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7 Best Billiard Gloves in 2020​

When was the last time you took a perfect shot? You know the kind of shot that reminds you of why you started playing Billiard in the first place.

If you are a Billiard enthusiast, you will know that a good bridge is the backbone of a perfect shot. Players need to shoot with high-accuracy to make a good stroke for a bridge. Even a small slip-up can cause you to miss the shot.

Sweaty hands are a leading cause of missed strokes. Perspiration makes the cue shaft slippery and harder to grip, leading to inaccurate shots. Many players use chalk, powder, or talc to keep their hands dry before making a shot.

Although effective, these are very messy methods. The powder gets all over the pool table, and it is hard to get out. Above all, the official rules have banned baby powder from official Billiard/pool games.

If you are in a hurry and want to make a quick purchase, take a look at our top picks below. You can purchase these with your eyes closed; I promise you won’t regret it!

If you are a Billiard enthusiast, you will know that a good bridge is the backbone of a perfect shot. Players need to shoot with high-accuracy to make a good stroke for a bridge. Even a small slip-up can cause you to miss the shot.

Sweaty hands are a leading cause of missed strokes. Perspiration makes the cue shaft slippery and harder to grip, leading to inaccurate shots. Many players use chalk, powder, or talc to keep their hands dry before making a shot.

Although effective, these are very messy methods. The powder gets all over the pool table, and it is hard to get out. Above all, the official rules have banned baby powder from official Billiard/pool games. Here are our Best Billiard Gloves Hand Picked for You:

ProductMain FeatureWeight Price
1. KAMUI Billiard GloveAnti-slip Pad0.6 oZ
2. Molinari Fingerless GloveTacky pad 3.2 oZ
3. Longoni Sultan 2.0Adjustable Strap1.44 oZ
4. Predator Second SkinVelcro Closure1.48 oZ
5. Vapor Cool Billiard GloveFits Either Hand--
6. Unglove Fingerwrap GloveUnGlove Finger Wrap0.3 oZ
7. Voodoo Pool GloveOne Size Fits Most--
8. Cuetec Billiard Glove3-Finger Design0.8 oZ
9. Poison Pool Glove Left Hand Fit1 oZ
10. MIFULGOO Billiard GlovesHook&Loop Closure0.32 oZ

1. KAMUI Billiard Glove

The Kamui Billiard Glove is one of the high-end gloves on the market. It supports several impressive features, including quick-dry, flexible-fit, and Anti-slip padding. The material of the glove is a synthetic mesh material that makes sure that your hand-sweat dries quickly, and your hand remains dry.

When you are wearing this glove, you won’t need to wipe your hands before each shot constantly, it will save you time and energy so that you can focus on the game. The glove is stretchable to allow a comfortable fit. However, many users have found that the glove is a little smaller on their hands.

 I would recommend that you purchase one size bigger than your actual size for a comfortable fit. Some users complained that their glove tore easily, and they had to be extra careful when wearing and removing the glove.

 This is because the glove is on the smaller side, you won’t face this problem if you purchase a glove that’s one size larger. The glove has a non-slip pad so that your hand does not slip on ground contact. This allows you to make controlled technical shots and bridges. The glove also comes with a stretchable wrist band and Velcro wrist catch for a better fit. I love the fact that this glove is customizable; you can choose a glove for right or left hand, sizes, and colors.

Despite the size issues, Kamui Billiard Glove is a smart option for players who are troubled by hand-sweat. This glove will increase the accuracy of your shots and will allow you to play without worrying about humidity or sweat.


MaterialBreathable Mesh Nylon
Type3-Finger, Fingerless gloves
SizeXS / S / M / L / XL / XXL
SpecificationAvailable for Right and Left Hand.
ColorBlack, Red, Blue, Pink
  1. Breathable, Quick-Drying Mesh Material
  2. Smooth material, cue glides easily
  3. No fingertips so you can play both open and closed bridge shots
  4. Makes it easier to grip the cue
  5. Multiple sizes are available.
  1. Each size of the glove is a little smaller than regular sizes.
  2. The material may tear cause of the tight fit

2. Molinari Fingerless Glove

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Molinari is a reliable Billiard brand in America; they produce good-quality Billiard accessories for commercial and recreational use. It’s no surprise that their V2 billiard gloves are taking the market by storm. Durable and brightly colored with a tacky pad, these Molinari gloves are a must for billiard players.

These gloves have been manufactured from a good quality double-stitched mesh material. The double-stitching makes the glove more durable. You can rest assured that it won’t tear easily. Additionally, the fine mesh material allows transpiration so that your hand remains dry at all times. Another good feature is the stretchable wrist band and the Velcro strap that provide additional adjustability and fit.

 I also appreciate that the gloves are fingerless and lightweight because it makes it easier to make technical shots. The gloves are available for right and left hand; you can choose your favorite color from a wide variety of bright colors.

One drawback of the glove is that it is only available in 2 sizes; small-regular and regular. Essentially it is a one size fit-for-all kind of glove. The limited sizes may make the glove a loose or tight fit for several players.


MaterialDouble-stitched stretchable mesh
Type3-Finger, fingerless glove
SizeSmall and Regular
SpecificationAvailable for Left and Right Hand
ColorYellow, Blue, Cyan, Black, Red
  1. Durable double-stitched mesh
  2. Lightweight and fingerless
  3. Come with a tacky pad for non-slip ground contact.
  4. Comfortable and adjustable fit
  5. Available in many colors
  6. Only available in two sizes

3. Longoni Sultan 2.0

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The Sultan 2.0 Billiard gloves by Longoni are brilliant gloves. I like them because they are well-made, lightweight, and are available for both men and women. I appreciate a company that thinks about the lady Billiard and Pool players by making a separate line of gloves for them. We all know that male and female sizes are different, and most of the time, women can’t find good Billiard gloves because most companies don’t make them.

The second thing worth appreciating in the glove is its sturdy and high-quality material. The high-grade Lycra is stretchable yet durable. Unlike cheap quality Lycra, the fabric is breathable and keeps your hand sweat-free.  A no-slip micro-suede and microfiber patch supplement the Lycra at the palm. Combined with the smooth fabric of the glove, the fingerless glove gives you more control to make excellent bridges. The glove also has a Velcro strap for additional comfort and adjustment.

One significant drawback is the stitching of the glove; many users have complained that the stitching comes off easily after minimal use. This affects the durability and value of the glove. At this price point, sub-standard stitching is not acceptable. On the other hand, it is possible that these users purchased a smaller size, which caused tears in the glove.

 I would recommend that you measure your hand properly before purchase. Another drawback is the limited color option. While it looks sleek and professional in blue and black, more color options would have been appreciated.


MaterialPolyamide and Lycra with extra-grip micro-suede patch
Type3-Finger, fingerless glove
SizeXS / S / M / L / XL / XXL
SpecificationAvailable for Left and Right Hand
Available for Men and Women
ColorBlue and Black
  1. High-quality breathable and durable material
  2. Soft and comfortable
  3. Easy to wash
  4. Velcro wrist support and adjustment
  5. Good-fit
  6. Separate glove for men and women
  1. The only one-color combination is available
  2. The stitching comes off easily

4. Predator Second Skin

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The Predator Second Skin Billiard Glove is a premium glove that is designed to increase the overall consistency of every shot in any kind of weather conditions. The fabric of the glove is a high-grade, quick-drying, and stretchable mesh that fits you like your skin. The material is Predator’s copyright material; it has been manufactured as a low-friction breathable material that is insanely lightweight and comfortable. A non-slip thumb heel-pad has been added to the glove to increase the accuracy of your shots.

Another great feature is the construction of the glove; the fabric has been sown with neat double stitching to make it elegant as well as durable. The elastic Velcro closure at the wrist allows you to adjust the fit of the love; it also adds additional support.

There are no negative things to say about this glove; 99% of users commend it for being a perfect fit, durable, and ensuring low-friction.


MaterialBreathable Mesh with Non-Slip Thumb Heel Pad
Type3-Finger, fingerless glove
SpecificationsAvailable for Left and Right-hand
ColorBlue, black and yellow, black and grey, Red, Yellow
  1. Durable material
  2. Quick-dry breathable fabric
  3. Expertly sewn glove
  4. Looks elegant
  5. Adjustable
  6. Available for both hands in multiple sizes
  7. Available in a variety of colors
  8. None as far as I can tell!

5. Vapor Cool Billiard Glove

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he Vapor Cool Edge Billiard glove is an elegant and stylish glove that comes in two designs. You can purchase a full-fingered or a fingerless version of the same glove. I like this feature since it accommodates every player’s needs. Vapor has made a unique glove as it supports a multitude of features. The thumb side of the glove is made of a mesh fabric that Vapor calls their cool comfort technology. This fabric allows transpiration and keeps your hand dry. At the wrist and all the way up to the middle finger is a stretchable material that allows a comfortable fit. Finally, there are non-slip gel tech stabilization bars at the wrist that allow you to make bridge shots with great accuracy. These bars are tacky, and so they won’t let your cue slip while you are aiming.

The construction of the glove is also seamless; it has been double stitched, and the seams barley show so that the glove looks beautiful and sleek. It is a durable and well-designed glove; it will definitely enhance your game.


MaterialLycra and Nylon blend with mesh
TypeCool Edge Fingerless: 3-fingered glove with enclosed thumb and fingerless finger sleeves
Cool Edge: 3-fingered, full-fingered glove
SizeXS – XL
ColorBlue, Pink, Grey, Green, and Red
  1. Sleek and beautiful
  2. Well-designed
  3. Breathable and durable fabric
  4. Good fit
  5. Enhances accuracy
  6. I don’t see any

6. Unglove Fingerwrap Glove

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The Unglove Fingerwrap Billiard glove has a unique design. It has a sleeve for the thumb, pointer, and middle finger but does not have anything else. This wrap is made with one single purpose; to allow you to make accurate strokes. With this on, you don’t need powder anymore! The Unglove finger-wrap is perfect for players who want the smoothness of a glove but don’t want to cover their entire hand.

Another advantage of the Unglove finger-wrap is its durability. While the tacky pads and fiber of traditional gloves can wear down with age, the finger-wrap is immune. The finger sleeves are made from stretchable Lycra that fits around your fingers comfortably. However, it comes in only one size, which may not be suitable for a lot of users.

 Although the concept of this glove is great, the execution lacks some finesse. Many users have complained that the finger sleeves are too short to help them take open bridge shots. Others have complained that the fabric is too thin and does not support smooth delivery. Some users also complain that this finger-wrap is too hard to use; the fabric slips down the finger easily, hindering the game instead of facilitating it.


SizeOne size fits all
SpecificationAmbidextrous for men and women
ColorBlack, Blue, Graphite, Green, Turquoise $ Tan
  1. Unique design
  2. Lightweight fabric
  3. Facilitated accurate shots
  4. This catch net does not come with any assembly instructions so you have to figure the “what-goes-where” part all by yourself and get used to it. You can write your own step guide in case you find it really confusing.

7. Voodoo Pool Glove

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The Voodoo Pool Glove is a full-fingered glove with holes for the third and pinky fingers. It is a cool glove with a gothic skeletal print on it that will give you major swag points. The cool design is one of the main reasons for its popularity, and I was excited to try this product out.

Disappointingly, this Voodoo glove fell short of my expectations. The fabric of the glove is not the most breathable, but I would have been able to look past that if it wasn’t for the poor stitching and ill-flitted size.

 The stitching was falling apart, even as I took it out of the packaging. The one size is supposed to fit everyone, but of course, it does not. It is too losing for most people. The biggest flaw of the glove is also its best feature; the rubber bone design on the glove looks cool, but the cue sticks to hindering smooth movement. So, in essence, the glove actually fails to do the one thing that it was made to do.


MaterialNylon and spandex blend
Type3-Finger, full-fingered glove
SizeOne size fits most
SpecificationAvailable for left and right hand
ColorCool bone print design in bone color and grey
  1. Cool design
  2. Available for right and left hand
  1. Cue sticks to the bone design
  2. Poor stitching
  3. Ill-fitting glove
  4. Poor value for money

8. Cuetec Billiard Glove

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The Cuetec Professional Billiard glove is an affordable option. The fabric is reasonable quality nylon and Lycra blend. It is breathable and does not let your hand become sweaty. The fabric is smooth, and you can slide the cue easily between your fingers to make bridge shots. Many users have reported that they love the glove because they don’t have to use chalk or powder anymore.

On the other hand, users complain that the glove doesn’t fit them perfectly. The loose fabric hinders the accuracy of the shot. Players state they will be happier if the glove came in multiple sizes.

The glove does not have a tacky pad like premium Billiard glove alternatives. You have to be careful when resting your hand on the table for bridge shots. The stitching and the design are alright for the price but don’t expect them to be of premium quality. It is a great value for money product if you are looking for a budget-friendly pool glove.


MaterialNylon and Lycra Blend
Type3-Finger, full-fingered glove
SizeOne Size Fits Most
SpecificationFits on Left Bridge Hand, for right-handed players only
ColorPlain Black
  1. Affordable
  2. Great value for money
  3. Smooth
  1. Ill-fitting
  2. Non-descript design
  3. Only available for left-bridge hand for right-hand players

9. Poison Pool Glove

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The Poison Pool Glove is the second Billiard glove by Predator. It is a sleek glove that looks very attractive at first sight. Poison is a more budget-friendly option by Predator, needless to say, that the fabric is not as durable and comfortable as the Predator Second Skin glove. However, for a $10 glove, the material is quite good. While not quick-dry, the fabric is breathable and has been sewn adequately. It has a tacky heel pad to allow you more accuracy as you make your strokes. The glove is actually a good fit, even though they come in only one size for small/medium and Large/Extra-Large. The stretchable fabric fits both hand sizes comfortably. It is also a lightweight glove, which is always a good thing. It won’t hinder your play or distract you from your game.

On the downside, many users have reported that the glove starts coming off the seams after minimal use.


Type3-Finger fingerless glove
SizeS/M and L/XL
SpecificationFits on Left Bridge Hand, for right-handed players only
ColorRed and Black
  1. Affordable
  2. Good value for money
  3. Reasonable-quality material
  4. Smooth
  5. Good-fit
  1. Poor stitching
  2. Only available for left bridge hand for right-handed players

10. MIFULGOO Billiard Gloves

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The MIFULGOO Billiard gloves are a non-branded glove sold on Amazon. Despite this apparent handicap, these gloves are a great value for money option! If you are looking to buy affordable gloves that actually work, then you should buy these gloves. Manufactured from good-quality Lycra fabric, these gloves are reasonably sturdy.

The stitching of the fabric is also good- while not double-sewn like premium gloves, the stitching holds its own, and you will be able to use the glove for several months.

These are lightweight and form-fitting gloves, although they come in only one size. Some users have complained that the gloves are too small for them. If you have large hands, then avoid buying these gloves. A good feature at this price point is that the gloves are available for both hands. Disappointingly, they don’t have a tacky patch on the heel, but the fabric supports low-friction to an extent so you can make reasonably accurate bridge strokes. Overall, it’s a good value for money product.


Type3-Finger glove. Thumb and pointer sleeve full-fingered and middle finger sleeve fingerless
SizeOne size fits most
SpecificationAvailable for left and right hand
ColorBlue and Black, pink and black, cyan and black, grey and black
  1. Affordable
  2. Breathable Lycra material
  3. Good fit
  4. Lightweight
  1. Will not last for long
  2. Single stitching
  3. No tacky pad for traction

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Billiard Glove?

There are several factors to consider before purchasing a Billiard glove. I have compiled a quick buyer’s guide to help you purchase a Billiard glove that meets your requirements and preferences. It will help you understand the deciding factors as well as the different types of gloves available in the market. After reading the guide, you will be able to make an informed purchase.

Let’s begin!

Material Recommended High-quality and breathable Lycra, nylon, and mesh blend. The breathable fabric will keep the sweat away!

Additional Features Purchase a glove that has a low-friction fabric or a tacky heel pad. Otherwise, your hand will slip when making the bridge. Size One Size Fits Most Some brands manufacture gloves in only one size.

The gloves are stretchable so they can fit most hands. However, they may be loose or too tight for some people. They may work, but I don’t recommend them Customizable These gloves are available in a variety of sizes from extra small to extra-large.

I recommend that you measure your hand and purchase the glove closest to your hand size for a perfect fit! Hand Specifications Available for one hand only Some brands manufacture gloves that are only made for left-bridge hand for right-handed players. These are great if you are right-handed but pose a challenge for lefties.
Available for Both Hands Some brands manufacture gloves for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. If you are a leftie, look at these brands.

Reversible Some brands claim their glove can be worn in both right and left hand. They claim it is ambidextrous or reversible. While you may find a good reversible glove, I don’t recommend them.

Glove Type Finger Full-Fingered Glove encases the thumb, point, and middle finger. The ring finger and pinky are left bare for stabilization. Finger Fingerless If you prefer bare fingertips for extra grip and stabilization, you can purchase 3-finger fingerless gloves.

They have a finger sleeve, but the fingertips are bare. Finger Wrap These are more like sleeves for the fingers than gloves. They only have a fingerless sleeve for the thumb, point, and middle finger. The palm and fingertips are bare. They are minimal and ideal for players who don’t want to wear a glove but still want the smoothness of a glove.