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Best Air Hockey Tables under $500

My brother-in-law is a big Air Hockey fan. I wanted to surprise him with a good quality Air Hockey table, and so I began my search online.

I was immediately bombarded with a hundred choices, from tabletop to full-sized Air Hockey tables and from $300 to $6000 tables. My brain was about to explode from information overdrive when I decided to narrow down my search and look for the characteristics I want.

It is pretty hard to get air hockey table under $500 but i tried to my level best to pull up some models in this range. Bear with me if some model are slightly expensive from this range.

You may probably know, air hockey table is the most important tool in this game. If you get a bad table right off the bat, you are screwed.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read the reviews in detail, then have a look at our top choices in each category:

ProductMain FeatureWeight Price
1. Home Pro EliteSuperior Bounce450 lb
2. American Heritage Monarch Manual Scoring 325 lb
3. ESPN Sports Air Hockey TableSound Effects77.4 lb
4. ESPN Indoor ArcadeE-Score System77.4 lb
5. Rally and Roar Air Hockey TabletopLED Score Tracker20 lb

I know it is hard to make a buying decision based on a small comparison table. Let’s add some more complexity. I am going to review each model in detail and give you a clear picture of if you should buy it or not. Let’s get started.

Best Air Hockey Tables under $500

1. Home Pro Elite

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air...
  • "Designed by Air Hockey Champions"
  • Special wear-resistant laminate top for...
  • Solid, low-profile, professional-style...
  • Centerline and face-off circle for...
  • Available without side graphics

If you are looking for a championship quality table, then the GSG Home Pro Elite is the best choice.

I have chosen it as the best luxury Air Hockey Table because it has a sturdy build, a functional design, and provides an excellent gaming experience. You won’t know whether you are playing at your own home or at the arcade!


Brand Gold Standard Games (GSG)
Dimensions 87 x 48 x 19 inches
Weight 350 pounds
Material Laminated MDF with aluminum sides
Design Utilitarian
Assembly time 3 hours

Build Quality: 

Let’s take a look at its build quality first; the table is made from special wear-resistant laminated MDF.

The laminated top is on the best quality tops we have seen in Air Hockey Tables. It is smooth and sturdy and is built for maximum durability.

The sides of the table are constructed from professional-grade aluminum. It is robust and will not break easily. Furthermore, it provides high bankability and bounce.

Overall, the build quality of GSG Home Pro Elite is excellent; it is durable and can sustain frequent and aggressive games.

From what i have seen, it is build for long term and heavy use. If you are looking for a table you want to use heavily, this might be a good choice. I have seen people using it in bars, clubs and offices.

Gaming Experience: 

The second most important characteristic of a gaming table is the feeling that it provides. To know the quality of the table, you have to ask yourself, what is your experience when you play Air hockey on GSG Home Pro Elite?

I can tell you mine. The GSG Home Pro Elite provides one of the smoothest playing experiences ever!

The puck glides like a swan across the table; there is no stuttering or lurching movements.

The reason behind this smooth play is the arcade-style blower of the table. You can play on this table for hours, and it will give you smooth and consistent playing experience. Which you can expect from table in this league.

Many people find the low-profile sides of the table to be a turn-off.

However, the aluminum sides not only provide strength to the table, but they are also great for keeping the puck inside the table. Nothing gets past them!

Your playing experience is further enhanced by an electronic scorekeeper that allows you to customize the format of the game.

Electric scorekeeper is pretty useful to use in bar, clubs and other settings. Because you don’t have to count and remember score every time. Scoreboard can do it for you. You can play with 100% confidence that someone won’t cheat with you.

You can set the game to end after you have scored a specific set of points, or you can set a time limit. This feature allows you to play the game according to your preference.


Finally, let’s look at the design of GSG Home pro Elite. The design is quite utilitarian; functionality has been given preference over style. The table has a boxy look; while the black color of the table is timelessly classic, the square edges and minimal markings give it a boring look.

The table will not look ugly in your house, but it is also not one of the prettiest Air Hockey tables out there. Professionals, Pro-level amateur players, and Air Hockey enthusiasts will love this table.

If you don’t mind spending high bucks for a gaming table, then this is the table for you!

2. American Heritage Monarch

American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air...
  • Regulation Size Field
  • Overhead Arch Scoreboard
  • 2 additional manual scoring systems
  • Screen-Printed Starburst Design
  • Includes 4 Goalies

If you are looking for a durable and performance-driven table under $1k, then American Heritage Monarch is the table for you!


Brand American Heritage
Model 390074
Dimensions 86 x 50 x 10 inches
Weight 250 pounds
Material MDF, Wood veneer, chrome-finished aluminum trims, and sides
Design Classically beautiful
Assembly 3 hours
Additional Features Electronic scoreboard + 2 manual scoreboard

Build Quality: 

The American Heritage Monarch is a well-built table; it is constructed from high-quality MDF with a cherry wood finish.

The finish not only looks beautiful but also protects the MDF from environmental effects to provide a consistently smooth playing experience over a long period of time.

The sides, as well as the legs, are made from a pleasing combination of aluminum and MDF. This not only makes the table strong; it also increases its aesthetic value.

The robust sides ensure that the puck will not fly off the table, no matter how hard it hits the sides. The table is also quite heavy at 250 pounds; it won’t shake or quiver as you play.

A great feature is the dual scoring system of the Monarch; the table has an electronic and manual scorekeeping system.

I liked the way manual scoring system is added to this table. if your electronic score keeping system got out of order, you can still use manual one.

Another useful feature is the 115v Axial AC Fan that is powerful enough to keep the puck skating smoothly across the table.

The fan is powerful enough, but I observed that the table has certain dead zones where the blower is unable to reach. This is a bummer at this price point; however, it is hardly noticeable, and the overall build is impeccable.

Gaming Experience:

The gaming experience is quite incredible; air hockey pucks coasts easily on the table providing and smooth and fast-paced game.

Advanced level players will immediately fall in love with the table because it provides performance as well as quality. The surface of the skin is smooth and well-made to enhance the playing experience.

The Monarch allows you to play a fast-paced and thrilling game; it is ideal for players who want to hone their skills and play competitively.

The fluid glide of the puck across the silky-smooth surface of the table makes it one of the most popular Air Hockey tables on the market.


I have to say that I really love the look of this table; it has a classic beauty about it and will increase the aesthetic appeal of any room.

The table is finished in cherry wood, giving it a beautiful shiny brown color and texture. The pairing of the chrome-finished sides and legs with the cherry finish look beautiful.

Couple with the arch-style electronic scorer and the sunburst screen-printed design, this table looks more expensive than it actually is, and you will definitely fall in love with it!

If you want to purchase a professional and durable Air Hockey table but don’t want to spend $2k on it, then American Heritage Monarch is the table for you.

It is most suitable for players looking for some fast-paced practice to improve their skills.

I know you might think this is pretty expensive but keeping in view of it’s design and features, i think it is worth the money, after all, air hockey tables aren’t that cheap at all.

3. ESPN Sports Air Hockey Table

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table: 84...
  • IDEAL GAMING FUN: Pro air hockey kit is...
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Electric air...
  • QUALITY EQUIPMENT: Table set has a...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: 7 foot hockey table...

If you want to purchase a big, sturdy, and reasonably priced table, then the ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table is just what the doctor ordered! This sturdy, full-sized table supports a competitive and fun-filled air hockey game providing great value for money!

Brand ESPN
Model AWH084_188E
Dimensions 84 x 48 x 32 inches
Weight 141 pounds
Material ¾ Inch thick High Gloss Particle Board
Design Modern and Sporty
Warranty90-days Limited Warranty

Build Quality: 

The table is made from High-gloss particleboard with a magnetic playing surface. The high-glossed particle board is not as sturdy as MDF, but it’s still a strong and durable material.

If used carefully, it can last you for years. It can also sustain high-speed gaming with frequency, so you don’t have to worry about the quality and strength of the table.

ESPN has cut prices on the sides of this table; they are not made from aluminum like high-end Air Hockey tables.

They are made from ABS, which is an industrial-grade plastic composite. Despite this, the sides are pretty solid and provide good banking. However, they may be scratched and scuffed easily. The table also has side caps that provide protection to the table from scratches.

An incredible feature in this table is the blower; at 120v, the blower is as powerful as high-end tables. The sturdy legs with 6-inch leg levelers are another impressive feature; the legs and levelers provide uniform support to the table, making it a perfect playing surface.

The tables come with an LED electronic scorer, storage space, and cup holders. These features increase the value of the table; you won’t be disappointed with this purchase!

Gaming Experience:

The large size, sleek high-gloss playing surface, and the 120v UL certified blower provide an awesome playing experience.

Players will enjoy this table for competitive and high-paced air hockey games. The electronic scorer and the 4 goalies and 4 pucks will allow you to play the game with your friends and family.

The sides of the table provide ample bankability and bounce to make the game fun and smooth. The ESPN table is made from lesser materials then high-end tables, but its gaming experience rivals those expensive tables! It provides great value for money.


The ESPN Sports Air Hockey table has a modern and sporty look. It is grey in color with red and white accents that give the table a very contemporary look. It will look beautiful in any room and will definitely increase its aesthetic appeal.

If you are a fan of Air Hockey and are looking to purchase a good priced table to play the game frequently with your friends and family, then the ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game table is made for you! It is cheaper than high-end tables but provides the same functions.

4. ESPN Indoor Arcade

ESPN Air Hockey Game Table: Indoor...
  • IDEAL GAMING FUN: Pro air hockey kit is...
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Electric air...
  • QUALITY EQUIPMENT: Table set has a...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: 7 foot hockey table...

If you are a beginner or you won’t purchase a table for infrequent gaming, then the ESPN Sports Air Hockey Table is a great option.

It is an affordable table that provides you good playing experience. The table may not be as durable as the more expensive tables, but it is certainly worth considering for this price point. Let’s look at its most notable characteristics.

Brand ESPN
Model AWH060_017E
Dimensions 60 x 32 x 32 inches
Weight 64.2 pounds
Material Particleboard
Design Contemporary
Warranty90-Days Limited Warranty

Build Quality: 

ESPN collaborated with MD Sports to manufacture this table; it is made from high-gloss particleboard that gives you a smooth puck glide.

The tables are also sturdy with 5-inch levelers that allow you to balance the table on any surface. The sides and top railing of the table are made from ABS plastic. It is not as sturdy as aluminum, but it is to be expected, given the low price of the table.

The table comes with a built-in blower fan that provides airflow across the surface. This means that the puck won’t hit any dead zones, and you can enjoy a good-paced game. The fan is not as strong as in the high-end table, but it pretty good for the price point.

The table has an electronic LED scorer and ample storage space for pucks and goalies. The weight of the table is only 64.2 pounds; this means that the table may wobble while you are playing. However, the leg levelers provide some extra support and stability.

Overall, the table is very well-made; the construction of the table is professional, and expert craftsmanship has been used to manufacture it.

Gaming Experience: 

I’ll be honest, I don’t think much off Gaming tables below $500, but this table surprised me. For a budget-friendly table, it provides quite a smooth playing experience.

The high-gloss playing field and the built-in blower fan help glide the puck smoothly across the surface, offering a high-end playing experience.

I won’t lie, the pace of the game is slower than that of high-end tables, but the overall value of the table is great with respect to its price.


The table is not super attractive, but it’s has a likable design. It is black with red accents, which makes it look sleek and modern.

The boxy edges could have been better, but overall, it has a good look. It won’t look ugly in your room and will definitely go with most decors.

If you want a table that gives good performance at a budget-friendly price, then you should purchase the ESPN Sports Air Hockey table.

5. Rally and Roar Air Hockey Tabletop

Rally and Roar Electronic Tabletop Air...
  • IMPROMPTU GAME, ANYTIME: In under 15...
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The Rally and Roar...
  • SMALL SIZE, HUGE POWER: This air hockey...
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: This air hockey...
  • MODERN, FUN DESIGN: Be the life of the...

Are you looking for a lightweight and portable Air Hockey table that also provides a good gaming experience? Rally and Roar Air Hockey tabletop is the perfect solution.

It is compact yet provides highs-speed gameplay. Let’s take a look at its key features:

Brand Rally and Roar
Model AWH040_018P
Dimensions 40 x 20 x 9 inches
Weight 13.86 pounds
Material dense fiber wood
Design Modern and Sleek
Warranty90-Days manufacturer’s warranty

Build Quality: 

Right of the bat, you can tell that this table is beautifully crafted. The playing field, legs, and other accessories show expert craftsmanship.

I really appreciate a well-made table; some budget-friendly tables are so poorly made that you don’t even want to look at them, let alone play with them. Rally and Roar have proved their expert craftsmanship through this table.

It is really beautiful to look at and will be a great addition to your room.

The table is made from dense fiber wood that is constructed for durability. The playing field is glossy and sleek to assist a fluid play.

The legs of the table are also well-made, and they are covered in foam to avoid scratches. The table has an AC-12 motor to power the blower fan; it helps to glide the puck smoothly across the surface. Overall, it’s a well-made and good quality table that will last you for a good few years.

Gaming Experience: 

An overwhelming amount of customers state that they found the tabletop to be great fun! Most customers purchased this table for their children, and they loved the quality, make, and smoothness of the table.

Further Resources: Do you need Air Hockey Pucks ?  This might be a good resources.


As mentioned earlier in the review, I am a big fan of the look and design of this tabletop. It is a pleasing combination of natural wood color and white with black legs.

It has a cool and modern look that is attractive to children as well as adults.

The Rally and Roar Air Hockey tabletop are perfect for individuals who want to purchase a good quality portable air hockey table.

It is ideal for taking on picnics, birthday parties, and barbecues. It is also perfect for children; the small size and the powerful blower makes it a fun and exciting game for kids.

If you are a bachelor who wants to spice your hangouts with friends or if you are a mom looking to create some excitement at your kid’s birthday party, this table is perfect for you!

Choosing a gaming table can be difficult because of the wide variety of tables available in the market. In this article, we described 5 amazing Air Hockey tables in 5 different categories.

Did you find this information useful? which table did you like best? let us know in the comments below!

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