Meet the Indoor Champ Team!

You can find more about me and our team here, but to put it briefly I’ve always been a bit of an Indoor Gaming fanatic.

What can be a better way to reduce stress, have fun with family, do physical activity, and improve hand-eye coordination than a game of dominoes or a match on the pool table. Right?

My name is Owais Shah. I am Marketing Manager at Indoor Champ. I believe retailers only give you one side of the story. You see, product dimensions and features don’t mean anything if you don’t know what is good and what is bad for you.

We are here to interpret these strange features and help you understand what exactly it means.

We are a very strong team working all day long to research and coming up well researched and unbiased reviews about products that you care about.

This is Maham Maaz – content editor at Indoor Champ. She loves playing table tennis, and pool table.

Our mission is simple! Curate well researched and factual information about each game so you and your family is well informed about its rules equipment and tactics to improve your game. 

There are a lot of shady products in the market, our goal is to give you reliable and trustworthy product recommendations based on your skill set and budget. budget.

There is no right or wrong answer to most of the questions we answered. What we do is to look for recommendations by experienced players and are approved by the relevant authorities and make sure you aren’t buying crappy products.

Rengie Wisper
This is Rengie Wisper – outreach consultant and coordinator of creative content. Rengie Wisper has over 10 years of experience handling several roles across different industries. From banking and finance, data management, customer service, retail, and up to public relations, Rengie has been constantly exceeding not only his limits but his employer’s and client’s expectations as well. He has a strong passion and drives to assist those in need and connect them to the right resources.

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