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Best Dart Scoring Apps

Darts is among one of the most pizzazzy and the simplest indoor games. This fun-loving game is played by millions of people across the globe and is very good for improving concentration. This indoor game has smashed its image as a pub game and has now risen at all league levels. In fact, there is a great debate on making this game a prelim of the Olympics.

One big problem that comes with the game is recording its score. Human calculations increase the chances of errors. This made the need for developing new options.

So, if you are worried about accurately recording and calculating your scores then this problem has been solved by an abounding number of applications that are developed for the sole purpose of calculating the score. Some of the most relishing applications are:

Darts mind is a fully equipped game that is created by keeping all professional aspects of the game in mind.

  • It can be used at the national or international levels for recording your scores. Plus you can save your scores without any hassle.
  • This fantastic app not only gives you the option for calculating dart scores rather it also has options for calculating scores of many other games. These games are X01, Cricket, Cut-Throat, Around the Clock, Bob’s 27, Count-Up, 99 Darts, Gotcha, Bermuda, Shanghai, etc
  • You can enjoy playing the game on your app with the dart champion ‘Dartbot’ which can by polish your darting skills.
  • Match mode is available for X01 and cricket games.
  • You can record and save all scores and retrieve them later from the leg history.
  • The game is supported by up to 6 players. This means you can enjoy your game with your whole group of friends.
  • You can have the app readily in your own language. This application is available in German and Chinese as well along with English.

One big drawback of the game is that it is currently available only on Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

As the name shows this adorable app has been introduced by Haaz. It is easy to use app.

  • App can easily track your score for 501 games or its variants.
  • You can choose a maximum of 4 number of players and customize their names. Even if you are alone and have no other player with you then no problem, you can have the leisure of playing the game with the computer.
  • As a good friend, your dart scoreboard app will show you your progress from time to time in the form of a graph.
  • You can start your scores from 101, 170, 201, 301 up to 2501.
  • You can play with match type of either sets or legs.
  • You can play up till 2,3,4,5 legs as you wish in order to win a set.
  • Sharp memory of the app saves your scores and in addition to score calculation calculate your Various averages, like match average, best set and/or leg average, average of first nine darts in a leg
  • Scores can be recorded for 180, 140+, 100+ scores, etc.
  • Checkouts: Highest and average checkout, number of outs above 100, number of outs above 50. Check up type can be single, double, or triple.
  • You can read your highest score, best leg, list of darts needed per leg.
  • At the end you can always share your statistics with your friends.

You just need to login for having the wonderful experience of the dart scoreboard.

It is developed by Manfred Buttner. It is an amazing app that believes in training as well as with recording scores. It is among one of the best-rated apps. And there is hardly anyone who is unsatisfied after installing the app.

  • It records your results like a supercomputer and strives for giving you a personalized experience according to your level.
  • The score of X01 and cricket can also be recorded with convenient two input options.
  • In contrast to many other games, it does not have any limitations for players and the sport can be enjoyed with as many as people as you want.
  • My dart training is equipped with voice technology for the amenity of its users. And it is incorporated with the voice of Kirk Bevins.
  • It has multiple training variants.
  • A high score can be recorded with no player limitation.
  • You can backup and restore your databases from your phone at any time.
  • You can track your progress by storing your statistics on google drive.
  • It allows you to train for a number of dart games by setting up separate profiles for each of the games.
  • You can occasionally compare your results with other people from throughout the world.

It can be the best scoring app if you are a higher level player.

Dart Counter is an app that is genuinely applauded by millions of people. It is.

  • You can play several games on the app such as X01, cricket, bob’s 27, etc.
  • You can hear your score in the voice of the professional Mastercaller Ray Martin for all of your X01 games.
  • You can save your game via facebook or data counter account and set a profile picture for your account.
  • You can choose to play with 1-4 players either with account or without account. That would be your choice.
  • Startscores can be from 301, 501 or 701.
  • You can enjoy the match either in sets or legs.
  • You can team up against your friends by forming a team and getting your scores calculated accurately accordingly.
  • You can play against the computer dartboard.
  • Further, you can know all your statistics of average score, highest startscore, score or checkout score. Average and the lowest score on darts, along with calculating your percentage performance.
  • You can have scores of 40+, 60+, 80+, 100+, 120+, 140+, 160+ & 180’s.
  • Double in, master in, master out option.

Overall it’s a very good option providing you with millennials of options.

It is a good app developed by Julien Duchow. It has different game modes for all games including X01 that has game modes of Sets, Legs, Startpoints, and Checkout.

  • It includes cricket game modes of Hits per Field and Mode adjustable
  • It is feasible for any number of Players
  • You can undo your game up till many times.
  • it has an impressive way of recording statistics.
  • Statistics can easily be understood with the help of diagrams and graphs.
  • Your games are synchronized on the Darts Scoreboard counter app and can be restored to play from any device.
  • With Pro Darts you can manage writing your own score.
  • You can see average points, hit ratios, highest finish and many others from all of your saved games.
  • All of these are the best apps giving users a very friendly interface. All the endless options provided by the apps make a selection of one app difficult.