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7 Best Beer Pong Tables (in 2020)​

You know its adult life when you are sipping beer on weekends with your friends or go back to college days where all the games that involve drinking beer and partying with your friends are fun and such activities always take your attention.

You involved yourself in such games because you are grown up and the energy you acquire to play games with friends is everything.

People have evolved very much into inventing new drinking games and the best option or the best game every adult-like is beer pong. Beer pong is like a universal game of parties.

Lets have a look at our comparison Table:

ProductMain FeatureWeight Price
1. TableWax Finish26 lb
2. Qii lu Folding Beer Pong Table​​Aluminum Alloy Material23 lb
3. JOYMOR Beer Pong Table ​3-level Heights--
4. PONGBUDDY ​Folding Into 4 Sections30 lb
5. Party Pong TableAdjustable Speed 24.5 lb
6. GoPong Beer Pong TableSideline Cup Holders4.6 lb

The gameplay of beer pong is quite simple like one team player shoots and then it is followed by the opposite team player and then they play back and forth.

If the ball falls into a cup, then the contents of the cup should immediately be drunk by the players and the cup should be removed.

To play beer pong you always need the best tables that last long and they are suitable and easily adjustable for you.

You need a table in your home or you want to set up on top of a bar at a considerable price rate.

Sometimes you need regulation-sized tables or mini beer pong tables and some people even prefer folding beer pong tables.

Whatever you need, we will provide you with the best products along with their descriptions.

If you are looking to buy a beer pong table or what models you should look into then you are at the right place. This article will provide you with the very information related to beer pong tables.

Best Beer Pong Tables:

1. Table ​ 8-Foot Beer Pong...
  • 8 Foot Beer Pong Table with Cup Holes &...
  • LED Glow Lights feature 20 Different...
  • ACTUAL holes keeping game cups from...
  • Wax finish that deflects liquids and...
  • Attached Pong Ball Holder W/ (6) Party...

This beer pong table is worth every penny because it’s the most durable beer pong tables on the market which is easily available and offers many features.

The part pong beer professional tables are for everyone looking for affordable and portable beer pong tables. you can fold this table into a 2ft. x 2ft case which makes it portable to bring in any party or event.

It offers features such as cup holes for the game cups so they can stay still preventing them from spill or slide and it has changed color LED glow lights that are easily visible during daylight and become vibrant in dark times.

The advantage of this beer pong table is that it can stand extreme temperatures, liquids and physical abuse which makes the table to be used for a long time.

It is an 8ft long table with cup holes and LED lights. The LED lights have a glow feature with 20 different colors and 20 different light modes with adjustable brightness.


  1. Holes to prevent cups from spilling and sliding.
  2. Wax finishes deflecting liquids in order to protect the table.
  3. Attached pong ball holder with six-party pong balls.

2. Qii lu Folding Beer Pong Table

This product is specially designed to fold up and be stored in a closet or can be easily carried and tossed into a trunk. The portability of this product allows it to be taken to any party.

It has so many features that make it a very easy choice and distinguishable apart from its competitors.

Qii lu Camping Table, Portable Folding...
  • 【Stable & Durable】Folding beer pong...
  • 【Service】We stand behind all of...
  • 【Folding Design】Folding design makes...
  • 【Easy to Use】Innovative 3-foot...
  • 【Scope of Application】This is a...

The top of the table is coated with a superior wax finish that deflects liquids to protect the table from usual wear and tear or extreme temperatures.

The table is fitted with a ball holder which can hold up to 6 party pong balls.

This folding beer pong table is made up of premium aluminum alloy material with large bearing capacity. It also has high safety and stability.

The folding design of this product makes it portable and appropriate for parties, outdoor camping’s an outing.

The Innovative three-foot design makes the table lighter and more moveable. The advantage of this product is that the surface of the beer pong table is very easy to clean and maintain. Everyone is looking for such a professional beer pong table at an affordable price.


  1. Stable and durable
  2. Providing after-sale services
  3.  Folding design for convenience
  4.  Easy to use
  5. Professional scope of application

3. JOYMOR Beer Pong Table

It’s hard to believe that the game of Beer Pong is developing itself into a competitive sport.

if you’re one of the serious players who love to play beer pong game, the JOYMOR Pong Table might be the one for you.

JOYMOR Beer Pong Table 8 FT for Drinking...
  • UPGRADED STABILITY: With the added...
  • PORTABLE FOLDING DESIGN: You can easily...
  • Materials: Made of high-strength yet...
  • Upgrade your party: With the interesting...

This product features regular suitable body type that folds into a portable carrying case for anywhere you want to take it.

The perfect size of this product allows storing out n few moments and maybe tossing it in the back seat or the trunk.

The top is built with an aluminum frame with six legs that increases its durability and also makes it lightweight but strong enough to be used for a long time.

There are three level heights of 1.8ft, 2.2ft, and 2.5ft for you to choose. Such features and compatibility of this table make the JOYMOR beer pong table suitable for most body types and all you need to do is to adjust the height according to your needs.

The portable folding design of this product lets you easily fold it up when not to use the table. The 8ft beer pong table surely makes it more transportable and easier for storage.

The table is made of high-quality materials that provide high-strength yet lightweight ping pong tables which are aluminum and will be quite strong for your use.


  1. Upgraded Stability
  2. High-quality materials
  3. Good price rate
  4. Innovative design.

The game comes with interesting playing rules and the beer game is always a perfect match for the party. There is no doubt that it will upgrade your party and everyone can enjoy while spending quality time together.


This product will be the best choice to buy out in the market. Its innovative design with LED lights and cup holes combines to provide you all in one luxurious beer pong table.

This table is a perfect match for you and it’s 8 feet long. This table is portable and can be easily carried at your friend’s place to challenge them in-game of beer pong or you might be hanging out at home where you need it.

PONGBUDDY LED Lights Beer Pong Table...
  • 8 Foot Beer Pong Table w/ Cup Holes &...
  • Stylish graphic gives table sleek...
  • Folds up for easy transport and contains...
  • Perfect for outdoor or indoor use...
  • 8ft Long Table: Folding Into 4 Sections,...

Camping, outing or at a party this table is durable and strong enough to be used in the long run.

specialty of this table is that if you don’t want to use it for beer pong then never worry because this table can be used for different drinking games or even for setting other things on, you should take advantage of this fine table piece.

Also great for traveling because it folds up fast and easily into a two-foot by two-foot square.

The frame is made of aluminum material so it is lightweight and hard-wearing and can be carried anywhere with its convenient carrying handle.

If you are a professional player or just a beginner, this table is the ultimate way to spend the days with your friends and have fun.

This beautiful exclusively designed table comes with a constructed aluminum frame base with a melamine coated table top which protects against scratches, sun damage, prevents it from tearing apart from extreme temperatures and beer spills or slides. You can easily clean it up.

 This official tournament sized table allows flexibility by folding into a 2ft x 2ft briefcase. you can play regular beer pong anywhere. Purchase this product directly from the manufacturer at the best prices possible.

It is a best choice official tournament product with a lightweight option, installed with an integrated carrying handle on the side. It folds in half for solid storage or could be easily fit in the backseat of your car or a trunk.


  1. 8-foot beer pong table with cup holes and LED lights
  2. Stylish Graphic Display
  3. Easy Transport with carrying handle
  4. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use.
  5. Folds into 4 sections and 2 positions for adjustable heights.

5. Party Pong Table

Everyone is looking for an affordable and portable beer pong table in the market. This party pong table is for everyone according to their needs. It is made up of the anodized aluminum frame and legs of these tables makes it the most durable beer pong tables on the market and it is capable of surviving most of the epic parties.

Sale 8-Foot Beer Pong...
  • 8 Foot Beer Pong Table with LED Glow...
  • LED Glow Lights feature 20 Different...
  • Wax finish that deflects liquids and...
  • Table easily folds into carrying case...
  • Attached Pong Ball Holder with (6) Party...

 The Professional beer pong table can be conveniently folded into a 2 ft. x 2 ft square. Which makes it transportable and convenient to bring to any party or event.

This table features color-changing LED Glow Lights that is the addition of an awesome lighting effect to your party beer pong table. The LED lights are easily visible in daylight and extra vibrant in the dark time. These LED lights are battery-powered.


  1. Wax finishes that deflect liquids to protect the table.
  2. Easily folds into carrying case
  3.  Includes latch and handles
  4. Attached pong ball holder with six-party bong balls.

The table is 8-foot-long with an LED light Glow system and the lights feature 20 Different Colors with 20 different Light modes with Adjustable Speed & Brightness.

You can show off your national pride and your drinking game at the same time as the party pong table patriotic design. It is decorated with an enormous version of stars and stripes which makes it a perfect gift to give someone for 4rth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day gatherings.

6. GoPong Beer Pong Table

This pool pong table is specially designed to be the ultimate addition to any pool party. The table has cup holders to hold 10 cup beer pong. It is great for those days when it is too hot and you want to spend your day in the pool.

GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong...
  • UPGRADE YOUR POOL PARTY: 6 foot floating...
  • HOURS OF FUN: Full 10 cup beer pong...
  • 3 FEATURES IN 1: The versatile GoPong...
  • RAPID INFLATION: Don't let your party...
  • UNIQUE GIFT: Retail boxed for gifting

Grab a spot in the pool with your friends along with the table, pour your drink into one of the 8 cup holders and use the Pool Lounge for Social Floating and fun with friends while challenging them in the game.

Pool Pong Lounge is a premium 6ft floating beer pong table with built-in cup holders for social floating. This product is quite luxurious. The 6ft x 3ft table includes 10 cup triangles on each end that provides for pool pong play. Each side of the raft is also creased with 4 cup holders used for social floating and you and your friends can float and socialize around the table between pong games. You can also use it to get tan.


  1. Hours of fun
  2. Three features in one product.
  3. Rapid Inflation
  4. Unique gift

How to Play beer Pong Table

The game classically involves opposite teams of two or more players at each side with six or ten cups which they set up in a triangle creation on each side of the teams. Each team has to take turns trying to shoot balls into the opponent’s cups. If the ball lands in a cup then the contents of that cup are used by the other team and then that team will remove the cup from the table. The first team to remove all of the opponent’s cups is the champion.

Beer pong is usually played at bars, parties, universities, and college.

Rules for Beer Pong

1)How to start?

Both teams start with pong balls in their hands which they are supposed to at beer cups opposite sides of each other. Eye contact is necessary while tossing the balls if one team failed to make eye contact, the other team member has to start first.

2)How to shoot?

when shooting players have to keep their wrists and elbows behind the edge of the table.  If you break this rule, your throw will not count and you have to restart.

3) Re-arranging

Each team is given a right to re-rack the cups if they are less than six or five-game cups left

4) Bouncing ball

A bouncing ball is counted when they are two cups left on the table otherwise if you throw a ball at the start and it bounces before hitting the cup then the throw is not considered.


You are always going to love your table for a beer pong game because this game is great and it can involve so many people playing together that it will surely give you the best time ever to enjoy yourself with your friends.

Buying the right table will add more fun to the game which is why we have listed the best beer pong tables available in the market. Just go through each description and you will find many good options to buy a table either for your bar or home.