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Health Benefits Of Playing Pool

What’s the first thing when the word pool pops in front you? Well for me it’s a guy’s night, a bunch of friends having fun and a time out from daily hectic routine!

But I was wrong before as the day when I decided to go in some research about the pool and health benefits of playing this super healthy game! After reading this article, you will all agree that playing pool is not just about playing an ordinary sport game for fun or time pass with a bunch of friends!

Well I am not going to just discuss everything in the air, I have read a good piece of research by Professor, PhD V.A. Vishnevskiy states that “billiards is recommended as an excellent means of training the extra ocular muscles and visual estimation, it is seen as a kind of aerobic exercise, it is said to form correct posture, it is stressed that this sport contributes to psycho-physiological self-regulation mechanisms improvement, it is even considered as a way of intellectual development”.

 Nowadays, there is a trending emerging of playing pool. Especially in the US , this game is really trending a lot as shown in industry analysis of Pool  by IBISworld mentioned that “Pool and billiard halls have experienced greater external competition in recent years due to the myriad of alternative entertainment options available to teens and young adults, often the primary market for industry operators.

These entertainment options include video game consoles, mobile devices and parallel industries, such as bowling centers and family fun centers. In 2018, external competition for the Pool and Billiard Halls industry is expected to increase, posing a potential threat to the industry”

Playing Pool is more than just transforming your physical appearance and to be wanting yourself look like a business tycoon. It is really a miraculous game and a great body activity or probably one can say it’s an exercise to spruce you in power and alertness. People around the world are now fond of this fun game and seek it as an escape to calm down, active as well perk up their coordination abilities in multiple aspects of life.

 It’s a two-fold surprise box: Physical Vs Intellectual Benefits

Playing Pool enhances and improves health in two ways:

  1. Physical Health
  2. Intellectual Health or cognitive health

Let’s take a look of basics of Physical Health Benefits

Have you ever thought of recording your footsteps using a pedometer? I.e. recording your steps count. If no, then you must buy one before playing pool as pool game allows you to take many steps by changing multiple body positions and postures in a fun way. How? Well that happens when you have a friendly walk with your pool buddies around the pool table, gossiping about how good or bad the previous shot was and all.

But honestly don’t just expect that it will be burning your calories like treadmill but it will make a good difference for sure after your hectic and busy routine work! Again the question remains the same how? Well, the answer is quite simple that despite the fact that you are doing some stretching to your muscles on the pool table to take any twisted shots you actually indulge your body in activities like flexibility and full body tone up.

Let’s take a look of basics of Intellectual Benefits

It is quite a logical thing to say that you must keep your mind stimulated in order to Horne your thinking abilities. By playing pool it helps in mind to stay stimulated by continuously triggering the strategizing part of your brain with respect to the shots you are planning to take and the actions needed beforehand!.

It also provides steadiness on one foot for a moment for taking a shot, thus resulting in the development of a fine coordination and intellectual power.

Now let’s discuss the both in detail separately but before that have a look at this cool infographics on Health benefits with  pool on Jillian’s Boston blog!

Burning a good amount of calories

Many of you don’t believe of playing pool as a tiring sport, and for the majority party, you perhaps won’t be breathing heavily during this game. However, that doesn’t mean that your body movements aren’t smoldering any calories, despite that fact! In reality, the regular player is going to with no trouble walkabout 01 mile in just a single game of pool.

But that may not seem like plenty but in comparison to just sitting and watching TV on the sofa, it’s a complete heck of a time we are talking about. Here is a chart of calories taken from Calorie Lab burnt from playing pool along with the time.

Detailed calories burned for this activity
Calculation type Minutes Hours
1 5 15 30 1 2 8
Additional calories burned by activity 2 9 26 51 102 204 816
Total calories burned 3 14 43 85 170 340 1,360
Calories burned at rest 1 6 17 34 68 136 544

Improves And Develops Your Focus

Are you tired of perfecting your opening break or finding just the right angle for banking your shot effortlessly and without knocking the fact that 8-ball in entail a lot of attention? Much of everything you do in and around the pool table (talking with your friends) requires a reasonable quantity of sober concentration.

The aptitude to shell out consideration to the little details and pay attention just on the current task while blocking out peripheral motivation is significant for everyone. Playing the pool game frequently can assist you put up those forms of skills sets, which can be particularly helpful when you’re gone from the pool table too.

Everybody wants to be a champion, and you can not at all come first if you don’t perkup your focus. pool is an essential game when it comes to pertaining your analytical abilities for defeating your rival. You will find that it’s extremely fascinating to be known as a champion.

Gives Control To Muscular Stretching And Overall Body Balance

Playing pool games calls for a lot of stretching than a normal routine would require usually. The player should bend forward over the pool table top for reaching the cue ball at the perfect angle, and then he needs to demonstrate reasonable amount of elasticity, chiefly with rough shots. Pool game as well boosts the balance as you have to stay on just one foot at an explicit time in order to achieve stability.

As a pool player, you’ll be certainly benefited by a little blow in toning of your full legs, back and hip muscles as you really want to bend and reach out constantly as playing pool.

Therefore, If you play pool, all the body bends and relaxing stretches you will be doing will strengthen the muscular capacities. not like when you are sitting in your office, you must be spending most of the day by your seat, which can really result in some ruthless health risks. So  A little exercise from this game can facilitate you to stay energetic and keep your overall body sturdy and stronger than when you are sluggish.

Brings Down The Aging Process In Men

This part is most interesting for aging men. According to a scholar Aske Juul Lassen, in his research paper on Active ageing is much more than exercise has recommended that pool game can actually slow down the aging process as he quotes “Playing billiards often comes with a certain lifestyle – drinking beer and dreams for instance – and I am quite sure this was not what WHO and EU meant when they formulated their active ageing policies.

But billiards does constitute active ageing. Billiards is, first of all, an activity that these men thoroughly enjoy and that enhances their quality of life while immersing them in their local community and keeping them socially active. And billiards is, secondly, very suitable exercise for old people because the game varies naturally between periods of activity and passivity and this means that the men can keep playing for hours.

Not very many old people can endure physical activity that lasts five hours, but billiards enables these men to spread their physical activity through the day,”

Therefore living an active life can really give a hand to scrap the journey of radical aging by offering and including older people in such communicative and fun informal activities like a pool game which involves the effective and active utilization of their overall body muscles.

Quick Fun Facts

According to research findings, conducted a few years back, billiard champions have the highest average age among other sports, which is 35.6 years.

Develop Good Hand-Eye Coordination For Better Scrutiny And Visualization

In view of the fact that the hand-eye coordination is a critical aspect in winning pool game, your hands will turn out to be responsive and prompt and be capable to perform multiple and little tasks in one go. As it’s just one thing to graph your shots and it’s another thing to execute them accurately on pool table. You have to recognize how your control and the right angle of attacking shot affects your next shot, and then shift those shots into your posture bridge, hold, and chase afterwards.

Therefore, Taking the point in time to become skilled at these superior movements, and paying close concentration to the tiny details that really create a significant difference thus building up your hand-eye coordination rightly. Also, it helps you in fine tuning your capability to focus on minute body movements, making a few little alterations, and continuously assessing your playing technique. This plays right back into that thought of increasing focus in all the other aspects of life!

Additionally if we talk about observation and visualization abilities, there are almost never-ending ways a game of pool may open out. Diverse positions on the pool table entails dissimilar playing strategies, as well as the skills to see quite a few moves to the front, envisage the moves your rival is going to make, and other options. These skills of vigilant observation and creative visualization take over into your work-life, home, and other activities.

Mainly whatever thing that calls for you to warm up your psychological muscles is going to be quite valuable in the longer run. The more you utilize your brain, the healthier it functions. Also, Higher levels of brain utility make you more spontaneous with your friends and family, more alert and prolific at your work, keeps your memory quick and sharp, and usually make you experience more observance and engaged.

Develops Patience

In order to take one of  the finest shots needs players to give it some time and think. Not only is banking the pool balls vital, but it’s also vital to create a slot for the following shot, play defensively, and think a couple of shots in advance. All of this involves complete attention and high degree of patience. Playing a full game also takes a lot of patience for waiting for the top opportunities, in order to put down easy shots just for the sake of strategy, and to stay steadfast to your own tempo even when competition is severe and you’re feeling stressed. These  skills will carry over into your on a daily basis in life!

Concluding Thoughts!

In the end I must say that pool is such a game that is for every age! It is rich in benefits if you seeking for a steady mental and physical growth. Also, one more thing that I have noticed about this game is that it’s a great game for family bonding by inviting them over in your house or local clubs to have fun by engaging them in some good physical activity rather than staying up to date digitally 24/7!

My final thoughts are that Pool beneficial layouts will forever test your visualization, mind’s eye and creative side in your personality, which will definitely lead to a healthy and active lifestyle! So get there on pool table if not already! Watch a quick interesting video on surprising health benefits of playing pool game!

I hope You would have enjoyed reading this article! Comment below for suggestions and share your experiences