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Killerspin jet 800 review

If you’ve been playing table tennis for a while now and constantly feel that you need to upgrade your racket because you need more spin and more speed on the ball, you’re probably right.

We’ve all gone through this phase where we start playing the game, get good at it and then finally want to gear up with the latest and best equipment to enhance our playing experience.

For that, let us introduce you to the Killerspin jet 800 racket, the ping pong racket features a 2mm Nitrix-4Z rubber that will satisfy your playing experience.

The racket is for players looking for a normal to advance playing experience.

Approved by the ITTF, this racket features a 7-ply blade with five wood layers and two layers of carbon; this increases the speed for high-level competitions.

Having said that, let us take a more in-depth look into the features of the Killerspin Jet 800.

Killerspin Jet800 SPEED N2 Ping Pong...
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: Blade consists of...
  • IDEAL RATINGS: Features ratings of...
  • PORTABLE SIZE: Measuring 6” x 6...
  • 7 ply large blade
  • ITTF approved
  • Beautiful design
  • Shorter handle
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Heavy


From the looks to the quality to the design, Killerspin has absolutely nailed it with this one.

The Killerspin Jet 800 is a table tennis paddle of supreme build with a great design. 

The paddle looks and feels professional in the hand with good reason, being approved by the International table tennis federation makes it a perfect racket for young budding table tennis players who want to take their skills to the next level. 

The seven layers that make up the blade do a superb job on managing the weight and increasing surface tension, which results in an overall better hitting experience, you also get a lot better speed.

All of these features are really impressive, but they come at a cost. The racket isn’t cheap in terms of price value.

Currently, the racket sits at a price of above $80 on amazon. 

Some users have complained that the weight is too much to handle as the hand gets sore and tired after a few matches, but that is precisely why it is made for players who’re used to playing with heavier paddles.



Talking about the blade, the paddle’s blade consists of layers of wood and carbon.

The speed of the racket and the numbers of layers are proportional.

Meaning if a racket has more layers of rubber and carbon, it will give a more powerful reaction to the ball. 

What makes this paddle one of the greatest is its seven layers of wood and carbon, which makes it enter the upper range of ping pong rackets.

We conducted a speed test to test the sheets, and sure enough, we were not disappointed with the outcome.

One thing that we love about this racket is that a lot of planning has gone into making this paddle just right.

Since seven layers would make the racket heavier and therefore not the best paddle to play with, 2 of the seven segments are made out of carbon fiber, which allows you to play those smacking, offensive fearsome shots without the weight factor.

Even after careful designing to reduce the weight, the racket is still one of the heaviest with a weight of 190 grams.

Hence, we recommend that if you’re not someone who’s used to heavy rackets, you should opt for a lighter one if you’re more of a defensive player.

The looks are also a plus point for the Killerspin Jet 800. The paddle performed supremely well in the speed test, and it also looks really good and professional looking.

The side tape that goes around the edges is really an eye-catcher.

Nitrx-4Z rubber

Talking about the rubber quality, the Killerspin jet 800 is made up of 2 Nitrx-4Z rubbers that have a depth of 2mm, this quality of rubber produces high tension which means that the ball will not sink in the rubber and thus will be shot back with high speed.

This information would be particularly exciting for those players who like to play more offensively or for those young ping pong enthusiasts who just got introduced to the game.

As we said earlier, the Killerspin Jet 800 international paddle is approved by the international table tennis federation so it can be used in professional tournaments.

From this, we can understand that the paddle isn’t for day to day fun ping pong matches, although it will increase the playing performance.

Still, it is mainly for intense table tennis matches that are closer to professional level tournaments.

Flared handle grip

The Killerspin jet800 has a thick and flared grip that is extremely user friendly. The flared grip helps you to hold the paddle better, avoid slipperiness, and enable you to play better shots.

We’ve all experienced it before, rackets with slim grips that are just so hard to hold properly, you feel the racket might slip out of your hands if you sway it a bit harder.

Keeping this in mind, Killerspin has made an ergonomic approach towards making the grip thicker, so it is satisfactory to hold and play with. 

It is important to note that the racket handle of the Killerspin jet 800 is shorter, so anyone with large hands may not feel comfortable with it. 

In our test, we felt that the grip was brilliant except for some of our staff members with bigger hands.

In that case, we’d recommend that you look for another paddle with the same or even better credentials.


In conclusion, the Killerspin Jet 800 is a fantastic ping pong racket best suited for individuals who are intermediate to advance level players. 

But more than that, this racket is for people who like to play ferociously, making every knock a smashing delight.

We say this because, in our examination, the paddle got one of the highest ratings for speed and power. 

And if you still have any confusion in making up your mind, know that many professional Chinese table tennis players like the Olympic Gold Medallist Chen Qi have played with this and believe it is one of the very best.

So, you’ll be in the professional elite player’s company if you buy this beauty.

But if this doesn’t work for you, please check out our review of Killerspin Jet 600 as well.