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Best Table Tennis Boosters (Self Tested by IC)

Table tennis boosters yes or no? Well i am also going to answer this question after quite an extensive and authentic research. We have written a lot about table tennis , myths, table tennis balls and paddles and other equipment. So today I was going through the latest updates in table tennis. I came across the recent advancements in boosting status as per ITTF, so i thought to update you guys too and come up with something up to date!

Here Are Some of the Best Table Tennis Boosters You Can NOT Ignore

FALCO Tempo Long Table Tennis Rubber Booster

It is hands down the best Table tennis booster you can find anywhere.

FALCO Tempo Long Table Tennis Rubber...
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However, by this time, you would have already realised how sensitive this topic is and having favorable vibes for boosting do require some factual grounds. So let’s start with some basic understanding about boosting to clear that why it is a great deal!

Tempo Long Term Booster – 150ml

provides a safe, VOC free, speed glue effect to your rubbers. Supplied in a 150ml bottle with brush and effective for 8 -12 weeks.

According to ITTF:

“Boosting is an after treatment of approved racket rubbers. By applying boosters to them, the thickness of the rubber expands, which in turn increases the spin and speed of the rubber. It’s a big topic because a lot of top players are using boosters and we need to be able to detect these after treatments for a whole variety of reasons that I’ll list below.”

Let’s make it a bit generic definition, basically , boosting refers to a process in which a player can apply  certain available table tennis boosters artificial or organic oils directly to the rubber of the racket blade for achieving an enhanced performance.

Let’s be a little more specific about highlighting the purpose of boosting:

Boosting is basically done for obtaining the following results;

  1. Enhancing the Speed of the rubber
  2. Improved Spinning ability of the rubber
  3. For achieving desired performance increase of the rubber
  4. For an added superior control over the racket

Therefore, boosting is for sure opted by many players on official playing forum, however they do it on factory-made ways in order to avoid legal issues.

Buying Guide:

Why can’t I find too many Boosters on Amazon?

Yes! That’s quite surprising to see that one just can not find much of the options when you search for boosters for table tennis on amazon.

Frankly, I never thought that I couldn’t just find something on “THE AMAZON”.

However,  the only name that popped up on my searched list was “FALCO Tempo Long Table Tennis Rubber Booster” This booster is the solely known best booster in the table tennis world right now. Even the AMAZON accepts that! If you would like to buy this booster, you can buy it below.

Speed Glue vs Boosters

Well, the idea of speed glue is taken quite the same as boosters. However this certainly isn’t really true! Boosters and speed glues are two completely different things serving two different purposes and applications.

Typically Boosters are used on the first layer of the blade or sponge for an enhanced performance whereas speed glue is applied for better adherence of rubber, blade, sponge and paddle. Also the booster is applied when the glue is dried out completely on to the second layer.

However if you want to achieve a good and desired speed you can use a speed glue and boosters together. How? Let’s elaborate the usage of boosters in a bit more detail step by step:

  1.  First of all, take a rubber sheet and clean it in a way that no protective sheet is left on it
  2. When rubber sheet is cleaned, now apply the white glue with the help of sponge in the rubber sheet.
  3. Spread a thin layer of white glue properly on the rubber sheet.
  4. Let the thin layer of white glue dry for 15 minutes.
  5. When it gets completely dry, take the booster and apply it on the glued layer with the help of the brush which is already attached to the lid.
  6. One thing should be kept in mind while applying booster is that, don’t apply a thick layer of booster, it will end up having bubbles which is not good for playing.
  7. After applying the booster just let it settle for 12 hours or might be for one day, as required.
  8. When it gets completely dried, put another layer of booster on the previous one to make it softer.
  9. Usually 2 layers are enough but some people prefer to put 3 layers as well, but not more than 3 layers.
  10. After applying the second layer of booster let it day for another day, till it completely gets dried.
  11. After it gets completely dried, it will get into a curvy shape and then apply another layer of the booster on the previous second layer.
  12. Repeat the drying process of one day as above.
  13.  If after drying it become more curvy, then left give it one more day for settling in
  14. Check for the flattening completely, for applying a very thin layer of white glue on the rubber to stick it to the blade.
  15. Apply the glue gently and softly on the rubber.
  16. Let the white glue now dry completely on the rubber, meanwhile, apply some white glue on the blade gently.
  17. Now when the glue is dried, stick the rubber to the blade correctly.
  18.  Sticking the rubber to the blade with the help of a roller is the best way to do this task.
  19. Make sure the size of the rubber should be equal to the size of blade.
  20. If rubber size is bigger than the blade size than cut the extra rubber accordingly.
  21. The boosted racket is officially ready to use!

Legality of a booster is a debatable question!

According to the old International Table Tennis Federation rules status given to the boosting is illegal and No one is allowed to use any kind of chemical or other treatment in table tennis game, but there are many players of table tennis who still are using boosters either the official VOC Free or factory made versions while playing therefore the ones who are not using boosters are facing loss, because when the game is played by using boosters or any kind of chemical treatment, there is a 99% chance of winning.

Therefore ITTF is now considering to revise its policies as stated in proposed report on As of 1st September 2019,  

“the ITTF Equipment Office is working on a further development of the ball qualities, on projects to measure how different balls bounce on different table surfaces, on boostering topics and on testing various materials in blades, other than traditional wood.”

Also as indicated by Official Press releases and interviews

“The ITTF President Adham Sharara, answers various questions about speed glue on ITTF’s website and says that the ITTF may, in the future, allow boosters if there is a way of ensuring they are VOC and poison-free”. Says a source

Final Verdict

Well guys after all the authentic facts and sources , what i believe is that Tables might turn and ball is in the booster’s court! Therefore table tennis boosters are only applicable if they are not directly applied on the rubber rather on the sponge inside!

Also most importantly they should be completely free and should not expand the rubbers and no other additional covering should be applied for enhancing the performance else it will fall under cheating! Obviously fair play is a prerequisite for any sport not just table tennis.

One last thing internet is full of rumors for applying baby oil and olive oils etc for boosting up the rubbers ! Never ever try that as far as it is illegal and you really don’t want to ruin your precious table tennis racket. Therefore it’s really not recommended!

For a quick overview you can read this article with authentic ITTF compliance rules and regulations regarding table tennis equipment