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How to Fix a Warped Ping Pong Table?

Ping pong is a common racket game. It is also commonly known as Table Tennis.

How to Fix a Warped Ping Pong Table

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Among the equipment required for Ping pong are a table, paddles or bats, and table tennis balls.

The ping pong table sometimes warps; a condition in which it becomes bent or twisted out of shape making it hard to play on the tabletop.

Mostly, warping is a result of the effects of heat or dampness.

In this article, you will learn how to fix a warped ping pong table top for under $50 and within 1 hour only.


Below are quick steps to fix your warped ping pong table in minutes:

  1. Assess your damage. You have to tell if the damage is repairable or not. Once you have determined that there is the hope of getting it back to its usable condition, it is time to repair it.
  2. Remove your tabletop from the framework. It is wise that you disassemble for ease of repair.
  3. Having exposed your problem, you now can tell what to do as you can tell how far the damage has affected. The more the damage the harder it will be to repair
  4. Since warping mostly occurs due to exposure to dampness, it might necessitate that you make damp your board to undo it. Fairly dampen your tabletop especially at the affected area.
  5. On a flat surface, lay the table and place some weight on the affected area. If the warp was little then it can be smooth by one treatment but in case of a huge area of warp then it could require that you do it severally.
  6. Leave it to dry without movement. If done rightly, you have your table ready for use in about 48 hours. Reassemble and begin playing.

Materials and/or Tools You Will Need


The equipment to get the tabletop off of its stand.

Depending on your table make, remove the screws from your stand to enable you to work on it.

You may need some assistance with this, sufficient space is also needed.


Clamps: These are to hold down your tabletop after you determine the spot that requires repair. The upper surface should face down, in contact with the ground and the clamps will tighten them in place during the drying period.


Weights: In a case that you do not have clamps, then you could use any other weights to press down your table surface. This could be a bag filled with sand, or stone, or anything you feel can press down the warped part of your tabletop sufficiently.

Ping Pong Tables

5 Steps to Fixing a Warped Ping Pong Table

Step # 1: Prepare to Fix

This entails studying the level of your damage and determining that it needs to get repaired.

On knowing this, get a sufficient room in which to do the repair.

Get the necessary equipment for the repair of your pong table. This includes the tools mentioned here above.

Remove the net and any other parts of the table tennis gear that need removing as well.

Step # 2: Remove the Top

Repairing a warped ping pong table top cannot be done effectively while it is still attached to the legs.

The first step, therefore, in repairing this tabletop, is removing it. Carefully remove any screws or hardware holding the top to the frame and the legs.

Keep the tabletop gently on the ground so that you can work on it, you do not want to add more damage to it.

It is advisable that you can keep these screws and any other hardware e.g., clips that you remove when taking off your tabletop safely, remember you will use them after it is in good shape.

You will also have to master the mechanism of getting it back up since you will put it on again. Each screw has to be fixed in the right location and in the correct order to keep your table in good condition.

Step # 3: Check the Damage

Analyze the amount of warping that has occurred. This way, you can tell what to do with your tabletop. If the table surface damage is profound, then it will be harder to refurbish it.

On scrutiny, you will know exactly what to do with your tables. This leads to your respective action.

Step # 3: Dampen the tabletop

It is highly likely that your tabletop is dry, yet we said that warping occurs due to wetness on the board.

To undo this warp, it is mandatory that we dampen the tabletop first. Only then can the surface bulge.

However, this has to be done in a very considerate and sensible manner. The right amount of wetness will work a great deal to the success of this unwarping process.

Step # 4: Weigh Down the Warp

After wetting, you then need to either clamp your tabletop to keep it in place or weigh it down in a way that goes against the direction of the warp.

Place it on a flat surface. This will ensure that it is smooth when the process is complete.

After placing it accordingly, place the weight on the surface that is raised till it is even and flat, in line with our hard surface.

Step # 5: Leave it to dry

When all this is done, leave the surface to dry.

Drying could take about 36 to 48 hours. The assessment to this will mostly be observation. After you are sure that it is dry, then you can unclamp your tabletop or lift the weight off of it.

Check to see if the expected outcome has been achieved. If it has, then you can reassemble your tables and get started on the game.

If not, then you could think of an alternative.

One Alternate Solution:

Hire an Expert:

Sometimes, it is wise not to gamble with doing it yourself especially if you feel uncertain of what to do, or when the damage level is extreme.

You could perhaps think of engaging a professional to assist you on the same. Any carpenter can do this if they are informed.

Buy a New Table:

If the surface of the table does not come out any better and you feel it is irreparable, then, it is time to buy a new one.

It does not necessarily mean that if my ping pong table top is out of condition there will be no more play. You can always buy a new one at Amazon

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Are There Ping Pong Tables That do not Warp

The ping pong tables come in different materials.

Though the most common are plywood and particleboard, there are also tabletops made of metal and fiberglass.

These tables are highly unlikely to warp unless exposed to very extreme pressure.

They are not common, however, because the best results in ball bounce are from the wooden tabletops.

How Much is a Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong tables vary in price with the type of material used to build them e.g., the type of wood used and the manufacturer.

The price range is $150-$400 for indoor tables and $400-$700 for outdoor tables.

There are also the luxury types that can go for as high as $1,000 or more.

Where to Buy a Ping Pong Table

A ping pong table can be bought at Amazon. There is a variety of manufacturers from which you can choose.

They also come in various specifications e.g., foldable, with wheels, rainproof, etc.


Sports are a necessity.

We have to agree that indoor sports offer convenience since less space is required and the results are remarkable.

Ping pong is one wonderful option.

In case you already have invested and you need to repair your ping pong table, then you can comfortably do it by following the guidelines in the article.

However, it is better to keep your board safe than to repair it.

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