes it appealing.

The end of the legs has the handy height adjusters which will allow you to lower or raise depending on the levelness of where you’re setting up the table.

You already know that there’s no such thing worse than a ping pong table that is not completely flat.

Also, the Stiga Advantage comes 95% preassembled therefore pulling it out of the box and starting your first game takes just 10 minutes. 

The whole process of assembly requires you to just toss in eight bolts to the legs and you’re good to go which is very easy for anyone.

Despite being the assembly so easy, Amazon offers the expert assembly which isn’t really necessary to purchase.

The Stiga Advantage comes in different models such as Pro, Lite, etc. with various thickness as well. This Ping Pong table is has a 16mm thickness which is on the lower end but does the job perfectly in most cases.

The tournament standard thickness is 25mm so this table thickness is pretty less but if you’re into casual ping pong games with family and a bit practice then it is not much of an issue. 

In this 16mm thickness, the ball usually lacks some of the height of bounce and the ball moves a little slow.

However, if you’re planning to learn table tennis to play at a club or are used to playing on proper tables then you might need to reconsider your choice of thickness here. 

Build Structure

The build structure of the Stiga Advantage is pretty robust and the 3-inch lockable casters on this table help it stand out and maintain good stability.

The size of the wheel is larger than normal therefore moving the table around for setup and storage is an easy task.

The tabletop finishing process is very smooth to touch and it is durable.

Although the table provides consistent bounce but expects a little slower game than a thicker table. It is also a two-part design table therefore the advantage of it is that it can be placed in a “playback” position. This is a very useful feature in practicing.

Bottom Line

It is indeed a fact that this table is pretty reliable and is all about putting the fun factor into the value.

Although the thickness of the table is not up to the mark, it is well built and can provide you with endless hours of ping pong fun for a family tournament or any get-together. 

The best thing about the Stiga Advantage is that even priced low it manages to provide features normally found on high-end tables such as separable nesting halves, adjustable height, and safety mechanism.

 Apart from all this, if you’re looking to have fun playing ping pong with your family or just to rejoice yourself then this table is a good choice. 

4. MD Sports Regulation Table

  • Comes with table aprons
  • It is foldable
  • Inexpensive
  • Fairly Good Surface
  • Low-quality paddles and balls
  • Time Consuming Assembly


The MD Sports Ping Pong Table is no exception coming to the portability as it can be moved freely without having to put many efforts since its foldable.

 The foldable feature also makes it fit in the compact storage easily. Apart from this, the table tends out to be quite heavy and weighs about 120 lbs and therefore it is recommended that you have 2 people setting it up.


The MD Sports Ping Pong table is designed for those who are looking for ping pong gaming fun with their family and friends alongside they can also practice and keep up their ping pong game.

It features a 15mm surface for the playing which helps the ball have a decent bounce, therefore, it is really not a good choice for the one who may want to practice hard to improve their skills for competition level.

The table features the fold-up design which makes it even easier for storage and transportation. It comes with all the accessories including a net, 2 net posts, 2 paddles and 2 balls. However, we didn’t like the quality of paddles and balls at all.

They could have been provided something much better in terms of quality.

The table is a full 9 feet by 5 feet with a 15mm thick MDF material tabletop along with 1 and ⅛ inch apron which secures the top of the frame.

The frame is however made up of cheap-looking electrical conduit style metal that is attached into the apron and tabletop. The plastic supports put together the two halves of the table, which of course seems a weak point as far as the stability is concerned.

Keeping it aside, the assembly part is really tough and consumes a lot more time than expected. It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to assemble this table and it’s kind of a big hassle.

The process requires you to assemble a lot of parts of the table yourself and every screw, bolts and nuts will require you to manually attach and tighten them. 

Moreover, the instruction manual combines several steps into one making it even harder to figure out what exactly is to be done to assemble the table.

Build Structure

The MD Sports Ping Pong table has a notable design in which the playing surface is made up of 4 separate pieces of MDF.

However, this does reduce the shipping and production costs but obviously affects the playing experience negatively and overall 4 separate pieces is a bad design decision.

Moreover, the four-piece design can be a huge problem as time passed by since the 4 separate quadrants can expand or contract and even become misaligned at different rates making it uneven and the playing experience even worse since you will not be able to predict the direction the ball bounces off due to the misaligned pieces.

Bottom Line

We do agree that this is a budget table and can be bought to have fun games with family and in the get-together. 

However, the manufacturer used extremely inexpensive parts and materials and also implemented the four-piece design to save cost but it became a disadvantage.

If you’re really tight on budget and can’t spare more hundred dollars then it makes a good choice, however, even at an extremely low price, it doesn’t meet our expectations.

5. GamePoint Indoor Table

GamePoint Tables Indoor Ping Pong Table...
  • DURABLY BUILT - The GamePoint ping pong...
  • SUPERIOR DEVELOPMENT - The composite...
  • PREMIUM LOCKING WHEELS - The Superior...
  • HIGH STANDARDS - The Locking Wheels are...
  • QUICK AND EASY SET-UP - Fast and...
  • Easier Setup
  • Amazing Playback Option
  • Affordable Price
  • No Warranty
  • ⅝” Table Top


The GamePoint Ping Pong table is really portable and of course, just like rest of the tables, it is also a tournament-style table with dimensions of 9 feet by 5 feet and with an amazing 72” clamp style. 

We didn’t have any issues with the table portability since it is foldable and easy to store.

The only downside is that it weighs a whopping 161 lbs and you might require more than one person to handle and assemble it.


The design of the table is very sleek and looks classy. However, we didn’t really like a tabletop colour but that shouldn’t bother everyone since the surface is smooth enough. 

Although the table is foldable therefore, you can use the two-piece folding top of this table to do some practice yourself in a playback mode.

 Out of the box, the table is pretty easy to assemble and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to assemble it as it comes 90% preassembled. 

With regards to the price, it falls at the lower end of the price segment and therefore lacks on warranty. The tabletop, however, stands at the minimum thickness of ⅝” or 15mm which provides only the consistent bounce.

If you’re expecting it to provide more bounce to the ball then it might not be able to. 

A good and perfect bounce and faster ball movement require thicker tabletop of at least 18mm or 25mm. 

Build Structure

The build structure of the table is top-notch and it features steel legs with locking caster wheels that allow easy movement and greater stability of the table.

Apart from this, the GamePoint ping pong table is resistant to the sun damage, warping and rust. 

The three-inch wheel allows it to move seamlessly anywhere you want to. The net and clamp are included with the table which is great.

The amazing build structure improves the performance as well as make the table look elegant. The superior frame makes the table sturdy and robust.

However, since the top layer is removable, it helps the table to stand against the sun over a long period of time.

Bottom Line

The GamePoint Ping Pong table offers ping pong lovers an amazing platform for them to play and express their passion. Overall the table looks elegant and the performance is fairly on the good side.

 The surface does provide the ball with consistent bounce and the assembly just took us about 10 minutes, however, at least 2 people set up because of the heavyweight of the table.

Interestingly, despite all these features, the table remains one of the best-priced ping pong tables.

6. STIGA Vapor Outdoor Table

STIGA XTR Professional Table Tennis...
  • BUILT TO LAST - Specifically designed...
  • QUICKPLAY DESIGN - 10-minute QuickPlay...
  • SIMPLE STORAGE - Effortlessly folds into...
  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor
  • Water & Weather Damage Resistant
  • Easier Assembly Process
  • Self-opening legs
  • Inexpensive


The Stiga Vapour features the heavy-duty steel frame and the undercarriage making it weigh around 140+ pounds and clearly the table is not too manoeuvrable. 

 However, the Stiga Vapour is essentially two free-standing half tables that can be pushed together therefore, it makes it more portable and the storage of it easier since each table half can be stored and moved independently.


The design of the Stiga Vapour is fascinating as it is made up of 1.5-inch thick square steel legs that attach with the cross beams to maximize the weight-bearing supports of the table and giving a table better stability.

The 1.5-inch steel apron which connects the undercarriage to tabletop and allows for a consistent bounce throughout the playing surface.

 Moreover, the 1.5-inch legs come with a leg-leveller or height adjuster to make sure the playing surface is perfectly flat especially on uneven terrain.

The design also consists of ¾-inch casters for each of the table which allows the table to be rolled when folded up to store it.

 However, since the table is made for outdoor games therefore the whole frame is powder-coated to prevent rust. In addition to this, the 6mm playing surface is totally made of aluminium composite material so that it won’t warp or bend outside in the rain and wind.

Overall in terms of design, the Stiga Vapour is a very solidly constructed table. With regards to the price, the Stiga Vapour has a well-built frame which is impressive.

When it comes to playing, it is understandable that Stiga Vapour’s quality of bounce is not upto the mark. 

Also, the bounce feels different than that of traditional MDF material tabletop but however, it certainly takes some adjusting to get used to the table.

Build Structure

Stiga Vapour offers a seamless process when it comes to the building structure. There are two table halves each that go with each other.

They are very straightforward when it comes to the build structure.

 The only pieces you will have to assemble are the wheels that fit on to each half of the table and then the net itself.

This also makes the assembly process very easier and it shouldn’t be taking more than 15 minutes.

However, some customers explained that not all required accessories are sent out with shipping like Paddles, Balls, and Bolts for the assembly process. 

Bottom Line

Summing up, the Stiga Vapour is an amazing outdoor table which offers a heavy, waterproof and rugged frame at a very good value.

 Coming to the point, the table doesn’t offer the greatest bounce and definitely cannot be a good choice for a competitive player, but only for the recreational player.

It offers a decent playing experience with the family or in the get-together.

7. Kettler Stockholm

Kettler Stockholm GT...
  • 3/4" wood top with medium density...
  • Patented Safety-Fold with Dual Lock...
  • Space saver technology for compact...
  • All outer edges are protected and...
  • Net and durable resin net-posts remain...
  • Strong & Durable Build
  • Weather Proof
  • Bigger 4.5-inch Dual Wheel Casters
  • Descent Bounce


The Kettler Stockholm is an inexpensive ping-pong table and this is what it is was designed to be. Like all the rest of the tables in this review, it has the same foldable tow halves of the table.

 However, most of the ping pong tables are heavier but this ping pong table is lighter at just 123 lbs even with the bigger wheel casters making it more compact, sleek and portable.


Unlike others, the Kettler Stockholm Indoor Ping Pong table is made up of Aluminum Composite Tournament Top with a proprietary ALU-TEC Climate-Control Underside making it both the outdoor and indoor although it is made for indoor games.

The design of the table is sleek and looks polished. The outer edges are protected and supported by the 1-inch aluminium Apron to prevent the warping due to rain and wind. 

Apart from this, the patented safety-fold with dual lock prevents the unintended opening and closing of the table.

 It offers the true play-back feature for solo play or just the warm-up. The rest of the table is made of a rigid frame with 1.5-inch oval steel legs with the synthetic powder coating and the galvanized treatment to prevent any type of corrosion and scratches.

The 4.5-inch dual-wheel casters make the movement of the table a lot easier than expected.

Build Structure

The good thing about purchasing this table is that the company, Kettler Stockholm, is one of the leading manufacturers of table tennis tables. 

Any problems with the purchase will be handled gently and swiftly by the company. The build structure of the table is impressive as the frame is solidly built along with the bigger 4.5” wheel casters.

Moreover, the weather-proof abilities are great and still, the table provides a lot better and genuine bounce which surely can’t be discouraged.

Bottom Line

To be honest, the features of the table surprised us considering the price point it has. The table comes with pretty good features along with the ability to withstand the weather being an indoor games table. 

Although for a ping pong player, choosing the Kettler Stockholm Indoor Ping pong table as a table to play the game would not make you wrong but it’s just a matter for you to choose the appropriate product and service and overall the most important thing that needs to be considered is to ensure all table features and requirements are met before making a purchase and fortunately this table does it pretty well.

8. JOOLA Midsize Compact

  • Very Lightweight
  • Smaller & Compact
  • ⅔ rd of Regulation Size
  • No oscillation feature
  • The table is not approved by ITTF
  • Poor Packaging


If you’re looking for a table tennis table to keep it in the sports living room and but is worried about not having enough space to accommodate the table, then JOOLA Midsize Ping pong table is the one you should consider buying.

 The table is around 30 inches in size and comes with a net and post set. The thickness of the tabletop is 16mm and the weight is 62lbs. Therefore, it is pretty compact and easily movable.


The JOOLA Midsize is smaller in design to make it fit in almost any room, the JOOLA Midsize is made up of the two halves that measure 36” x 36” which is almost square and can be joined together to make a playing surface of 72” x 36”.

Such design of the table makes it perfect for the kids game room and a bit of enjoyment between adults.

The JOOLA Midsize is extremely lightweight compared to other ping pong tables and it weighs just 62 pounds so you will be able to move it around with ease.

It is amazing for the one living in cities and space is just a luxury as it can be folded up and can easily fit into a closet or under the bed.

Moreover, this table comes 100% and completely assembled. If you have taken a look at other ping pong tables, mostly all of them require the 10% assemble part while many others take a whopping 3-4 hours to assemble the table.

That isn’t a case with JOOLA Midsize as you just have to unfold the table and pop the net to start playing. 

It comes with the net and posts included which can be attached to the tabletop with a classic screw clamp even if it breaks in the future, they’re very inexpensive to replace.

Build Structure

The build structure is fairly okay, we do have mixed feelings about the quality of the materials used and the strength of the table.

It is not the best-made table and in our test, the particleboard can be broken easily if it comes under hard contact. We also header several reviews from the people about the table arriving damaged out of the box due to the poor packaging material.

We suggest you check and open once it arrives so you can claim the warranty right away. 

You should also be aware of the note that it does not come with the paddles or the balls out of the box.

Bottom Line

There are obviously some limitations to this table because of the size and use of materials in this table. First of all, it is not the tournament sized table and it cannot be used to its full potential.

This table can be considered for fun ping pong games inside the room itself. The table, however, is still multifunctional and still offers a great surface for two players’ games.

Buying Guide For A Ping Pong Table

There are a few important criteria involved before you buy your brand new ping pong table, and most of the people often don’t look at it before buying and regret it later.

Let’s dig deeper into each of the important things you need to look out before buying.

  • Features & Durability

Ping Pong tables come in a wide variety of materials and designs. Obviously the higher-end models are expensive and durable which provides complete waterproofing and made of materials compliant with the standards of the ITTF.

It is necessary to look out for a ping pong table that offers sturdy legs and coatings to protect the table from scratches. Either higher-end or lower-end, the wheels should be lockable and are of high quality.

  • Ease of Assembling Process

Ping pong tables come in packaging and are always or most of the time foldable that comes in two halves which are meant to be joined together to make a surface for playing.

Ideally, you should be able to set up and assemble the ping pong table from scratch within 10 – 40 minutes.

You should be able to set up even if you’re alone if it’s hard to set up then it isn’t, of course, a good buy.

  • Portability & Mobility

The ping pong table should be easily movable, compact and of course easy to store. The table should take minimum storage space and you should look out for storage dimension before buying it.

Also, they should be equipped with lockable wheels for portability and stability. 

  • Solo Play Mode

Solo play mode, as not everyone would want it but it is a good option to have. If you need to practice it alone or if you need fun for yourself, you can always play alone.

There are times when no else is available and that’s when you play a solo that simply means you can tip one side of the table up for rebounding.

  • Warranty

Warranty is essential especially for such a huge product you’re buying. It increases the chances of getting damaged while the product is being shipped as the table is huge in dimension.

You should look out for companies that provide warranty for manufacturing defects and damages done while being shipped. Warranty can be either limited or full but it is your specific assurance to look out for. Great brands always provide warranty on their tables.