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Best Ping Pong Tables Under $300

Are you hunting down ping pong table that would fit your budget and also fit your compact space at the same time? If yes, then in this short review guide will help you find and pick the best ping pong tables under $300 which you can add in your space.

Before picking the right for your needs, there are certain things you must consider before deicing on the perfect ping pong table. 

The first parameter is to consider the purpose of the table, whether you are taking it for a casual play or tournament level play or both. It obviously doesn’t make sense to put your money on a table and then keep it at the corner of the space and forget it.

You should consider if you have enough space to place a ping pong table.

Let’s have a look at our comparison table to get some basic idea about best ping pong tables under $300

Best ping pong table under $300:

ProductMain FeatureWeight Price
1. Eastpoint Ping Pong TableLocks With Wheels150.7 lb
2. STIGA Space SaverRoller Coat Process 79 lbs
3. JOOLA Midsize TableMultiple Use Table 57.8 lb
4. EastPoint Ping Pong TablePowder-Coated90.2 lb
5. Merax Everest TableWIth Lockable Casters 214 lb
6. Butterfly Junior2 Wheels On Inside78.1 lb
7. Milliard Mini TableWooden Paddles60 lbs

1. Eastpoint Ping Pong Table

EastPoint Sports Dominator Table Tennis...
  • GAME ROOM FUN: This table tennis table...
  • INCLUDES: On-center net and paddle...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Adjust into playback...
  • FOR INDOOR USE: This table tennis table...
  • High Performance
  • Indoor Usage
  • Rust Resistance
  • No warranty
  • A bit expensive
  • Less Durability


The EastPoint Sports Dominator Ping Pong table is measured at 9 feet x 5 feet when it is fully assembled and this table is regulation size but it is suitable for players of all ages and skills.

It is foldable, allowing for portability and convenience.

It also allows for ease of storage. To further increase the portability of this table, it is equipped with the well-designed, lockable castor wheels which can be used to move around the table very easily and quickly to wherever you want.


The EastPoint Sports Dominator Ping Pong looks great and most important of all is that it comes at an affordable price. The design of the table is not only strong but also studier and secure.

It makes a great choice if you are looking to buy an inexpensive outdoor ping pong table that can be used casually as well as professionally. 

This Ping pong table features a rust-resistant 1.37-inch sturdy steel frame and upon fully assembled it weighs a whopping 151 lbs. Apart from this, it has the self-folding legs which make the setup and takedown process easier.

The table comes with a 2 piece table tennis top with 18mm thick play surface and is fully laminated to help to prevent the warping and to provide the consistent bounce.

The table is equipped with the 2-inch lockable wheels which help in moving the table out of the way after having good gameplay.

The assembly of this table is pretty straightforward and takes only a couple of hours for a person to complete the assembly process on their own.

The pieces provided in the box were all precise and accurate to the table and the instructions with pictures make the whole process very easy to understand.

The EastPoint Sports Dominator Ping Pong table is quite heavier than other ping pong tables. We suggest you do the assembly process of this table in the sport that you are going to leave it.

The weight isn’t a compromise but an advantage since the extra weights gives an extra level of sturdiness.

Once the table is assembled, you will know that the table is of amazing quality and this table is really good for those who have been playing ping pong for years and had various different tables. 

The playing surface of the table is pretty smooth ensuring a nice and easy game without any hassles. The best thing is that the table also comes with a racket and ball holder on the side of the table which is a great addition for a ping pong table. 

Furthermore, this ping pong table can be adjusted to a playback position which allows you to practice without needing a partner. The net included remains stationary while in use and is made of high quality.

Bottom Line

Overall, the EastPoint Sports Dominator is a lovely addition to your game room at an amazing price. We couldn’t complain anything about the table, in fact, this table can be an amazing choice for those plays both casually and professionally and also indoors or outdoors.

The only downside was that the assembly process took a little bit of extra time as it takes more than a couple hours without any professional help.

Moreover, the game is also a bit on the slower side due to the playing surface but it managed to give an amazing consistent bounce throughout the game.

2. STIGA Space Saver

STIGA Space Saver - Mid-Size Portable...
  • Your purchase includes One STIGA Compact...
  • Table tennis table dimensions: Assembled...
  • No assembly required – simply unpack,...
  • The MDF tabletop is finished with a...
  • Sturdy 1.25” square welded steel legs...
  • Extremely Portable
  • Mini Sized Table
  • Sturdy Frame
  • 100% Preassembled
  • No Playback Option
  • Not regulation-sized table
  • Less thick surface


First of all, the STIGA Space Saver is an actual space saver ping pong table. It is much smaller and more compact than full-size tables measuring 9 feet by 5 feet and is really for those who are limited by space but is not ready to compromise on the fun of owning their own table. This table measures just 5.9 feet by 3.3 feet and has an assembled weight of just 79 lbs.


The Stiga Space Saver is sturdier and has more features than many full-sized tables. The table is made up of extremely solid frame made up of 1.25” square welded steel legs which are powder coated to prevent rusting. 

Each leg is also equipped with the height adjuster that will adjust to provide the perfectly flat playing surface and prevent scratches to your floors.

The Stiga Table Saver comes with two independent halves making it the main selling point. In fact, these two independent halves come pre-assembled. 

All users have to do is just unfold the legs, make sure everything is secure then put the two tables together and set the net up to start playing the ping pong game.

These two halves make the transportation and storage of the table much easier. In overall design, this is a smaller ping pong table than the regulation models but this means it can fit into more spaces.

 Each half of the table is around 35.5” long by 40.5” wider and both are sturdier and completely free-standing.

 This is a very convenient feature allowing the table to be used even for card games, parties, etc.  The two table halves can be joined back together pretty easily with the help of the net bracket.

This table features a thick ⅝ inch MDF tabletop and this thickness is quite common with many full-sized tables and gives this table the consistent bounce as well that feels like a regulation table.  

Bottom Line

Summing up the review, the Stiga Space Saver is a mighty ping pong table yet smaller in size.

 It offers several features that a high-end table has, like a powder-coated frame, height adjuster, high-quality MDF ⅝” top, while all these in a smaller form for smaller spaces. It is certainly not ITTF certified or also not suitable for tournament level play.

 It is quite a good choice for those who are looking to get fun ping pong games with the family or even for those who are looking to put in some games in their game room.

3. JOOLA Midsize Table

  • Completely Assembled
  • Foldable Legs
  • Smaller Size
  • Lightweight
  • Poor Packaging
  • Not ITTF Approved
  • Not Regulation Size
  • Not sturdier


The table is around 30 inches in size and comes with a net and post set. The thickness of the tabletop is 16mm and the weight is 62lbs. 

Therefore, it is pretty compact and easily movable. If you love playing Ping Pong games but there is a lack of space at home to house a full-sized table, then this table can be a great choice.


The JOOLA Midsize is smaller in design to make it fit in almost any room, the JOOLA Midsize is made up of the two halves that measure 3 feet by 3 feet which is almost square and can be joined together to make a playing surface of 6 feet by 3 feet.

Such design of the table makes it perfect for the kids game room and a bit of enjoyment between adults.

Moreover, it is quite easy to assemble when compared to other models. It comes pre-assembled so it saves us a lot of time taken to set up the table. 

To setup the table, all you have to do is unfold the legs and put on the net between two halves of the table to start playing your favourite game.

The legs can be easily foldable for storing separately and can be stored in the smallest spaces. 

Even though the Joola Midsize Ping Pong table is designed with sturdy and robust materials, they seem a bit flimsy compared to professional tables.

However, they provide more than enough features being a midsize table. The ideal height of the table makes it comfortable for both children and adults to use. The design is very light in weight.

It comes with the net and posts included which can be attached to the tabletop with a classic screw clamp even if it breaks in the future, they’re very inexpensive to replace.

Bottom Line

It is not the best-made table and in our test, the particleboard can be broken easily if it comes under hard contact.

We heard several reviews from many people claiming that the package arrived was in damaged condition due to the poor packaging. 

Secondly, this is not a tournament sized table and cannot be used for tournament-level play but can be considered for fun ping pong games within the family.

4. EastPoint Ping Pong Table

EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Table Tennis...
  • GAME ROOM FUN: This table tennis table...
  • INCLUDES: Easy carry handles and...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Powder-coated and rust...
  • FOR INDOOR USE: This table tennis table...
  • Foldable Table
  • Consistent Playing Surface
  • Lockable Wheels
  • Proficient Sizing of table
  • Assembly process is lengthy
  • Paddles & Ball not included


The EastPoint Sports is a regular 9 by 5 foot, a two-piece table that can be easily folded into playback position which enabled solo play to practice.

The size meets the table requirement for official tournament play, however, the table is a bit on the heavier side. 

When in playback position it is 71 inches long with the same width and height while for storage it is around 30 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 72 inches in height. The total weight of the table is around 155 pounds making it fairly portable. 

The 2-inch double wheels which are lockable makes the transport of the table very effortless. The table can be locked in place during the game time to enable the stability which is very crucial for the quality of the game.


EastPoint Sports ping pong table is definitely a quality table which is excellently built, however, the assembly of the table can be a bit challenging. 

This ping pong table has a steel frame which ensures amazing stability and the frame itself is coated with powder to prevent the rust and making this table a long-lasting piece. The table is durable and provides a stable foundation for a ping pong table.

You will need to study the manual and follow the instruction to precisely carry out the assembly process. In the assembly process, you will need around 2 people to set the table up and working smoothly.

It can take anywhere around 2 hours to finish assembling the table.

The play surface, on the other hand, is fully laminated and the thickness of the tabletop is ¾ inches or around 18mm and this thickness can indeed provide players with quality and consistent bounce throughout the gameplay. The moulded corner caps which are resistant to warping and provide a levelled tabletop.

The 2-piece designed tabletop is having the measurement of the official tournament play and another great feature of this table is the net and paddle storage system. 

It is given on both sides of the net allowing you to store around 2 paddles and 3 balls on each side of the net. The best thing in this table is the ability to fold the table without removing the net from the table. This makes the folding job even easier.

Bottom Line

Overall, this table can definitely provide you with real value for money that you spent on it. You can face difficulty in assembling the table but after it is done, you will able to enjoy playing the ping pong games.

This table is a great pick for both recreational and tournament player and this table can be placed easily in your house, garage or clubhouse.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a quality ping pong table at a very decent price then you should really consider buying this table which meets most of your requirements.

5. Merax Everest Table

Merax. Everest Series Foldable Table...
  • Take table tennis to the next level and...
  • Achieve optimum gameplay with...
  • Transport, and navigate hassle free with...
  • Ready to go out of the box: 90%...
  • Unrestricted Solo-Play Mode: 2-piece...
  • Playback Mode
  • Affordable
  • 90% Pre-Assembled
  • Easy setup
  • Exact Thickness Not Listed


Merax Everest standing at 9 feet by 5 feet is no different than the rest of the full-sized ping pong tables but definitely has something more to offer. 

As usual, it is a 2-piece ping pong table making it easier to transport and fold it to a compact size with ease. The 2-piece design helps the table to be separated into 2 lightweight sections that can be easily managed by one person in comparison to a 1 heavy and huge table. 

Upon folding, the size of the table becomes compact and it is fairly easy to store anywhere you want and get easily under your bed and even closet.

The lockable wheels allow the Merax Everest Ping Pong table to be moved around easily making it more portable.


The Merax Everest Ping Pong table design is interesting. This table is a full-size 9 feet by 5 feet table with a folding design and an MDF playing surface which is quite smooth and gives out decent bounce. 

It comes 90% pre-assembled out of the box and clearly it shouldn’t take a long time to setup. Moreover, it comes with simple assembly instructions.

The table is equipped with the eight caster wheels for effortless transportation while the four outer caster safeguard lockable wheels generate reliable stability when you’re playing or want to fold the table after playing.

 It is also supported by the sleek steel support legs which allow the table to be dismantled and folded into a compact size for storing.

Being a tournament quality grade build, it can be used to play the intense matches, casual family get-togethers ping pong games and everything in-between including a solo play all by yourself for self practising since it offers playback support.

The only downside we had with this table was that the exact thickness of the MDF tabletop is not mentioned officially.

This is often a bad indicator of quality. We were able to produce a lot slower game and a very decent bounce from this table.

Despite these concerns, the Merax still provides a good value for money.  We do miss the paddles and ball holder on this table as well but more importantly, we are surprised to see the full undercarriage and a regulation size table in this price range. We can’t complain much either. 

Bottom Line

The Merax Everest Series is among the few budget ping pong tables with standard regulation size and few good features.

The quality is fairly good and you can have all the fun on this table with family and also play intense matches. 

However, we still prefer the EastPoint Sports Dominator as our favourite in this price range. You can still get this table if you really prefer a good easier setup and amazing reliability while you play the matches and can compromise on the thickness of the table.

6. Butterfly Junior

  • Lightweight
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Regulation Table & Net Height
  • 12mm Thick Tabletop
  • Missing Height Adjuster


The Butterfly Junior ping pong table measures just 7 feet in length and 4 feet in width. The table is foldable in two parts measuring 3.5 feet by 4 feet, well small enough to fit inside a closet. 

Each half of the table is equipped with two-wheels making it much easier to move and it doubles up as a multi-use table when needed for playing board games or dining. Apart from this, it is a lightweight table and can be lifted easily without any hassles.


The Butterfly Junior Ping Pong table is a mini table that carries a fantastic design offering excellent playability and is very sturdy.

The MDF tabletop is perfect and smooth which is 12mm thick for recreational play, giving you quite good bounce and spin. 

The undercarriage is made of 1-inch thick steel tubes providing stable support to the top of the table. The Butterfly Junior ping pong table comes with a regulation height clip-type net set which is easy to install along with the table. 

The corner protectors for the table are provided as well which reduces any risk of injury due to the sharp edges of the table and protects the table corners.

 The table comes 100% pre-assembled out of the box. Moreover, it comes in two colours to pick which is blue and green. It also gets a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

The Butterfly Junior Ping Pong table is equipped with folding legs and comes with 2 wheels on each half of the table which allows easy transportation to your storage area.

The adjustable net set is included with the table. 

However, the style of the frame and those folding legs is what we don’t like much on this table. They clearly don’t look like the clever, reinforced legs of some of the more ping pong tables.

 It is also true that this table is a bit more wobbly than some other tables, and there have been issues with the alignments of clamps and screws.

The connection between the two halves of the table is still not as stable and flat but is pretty secure.

Bottom Line

In the end, the Butter Junior Ping Pong table has more purpose than what we would imagine. The construction of the table and it’s the ease of use is not difficult to recommend the Butterfly Junior table. 

You might be compromised on the size but you don’t compromise on the gameplay experience with this table at all.

The butterfly Junior makes an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a space-saving quality table.

7. Milliard Mini Table

  • Inexpensive
  • Solid Frame
  • Extremely Portable
  • Surface Get Scratched Easily
  • Top Color isn’t great


The Milliard Midsize Table is a just another miniature ping pong table at roughly two-thirds the size of the regulation ping pong table, and therefore it is a portable and lightweight alternative to full-sized tables still offering a really good playing experience. 

It is totally portable so you can play it anywhere. Indoors, outdoors or even bring it to the party. 

Each of the folded halves of this table is around 3.4 feet by 3 feet making it extremely compact and small so it can fit anywhere either in your closet or somewhere under your bed.


Milliard Midsize is pretty much very similar to Joola Midsize we reviewed just few ping pong tables above and the key difference between them is the price, quality of playing surface and the table stability including couple more feature which Milliards lacks.

 The Millard Midsize has a better and durable frame as compared to Joola but the playing not as good as Joola Midsize. The heavy-duty Milliard frame is more stable and is quite easy to fold up and put it away in the storage. 

This table features a lime green playing surface which really looks cheaper and very prone to scratches but the Milliard Midsize is significantly inexpensive though and comes with three balls and two paddles which is a great addition. 

However, the Milliard Midsize assembly process is super easy because it’s very light and portable, and it can actually be done with just one person.

The assembling process just involves pulling out each table half from the box then unfolding the legs. 

You can then lock the cross beams and then latching the table halves together. Once it latches together, simply attach the net poles and you are ready to rock. The whole process hardly takes around 5 minutes.

Also, on the other hand, the Milliard Midsize is not regulation size and therefore not an ITTF approved for tournament level play.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Milliard Midsize is a really good budget ping pong table that is portable and plays really well.

The only downside we found is how easily the plying surface gets scratches however upon considering the quality of a frame with respect to the price of this table, we think Milliard Midsize is worth buying.

 It also comes with paddles and balls out fo the box that makes it a perfect table for children and beginners to get started with ping pong balls.

8. Harvil Outsider

Harvil 60-Inch Folding Portable Table...
  • MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Your table will...
  • Easier Assembly Process
  • 1- Year Warranty
  • Net & Posts Included
  • Bad Bounce on Playing Surface
  • Not Rigid Frame


The Harvil Outsider is fairly compact with a dimension of the regulation size that is 9 feet by 5 feet and is quite heavy as well. It weighs around 148 lbs. 

However, the Harvil does not give away many details when it comes to specifications of the frame on any of the product listings. 

It comes with eight locking wheels which makes it easy to move around and they don’t look very large though. There are two separate tables that fold up which makes it ideal for storage when it is not in use.


The Harvil Outsider is an outdoor ping pong table and is designed accordingly and is made with different materials that are built to withstand all the things happening in nature.

The Outsider is made with an Aluminum Composite that’s completely weatherproof to prevent it from losing its shape and rusting. 

The assembly process for this table is quite easier and you will be able to remove it from the box and start playing in around 15 minutes. You just need to attach the caster wheels and then pop the net on and you’re good to go. 

Harvil didn’t reveal any specification about how exactly their frame is made of and it’s not the best sign. Upon testing the table out there, it doesn’t look supported in the centre of the table and we didn’t get this sturdy-feeling out of this table.

It also affects the consistency of bounce negatively. It’s really good for very casual games and obviously not for serious players.

Apart from all this, it is still weatherproof and its legs and frame are powder-coated to stop it from getting rusted due to moisture.

It has eight caster locking wheels to help you move it around but there is no specification of its thickness so you might find it harder to move hard terrain or grass. 

The durable net and set of metal posts that clamps on the table is given in the box. However, we are still not sure about metal posts since Harvil didn’t give away much information being weatherproof so it is best to take it off when not in use to prevent it from rusting.

Bottom Line

Overall, we are still reluctant to recommend the Harvil Outsider but it made it on the list at the bottom for that reason.

There are many people out there that prefer ping pong games very casually and this table fits perfectly for them. It is also on the lower end price and it is something super easy to put together and can be used by kids or those not used to playing ping pong games.

If you’re going to place the table inside, then consider the floor space and additional space around you to check if the ping pong games can be played comfortably.

For your information to keep in mind that you will require at least 1 meter of space on all sides of the table to move around with ease.

Although the requirement for professional and beginner players differs however courts, where international tournaments are held, are at least 14×7 m in dimensions.

Secondly, it is the budget. There are tables out there that cost less than $100 while there are certain tables that cost even more than $2000.

The cheapest tables out there in the market are not thick and are about just 12mm in depth making it to prevent your ball from bouncing properly and reducing the speed of gameplay. 

Thirdly, you need to decide whether you need an indoor or outdoor ping pong table. To do that, you need to know the key difference between the two of them. 

Indoor Table Tennis Table:

You can expect indoor tables to have a more uniform and consistent bounce. This is because tables designed to be used outdoor are built with weatherproof materials that adversely affects how table tennis ball bounces off the surface.

You’ll also want to look for specific features in the indoor ping pong table like the portability and how compact it is for storage. Obviously indoor tables can’t be used outside and cannot be left in the wet atmosphere.

Outdoor Table Tennis Table:

The outdoor table tennis is generally very sturdy and robust made from weatherproof material and is also coated with powder to help it survive in the atmosphere out there.

Their frames and legs are also made with rustproof quality materials to help them last longer and to prevent warping when it gets wet. If you’re planning to keep the ping pong table even in the garage then you might need to pick outdoor ping pong table.

Outdoor tables are generally expensive and you might find few of them in this list.