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How To Turn Your Bedroom Door Into A Table Tennis Table

Everything great can be achieved with passion. You must have heard that ‘When there is a will there is a way’. This truly applies to your passion for playing table tennis game.

Table tennis is an addicting game that can bewitch anyone due to its magnetic power. It is among one of the top ten most-played games and is equally popular in groups of all ages. It is one of the most played games in the World and is the reason that this particular game is a part of the Olympic games.

Having a lack of space in your home or not having a handsome budget are the two major obstacles that are faced by table tennis lovers. But table tennis freaks have explored interesting ways of overcoming these obstacles.

Now instead of purchasing an expensive table tennis table and setting it into a wide room can be prevented by simply converting your bedroom door into a table tennis table. Isn’t this idea fantastic? But the question is how?

Converting your bedroom door into a table tennis table:

You can cut the middle portion of your door and replace it with a rotating wooden piece that can be opened and closed. It can be opened horizontally for serving the purpose of a ping pong table. And it can be closed when you no longer need to play.

This readymade rotating door can also be purchased from Finkeldie company for $11,578 approximately. Or you can accept the challenge of constructing this DIY project yourself with the help of your friends or a handyman.

Ready to take the challenge?

Cut down the middle portion of your door:

With the picture of your desired output in your mind, firstly take out the door from its place for your ease. Remove the screw of the door and unfit it for carrying it to your workplace.

Remove the handles of the door. Carefully mark the door from sides of the margin to get the middle portion.

Cut this middle area neatly with the help of a woodcutter or a saw.

Remove debris from the inner portions of the outer wooden frame of the door.

Now take a thick piece of wood and cut it into 4 thin slices as long as the length of the door.

With the aid of a wooden glue, stick the thin portions of wood into the inner hollow part of the outer frame. Repeat it on either of the sides. After applying the glue, tape the wooden sections for ensuring proper adhesion.

Now take the middle portion of the door that you extracted. Remove debris from its outer hollow surface and stick the other two thin portions of wood into both sides of the door. After the wooden pieces stick properly, neat the edges nicely.

Try to place the middle portion back into the outer portion for making sure that they completely fit into each other.

Mark the surface of the table horizontally for placing a table tennis net. Drill it for making holes on one side and then the other.

In order to make support legs for your new table tennis table drill the front part of the table from side insert big rods to fit into this place.

You can paint your table tennis table with your desired color but going green is the best option that will instantly warm you up.

Drill holes on front and insert hooks for the net to pass through these hooks.

Now your combo of the new door plus your new table tennis table is finally ready. And you can enjoy your sport at your desired time.

This fantastic idea of ping pong door was conceived by Tabias Frenzel. He worked on this idea and came up with this incredibly amazing door. Now he is leading the company Finkeldie that prepares customized table tennis doors on orders of people as per their demand.

Cons of this designer door is that it is an expensive one. But you can prepare it yourself by analyzing all the physics behind the door. The pros of the door prepared by you is that it is budget-friendly.

Though the professional table tennis table is played on a hard surface table having a length of 9 feet and a width of 5 feet. Our ping pong door table is much smaller as compared to the actual table and you might not have a pro feel.

But it is still an exciting option and is not as way too bad. And you won’t regret trying it.

Ping pong door is the best option and is better than many other DIY’s out there that require too much area.

But this table is specially built for those people who live in an apartment and lack space. Now, these devotees can play tennis table in a small space at any time without having to compromise on their passion.

This door is the same as a regular door, that is normal on one side but the other side of the door is painted as a table tennis table. This central portion can be flipped at any time to open the table. Now your table tennis table will be standing in the middle.

How to clean the table?

You know if you use a traditional table you need to clean it periodically to get rid of dust and other particles that might affect your gameplay. This table is no different you can use commercially available table tennis cleaner and you can do it with normal duster as well.

Game is played by players standing on opposite sides of the doorway, just make sure that the table tennis door stands without any hindrance on opening. Finally, you can spend a good time with your family by playing table tennis or have a great weekend night with friends.