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JOOLA signature 25mm review

In an office environment or at home, a healthy recreational activity is a must to get the blood pumping and mind working again. The JOOLA signature 25mm is an exceptional piece of ping pong equipment that comes with a sturdy frame and adjustable legs.

Indoor ping pong tables are more often paid less attention to than outdoor ping pong table since outside environments are more unforgiving.

But that does not mean indoor tables are not critiqued, from tabletop thickness to wheel size, everything is paid close attention, and that is precisely what we did with the JOOLA signature 25mm table.

Diving quickly into the review, let us look at the pros and cons of the JOOLA signature 25mm.

JOOLA Signature Pro Tournament-Quality...
  • PRECISION & DURABILITY: Regulation size...
  • PRACTICE PLAYBACK MODE: Foldable ping...
  • Short assembly time
  • Playback position supported
  • Heavy
  • Bad customer service


The verdict for the JOOLA signature 25mm is quite a simple one.

If you want a sleek and beautiful indoor ping pong table that performs brilliantly, you can rest assured that the JOOLA signature 25mm would do the job! 

Some people have complained the table is too heavy and it is hard to move around while others have argued that the table should be partially assembled when bought from the store.

These complaints aren’t justified in our belief. Since you’re getting a quality table that gives a high bounce thanks to its extra-thick tabletop, the table can also be assembled in a playback mode for singles practice and can be easily moved throughout the house.

But the most prominent justification for these minor nuances is the price tag itself. At such a low price of around $400, these small issues can be forgotten, especially when you’re getting the most prominent feature of the surface thickness.

Adding on to this, you also get a convenient extra feature of ball pockets, the table comes with four ball pockets at each corner of the table, each pocket can hold up to 3 40mm ping pong balls.


25 mm thick tabletop

When we talk about ping pong tables, one of the most crucial features is the table surface thickness. Mostly, outdoor table tennis tables have thinner table tops when compared to indoors.

We can take the example of the Cornilleau 500M, which is one of the top-tier outdoor ping pong tables with a tabletop thickness of 7mm. In comparison to that, the JOOLA 25mm has a tabletop thickness to die for.

You will get the perfect bounce that one should get when playing the game. The medium-density fibreboard (MDF) multilayered coated surface gives the optimum bounce.

This feature alone is quite remarkable. We’ve seen outdoor table tops provide weather protection and glare-reducing coatings on the table surface to enhance the playing experience, but that is not the case with indoor tables.

You don’t have to worry about any adverse weather conditions or sunlight, giving you trouble in the middle of a match.

As a result, the maximum focus is to provide the thickest table surface that will make your ball bounce a lot better than outdoor conditions. Hence the name, JOOLA signature 25mm.


The JOOLA signature 25mm showcases a sleek design with a black surface. If you read articles regarding ping pong tables, you’d know that a black-top is always the eye-catcher and much more preferred than any other table color.

Not only the surface, but the entire metal frame consisting of the legs are also black. Such a beautiful piece deserves to be the spotlight of your house.

Coming on to the metal frame, the table has four straight legs with the addition of 4 wheels in the middle for movability. However, it is essential to notice that it is a dense structure with a weight of around 200 pounds or nearly 90 Kg.

Wheel Size & Storage

 When we talked about outside ping pong tables, a factor brought up again and again as an essential secondary feature was the wheel size since the table had to move in different terrains outside.

This required bigger wheels, but indoor tables do not have to be prepared or equipped for rough and uneven terrains, and so the wheel sizes are generally smaller.

The JOOLA signature 25mm has a wheel size of 4″ which is more than enough to move the table inside the house. This feature is mainly used when you have to move the table from one room to another room or for storage.

The wheels also come with locks, so the table remains static during mid-match. You can imagine how annoying and distasteful it would be if the table continually moved in the middle of the match, you wouldn’t be able to play one solid match!!

Talking about the storage, it isn’t difficult to open and close the table. The table is divided into two halves, which can then be folded from the center and moved with the wheels’ help wherever you want around the house.

However, if you’re planning to move the table upstairs, it is highly recommended that you deconstruct the table and take each part upstairs separately, this is a two-man job so make sure you follow these rules and not injure yourself.

Since we’re talking about injury prevention, it is also important to note that the JOLLA signature 25mm has 90-degree corners, meaning they’re quite sharp.

If you have little kids running around in the house, it is best to keep the table inside a room where kids do not go often.

Assembly Time

In today’s world, many ping pong tables come almost entirely or partially assembled. However, there are also tables that each take an assembly time of up to 1.5 to 2 hours, some even 3 hours. These tables are usually unassembled.

Like these tables, the JOOLA signature 25mm comes completely unassembled, but unlike these tables, assembly is really easy and quick!

It would take you a matter of 20 to 30 minutes to set up the entire table by following a simple YouTube video that shows the assembly process step by step.


The JOOLA signature 25mm is an exceptional ping pong table that provides an excellent value for money and has a list of very prominent features.

The 25mm table surface is the best one. This level of thickness is truly beautiful to see on a tabletop since it enhances the ball bounce by a large margin, which in turn improves your playing experience.

Not only this, but the assembly time is only around 20 to 30 minutes, this is particularly impressive considering that the table is entirely un assembled when bought. 

According to us, all of this for a minimalistic price of around $400 is a good deal.