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9 Best Pool Cues under $100

How embarrassing it can be when you enter a pool hall full of people and you miss your first shot in a pool table? Was it because of you incorrect pool strategy or the problem is your not so adequate cue?

I heard somewhere, “Take care of your cue ball and it will take care of you” Well surely it isn’t so wrong..It might hold some truth. Whether you call it a cue or a pool stick, a pool cue is one of the most important tool you require when playing in pool halls or billiard halls.

Whenever you purchase a new table, you may get a small number of cues included with that table, but these cues are quite cheap and will begin falling apart very soon.

9 Best Pool Cues under $100:

ProductMain FeatureWeight Price
1. Players HXT15 CueExotic Hardwood Butts
1.3 lb
2. EastPoint Sports CompositeFiberglass Material1.25 lb
3. Imperial Premier CycloneRock Maple Billiard15.2 lb
4. Hardwood Maple Pool CueIrish Linen Wrap 1.1 lb
5. Wide Spider Maple Pool CueLow-Deflection Ferrule3.00 lb
6. Styled Crimson MapleSecure Metal Latches2.8 lb
7. Global Billiard CueMaple Pool Cue2.8. lb
8. Cuesoul SOOCOO SeriesCanadian Maple Shaft1.76 lb
9. Lucasi Super Pool CueSneaky Pete 1.00 lb

You can pretty much make your decision based on above table i made. But if you want to dig deeper into each model and learn more about each pool cu e, please keep reading.

1. Players HXT15 Cue

Players Technology Series HXT15...
  • 100% North American Grade A Hard Rock...
  • Special High-Impact Ferrule
  • Exotic Hardwood Butts
  • High-Gloss Super UV Finish + French Cue...
  • Players Lifetime Guarantee

Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece pool Cue. This is a wonderful choice for an intermediate to expert player. This Pool Cue is very customizable and is available in multiple colors.

Its weight ranges between 18 ounces to 21 ounces with many options at every half of an ounce.

Before we go in more details of this specific cue. Let’s have a look at our comparison table:

It incorporates the purest form of a walnut-stained birds-eye maple forearm and striking finish with a conventional black and white divided diamond and pincher-style tip design that’s surely a big “YES” to impress others with your performance.

 Side Note: In this article we are going to discuss all the models, brands, accessories and manuals so you can without difficulty choose the best pool cue in the world for you.

Also, to get better results in your shots when playing pool, this review is highly recommended to read so that you get the right cue and also it will help you find it from the right source we will let you know a little more about the options offered by the market and the features of the featured models”

Lest get back to our review of Players Technology cue.

Additionally, this cue is not only beautiful but also uses high rated technology with its HXT low-deflection ferrule that amplifies power and precision. It also features Kamui black tip for better-quality grip, spin, and strength.

Two-piece pool cue is what you need if you want to have wonderful winning experience in your pool game.

Please remember, pool cue comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Everybody has their own taste and fit size. I’d recommend ordering pool cues from different brands to see which one fits your needs, you can always return cue if you think is not a good fit for you.

It worth spending your time, instead of wasting your money on a cue which may or may not work.

2. EastPoint Sports Composite

EastPoint Sports Composite Billiard Pool...
  • GAME ROOM FUN: This pool cue makes for a...
  • INCLUDES: This deluxe billiard cue...
  • HIGH PERFORMACE: Made of premium...
  • LONG LASTING MATERIAL: Fiberglass...
  • OFFICIAL SIZE CUE STICK: Measuring at 58...

Construction: Durable material (fiberglass construction with graphite reinforcement) Please note that fiberglass is not standard in this league of cues.

You have to pay extra but I was surprised, they used fiberglass material for this price, which is exceptionally well.

Comfort level: gripmicro-fiber grip is designed for comfort and control. But it is not the thing for everyone. It is a deal-breaker for a lot of people. If you are an experienced pool player, you probably know what i mean. if you are a new player, I’d suggest giving it a try.

The EastPoint Sports Composite Billiard Pool Cue is surely THE choice for your fun evenings at home with friends or family and of course for a professional match series.

This 58-inch cue weighs around 20.1 ounces and has a comfortable grip made up of microfiber, premium fiberglass material making it very adequate to hold and take accurate shots.

This exclusive pool cue also includes a stainless steel joint system, aluminum ferrule, and a screw-on tip.

It also resists warping for a consistent, long lifespan and high quality that will never end.

With the smooth profile and solid fiberglass design, you’ll play your best with the best! It’s absolutely a good ‘starter’ product which you can utilize to learn even more about pool games!

3. Imperial Premier Cyclone

Imperial Premier Cyclone 52" 2-Piece...
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is...
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is...
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 6.35...

Imperial Premier Cyclone has a flat construction joint flawless one-piece design for the players. With a glue tip and a rubber strike cap, this cue has traditional cue components and very simple design.

This basic cue will offer you and your family or friends to play quality pool games without getting a bang on your pocket.

4. Hardwood Maple Pool Cue

Iszy Billiards 58-Inch Hardwood Canadian...
  • Made of hardwood Canadian maple wood -...
  • Steel joint - 13mm fiber ferrule - Glue...
  • Irish Linen wrap - Choose from 18 - 21...
  • NOTE: A pool cue should not have lacquer...

The 58’’ 2 piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue Billiard stick with Irish Wrap is a good brand for a recreational pool player who wants to get better in the professional playing strategy or just for fun activities with friends.

It is very simple to use with numerous weight ranges from 18 to 19, 20, and 21 Ounces and has an ideal average length for Pool Sticks.

As the Leather tip attached with glue and can easily detach from the rest of the cue structure in case of several shots in a short span of time.

Joint is steel and can depreciate if not taken proper care

The wood is of high-class and tough and the tip is made up of leather material approximately 13mm fiber ferrule for exactitude shots.

The joint is strong steel-formulated and it provides a very sturdy bond between the pieces. Additionally, there are numerous colors as well as styles for user’s preference.

5. Wide Spider Maple Pool Cue

Champion Spider Pool cue Stick, Champion...
  • Ferrule: Premium Low-Deflection Ferrule
  • Shaft: Hand-Selected, 100% Rock Maple -...
  • 2 X 2 black cue case

With the Sport Wide spider maple pool cue, Champion hopes to build a dependable pool stick that is essentially important for every player’s requirement, and as the name implies, this pool cue is particularly meant for professional sports movements.

Additionally, this pool cue is very pocket-friendly and hard-wearing due to its maple hardwood construction. Starting off with the tip, its 12.5 mm size is fair enough for execution of tricky.

This cue is a lot easier to use for effectively lining up shots. For this reason, it can be used professionally or for households.

Another safety feature that it includes is its stylish case that enables players to take care of their cue.

6. Styled Crimson Maple

With the Sport Wide spider maple pool cue, Champion hopes to build a dependable pool stick that is essentially important for every player’s requirement, and as the name implies, this pool cue is particularly meant for professional sports movements.

Additionally, this pool cue is very pocket-friendly and hard-wearing due to its maple hardwood construction.

Starting off with the tip, its 12.5 mm size is fair enough for execution of tricky. This cue is a lot easier to use for effectively lining up shots.

For this reason it can be used professionally or for the households.

Another safety feature that it includes is its stylish case that enables players to take care of their cue.

7. Global Billiard Cue

Trademark 40-TIBLU Metallic Blue...
  • This Cue is made from Titanium and...
  • It features a black diamond design over...
  • It is very sharp looking. This cue is...
  • Includes Carrying Case. This stick comes...
  • The case is lined with felt and is...

The Trademark Global billiard cue is appropriate beginners and new professionals. The built of the cue is made from solid wood which is an advantage for adding more force to the player’s shots.

This also guarantees that it doesn’t get any surplus scrapes and dings from the wear and tear of play.

Additionally, the case ensures that the pool will not come into contact with water which can to some extent bend the cue and lower the exactitude.

8. Cuesoul SOOCOO Series

CUESOUL SOOCOO Series 58" 19oz 12.75mm...
  • Special Selected Canadian Maple Shaft
  • 12.75mm 7 Layered Leather Tip
  • Stainless Steel,Quick-Release CUESOUL...
  • Special Selected & Treated Canadian...
  • Come with Crystal Joint & Shaft...

It is Made from specially selected Canadian maple wood. Which is pretty rare and expensive. Expect to pay more for this alone. But i think it wroth the money because you are paying for premium product which will last longer.

It has an outstanding capacity to transmit from the lower side to other areas of the cue equipped by the rocket pin and the strong stainless steel collar.

It features a crystal joint and a shaft shield making it shock defiant. This makes it pretty strong candidate for professional players and heavy use. If you compare it with other cues in the league, you’ll see the difference.

Player can have a special cue towel which keeps it clean and dry whenever needed. Which might sound not a big deal, but these small features and add-ons make it a great pool cue at this price tag.

It comes with a 7 layered leather tip which is extremely hard-wearing and very steady in shape

If you want a change in your game, this is the cue for you. Its excellent performance and durability is worth paying for. Its excellent performance and durability is worth paying for.

It is made of a special Canadian maple shaft and fitted with a 12.75mm leather tip which comes in strong 7 layers.   A prominent addition to this beneficial buy is the cue towel that plays a huge role in the protection and maintenance of the cue stick.

9. Lucasi Super Pool Cue

Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Maple...
  • Sleek wrapless handle for a smooth feel...
  • Wood-to-wood joint with Uni-loc pin...
  • 12.75mm Lucasi Custom Solid Core Low...
  • Available in 18 - 21 ounces in half...
  • Lifetime warranty, even against warpage
  • It has an outstanding wood to wood joint with a Uni-loc pin giving it an ideal transfer of power.
  • It is Easy to break down
  • Comes with a Wrap less maple with a lifetime warranty
  • It is an off the budget choice what might be heavy on your pocket

If you don’t have some budget issues, than this cue might be your best choice!. This elegant design demonstrates a top notch artwork and it give an excellence gripping touch making certain high performance.

It also takes up to date technology not to mention the well selected best striking woods that gives a customizable that any pool player desires.

You get value for every dollar you spend on it not to state that it takes your game definitely to a whole new level.  The cue is very tough and you have a chance to upgrade to the next level at a reasonable price.

Buying Guide

Pool cue is one of the most important tools for this game which you use to  push the cue ball to place in target balls on the pocket.

Most of the pool cues are made of wood, but seldom the wood is enclosed or attached with other materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass or graphite.

There are many aspects, features and recommendations for usually choosing the usefulness of an effective playing pool cue.

Therefore, for purchasing a quality pool cue is not an easy task and as simple as it seems. There are more than a few considerations pool players have to evaluate in.

Here are a few major indicators you must keep in mind before you go out looking for the best pool cue for yourself and your outshining performance.

Three Different kinds of pool cues

Just like you don’t run a work in sandals, you don’t want to play with the wrong pool cue in hand. Also if you play a lot, you’ll get a quite handsome return on your investment in no time at all. You probably would wonder why pool cues are different and why do they offer different performance?

Well the answer is very simple. It is because the size of each game’s cue ball is an exceptional size. Based on what game you play, the size of the cue ball can vary quite a bit.

English Cues:

These cues are likely to be the thinnest-bodied cue at approximately 57 inches in size, with the minimum tip usually measuring about 8-9 mm wide only.

The wood used in the cue’s design is classically ash, which is what gives English cues their visible speck.

American Pool Cues:

The construction of pure American cue is primarily made up of a lighter maple wood. since the balls used are pretty heavier, they call for a stronger cue, which is why the American pool cue is around 58 inches in length with a larger tip at 13-14 mm fit for the larger cue ball.

Snooker Cues:

Snooker is actually a different type of billiards game, and so is the cue.

They’re made of ash wood, which is relatively stronger, straight, and steady enough to offer the player a great performance. The ideal length of a pool cue is approximately about 57-58 inches, featuring a tip of diameter about  9-10.5mm

Know The Type of The Tip

The most known and standard size of the pool cue comes with a tip with a universal size of about 11 to 14 mm. except, the weight of a pool tip is just as important concern when it comes to setting apart.

A light cue tip allows pool players feel the cue as they strike the ball While there are some people who prefer cues with hard tips since they are more durable longer and stronger.


The weight of the cue is another very important consideration for the one who wants to play pool both professionally or just for fun.

However keep in mind, heavier cues are best suited for a newbie or an inexperienced players because these cues weigh around half a kilogram, and also have more added power and can spin the ball well.

On the other hand, for professionals or sports, players with transitional skills, the pool cues can  definitely weigh lighter (around 400 grams or even less).

Wood Type is important

Another thing that is for sure an important concern is to know about the wood type of the cue.

The wood type guarantees the strength of two important things: pool tip as well as the structural design of the cue.

For players who don’t want to spend big and yet want best pool cues under $100, maple cues are the best and safest bet.

On the other hand, if you have a preference for inlays on your pool cue and would like them to be lightweight, you will definitely have to spend some extra budget and get cues made from ash wood.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Cue

This feature is directly proportional to what kind of pool player are you?

Are you are a person who habitually plays pool at home,then getting a one-piece cue will sound like a more rational decision, the reason being it cannot tolerate coarse usage.

Whereas if you are a pool professional or a promising intermediate player who travels around to a lot of competitions or goes to pool halls with friends, you should absolutely get a two-piece cue.

The reason here is that a two-piece cue can tolerate jagged usage and also most probably it comes with a storage case.

Look for a Straight Design

The most common mistake is to look for a cue with round edges. The fact is, that the pool cues are really straight!

The Cues with a straight design keeps them from rolling down when they lay smoothly on the pool table.

To verify the straight design of the pool cue, you can clutch the pool cue in your hands with one end facing your face and watch down the length of the shaft to make sure if it is from top to bottom straight or not.

Wrap Material

Wrap material is basically a kind of a tape made from a particular material that is wrapped around the edge of the pool cue for building a great grip that lets players hold onto the cue firmly.

Mostly, for newbie m rookies and initial starters players, Nylon and/or linen are the most preferred options, while for pro’s and transitional players, a leather wrap is the best choice.

Know your Balance Point

You should know that A well-balanced pool cue will always aid you in aiming for shots and give off most precise domino effect.

As is the case, the balance point is typically located near the center of the cue and only a couple of points away from the tip of the wrapping material.

Before you make a purchase, you can always test out a variety of cues to choose the one with a perfect balance point from which you are most relaxed with.

Color also matters

Color is also important in showcasing your game. While brighter colors and loud designs on a cue can easily stand out, however there are few conventional cues that use neutral colors.

What is the Joint Structure?

A broken joint will ruin the enjoyment of your cue.

The cues that have long lasting screws are usually large with the incorporation of wider joint threads as compared to their other weaker counterparts available.

Availability of a Cue Case

Last, but not the least if you are an expert who can spend a good amount of time playing pool in diverse venues outside the home, buying best pool cues that come packed in a special case will sound really.

Also cue Cases with padded areas inside are very much needed to avoid cuts from getting unnecessary dings and scratches

Pool is undoubtedly an exciting game to enjoy a game or two over the weekend or during the holidays, in office or for professional playing in pool halls. You need to come up with a purchase decision about the cue that matched your personality.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and got the answer of what you are looking for?

It’s as simple as this — if you don’t own a well-built pool cue, you probably don’t have a good pool game