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Stiga ST3100 Review

Are you looking forward to enhancing your ping pong game skills? Look no further other than the Stiga Master Series ST3100 Ping Pong Table. 

This table has many advantages to offer compared to the other ping pong table within the same price segment.

However, in this review, we are going to go deep and find out the nuts and bolts of this ping pong table to help you decide if it’s really for you. 

Let’s take a quick look at Pros & Cons of the Stiga ST3100 Ping Pong table.

STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor...
  • Competition-ready indoor table tennis...
  • 10-minute QuickPlay design comes 95%...
  • Effortlessly roll and transport table...
  • Excellent playability with 5/8”-thick...
  • Easily attach and remove net with...
  • Can be folded completely for easier storage
  • Playback position for solo play
  • Larger Caster Wheel make the table portable
  • High ball storage capacity
  • Thick Legs providing a rigid support
  • Moderately Difficult Assembly Process
  • Red Color Bars Make It Look Less Elegant
  • Paddles & Balls aren’t included
  • Post and net are not quality built


The Stiga Master Series ST3100 is out for long now in the market and has been gaining all those 5-star reviews and we thought to bring it in for a review, and we were amazed that this table really provides a great overall value for all of those out there looking for a solid entry-level table for their own recreation room. 

Many kids and even adults seem to think that this table is a professional level table and loves playing on it.

Let’s dig deeper into the review and find out what’s so special about this table.

Un-boxing and assembly

The Stiga ST3100 arrived and the packaging was fairly huge for this table and we quickly unboxed it to find a lot of parts and it wasn’t like the other tables which are either 90% or completely assembled.

The assembly instructions are included and if you don’t follow it then this table can be difficult to assemble correctly.

You should have at least one more person to assist you in the installation process. 

The assembly process was pretty hard in our case and we didn’t have a power drill at that time so it took us even longer to complete the whole assembling process.

Also, make sure you don’t tighten the nuts tightly because it somehow makes it hard to fold up and store.

We suggest you keep an eye on what size bolts you are using for each part for making the process easier.

Build Structure

The Stiga ST3100 is made in a stylish black and red colour scheme and provides you with amazing extra features like net and post along with the ball storage.

Once the table is assembled then it is pretty easy to fold it up for storage purposes and it only measures 60 x 30 x 62 inches when folded.

However, in playback mode, it is around 108 x 60 x 30 inches. 

The most important aspect of the ping pong table is the playing surface thickness and for the Stiga ST3100, it is 19mm. The minimum thickness we recommend is 15mm and the players who are serious should look at something thicker than 19mm.

Luckily, the Stiga ST3100 fits in and therefore it is a great table to play on.

The bounce on this table feels very fast and responsive compared to other lower quality models which are way slower. Apart from everything, the Stiga ST3100 is of regulation size i.e, 9 feet by 5 feet.

Coming to the overall build of this table, the chassis feels durable and robust making it a long-lasting table if kept in proper condition.

It also features 2” legs, 2” apron and four 3” casters to make it easy to move around the house to wherever you want.

The legs are pretty firm and are not flimsy at all supporting the table very well. The wheels are lockable and the table manages to resist the movement when dumped.

On the other hand, it also features the “playback mode” which allows the player to fold up only one end of the table and practice Ping Pong individually in case there is no partner available to assist in the play.

We don’t usually test this out, but we found it pretty easy on this table and it does actually improve the ping pong play.


This table is indeed an indoor-only table however, it should be easy to store and move around.

Fortunately, the Stiga ST3100 has 3” caster wheels which help it to be moved around easily indoors.

On a bright note, this model is heavy and as told the shipping package was huge as it weighs over 200lbs.

If you’re into moving this table a lot, you might need to reconsider your choice as the box won’t probably fit in an average car.

Other Notable Feature

As discussed above, there are many features packed in this table. The one feature that we really liked on this table is the ball storage.

You clearly don’t need to run after a ball if you or your partner stroked the ball too far. You can just grab the new ball and start playing the game. 

Normally, most of the other ping pong tables can hold only about 4 balls at a time or miss this extra feature while this table’s ball holder can hold up to 12 balls on each side i.e, 24 balls in total and that’s impressive.

This feature won’t make you run around the room chasing balls or trying and balancing them on a table nearby.

Playing Experience

The best highlight of this table is definitely the high-end feel this table provides despite the affordable price tag.

This table gives you the experience of $700 – $800 ping pong table and features the 19mm tabletop giving you the very seamless experience since the bounce is pretty consistent and the gameplay gets faster.

However, there are no paddles and balls included with the table and we paired this table with Stiga’s Performance Paddle and the game turned out to be pretty intense and this table performed very well in the overall gameplay.


The Stiga St3100 is a pretty popular ping pong table but that doesn’t mean it fits for all of them out there.

Although, it is for sure is an amazing entry-level table featuring the mid-tier features at an amazing price point.

The quality of the tabletop and the sturdiness of the frame is far better than the ping pong tables in this price point.

The intermediate and beginner players will be amazed by this table however it is not the same with serious players. 

We don’t really recommend this table for serious practice, but only for the fun family games or warm up training and it provides you with excellent value for money.

Although, you have to be very patient throughout the assembly process. It is a tedious task assembling this table so make sure you have your tools ready to go.