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7 Best Tetherball Sets (In 2020)

Tetherball game is kind of fun up-gradation to your backyards or lawns, whether you’re a kid who’s looking to replicate some schoolyard fun or an adult to bring your family together at your house, a tetherball set is an absolutely a fun activity for having some leisure time.

Tetherball is a beguiling game that doesn’t need any unusual equipment or attire –  all you need to do is jump in and play whenever you want to, as it doesn’t require much of the playing. But before that, I would like you to tell you something interesting about the origin of this game!

There are hundreds of products in the market and it can be hard to decide which one to buy.

I selected Top-3 products and compared them against each other so you can have a better eye for details and select the one the suits your needs.

ProductMain FeatureWeight Price
1.Lifetime Portable Tetherball SetBrand New In box23.4 lb
2. Park & Sun Sports Tetherball SetNylon-wound Bladder11.4 lb
3. BSN Tetherball setGalvanized Steel Construction1.2 lb
4. Baden Champions SeriesPVC Plastic Ground Sleeve10.9 lb
5. All Surface PROBase Inset Scoring System7.4 lb
6 .STERLING Tetherball Bend-proof Walls11 lb
7. Franklin Tetherball SetThick Cotton Core Rope6.5 lb
8. Champion Tetherball SetWeatherproof Cord1 lb

Here are some best tetherball sets you must check:

1. Lifetime Portable Tetherball Set

Lifetime Portable Tetherball set is all about convenience and enjoyment. is great for beginners in tetherball game but can you just cannot ignore the fact that it’s quite suitable for intense matches also, which makes it quite versatile for players of all ages.

Lifetime Portable Tetherball System
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with...

It is designed with great mobility in design with wheels on the weather-resistant pole and a thick sturdy 72-inch nylon cord with a plastic (polyethylene 20-inches) base attached that can be filled with your preferred substance may be water or sand whatsoever to hold it.

 It is built in such a way that it is compatible with multiple surfaces. So, you really don’t have to worry about its weight. It also comes with an 8-inch super soft-touch ball technology to avoid any related injuries.)

  • High level of mobility because of the wheels attached at the bottom of the base
  • Can be mounted on various surfaces
  • Averagely priced
  • Easy & Quick installation
  • Good choice for every type of competition
  1. Users have complained about the durability of the base, i.e. once it filled with water it doesn’t tilt or roll as required.
  2. The base wobbles

2. Park & Sun Sports Tetherball Set

Our Next best option is the all-rounder Park and Sun permanent tetherball set which offers users a very satisfactory balance between price and value.

Park & Sun Sports Permanent Outdoor...
  • 3-piece galvanized steel poles measure...
  • Galvanized steel provides exceptional...
  • Soft Touch tetherball that features a...
  • Durable and soft synthetic material of...
  • Includes a 12" in-ground pole sleeve, a...

With its ultimate affordable price, It comes with a 1.5 inch thick galvanized steel post that unmatchable market competitive prices it is of inbuilt 12 inches PVC sleeves for a handy installation and removal.

It also comes with a soft material playing ball for avoiding any hazards while playing, the ball contained is connected to a strong nylon cord of 7 ft and 6mm in diameter. This tetherball set comes with accessories such as a hand pump and 02 needles. This is an ideal pick for those who are searching for permanent installation for playing.

  1. It is very easy to assemble
  2. Comes with two added inflation needles and ball pump
  3. Pole is made up of strong weather resistant steel
  4. It is extremely affordable
  1. It lacks mobility
  2. Users have reported having some space in sleeves which destabilizes the pole a bit
  3. You need a solid concrete for grounding it well

3. BSN Tetherball set

This rough and tough tetherball set comes with a 02 piece pole constructed with fine quality galvanized steel making it perfect weather-resistant sports equipment outdoors

BSN Outdoor Tetherball Pole
  • Galvanized steel construction provides...
  • Allows children to play tetherball on...
  • Two-piece design combines to form one 12...
  • Post permanently installs 2 ft. into the...
  • Top eye, rope and ball are included,...

After installation its size is about 02 fit inside the ground and approximately 12 ft in total standing length with permanent grounding quality.

It also comes with added set necessities like sturdy rope and a ball that has a feel of volleyball quality surface. It is expensive but it comes with an unbeatable fine long-lasting quality that will give you many hours of straight play without a break.

  1. Comes with unbeatable strong construction
  2. All types of weather-resistant
  3. Received 80% of Amazon’s top reviews
  1. It is expensive than other tetherball sets
  2. It lacks air pump, but any other pump works fine with the ball

4. Baden Champions Series

This tetherball set makes in name in the top list because of its easy and handy installation with a lucrative pack of accessories that it has.

Baden Champions Series Tetherball Set
  • SET INCLUDES - (1) White steel...
  • BUILT TOUGH - Weather and rust-resistant...
  • EASY SETUP - Start playing tetherball in...
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE - Get the whole family...
  • UNPLUG AND UNWIND - No need to convince...

It includes a good quality nylon rope with an eyebolt and hook, air pumping, steel powder-coated sturdy tetherball pole with a company’s deluxe tetherball and 12 inches of PVC plastic material ground sleeve.

For installation, all you need to do is to click on 03 lengths of the pole together, assemble its height up to 10’5” and get the ball pump and start playing.

  1. It’s very easy to assemble
  2. Comes with a good number of accessories and manual
  3. It is suitable for all ages
  4. Quite Affordable
  1. Users have a complaint regarding pole rusting, thus contradicting its description for weather resilient
  2. It’s wobbly during playing especially in an intense playing situation

5. All Surface PRO

This professional Swingball tetherball is an excellent means to improve your hand/eye coordination with so much fun.

PRO Swingball – All Surface Portable...
  • BIG BROTHER VERSION: Much like Classic...
  • PLAY ANYWHERE: Simply fill the base with...
  • CONVENIENT: All Components Pack Away...
  • ENDLESS PLAY: Pro Swingball offers...
  • INCLUDES: 1- Pro Swingball. 2- Heavy...

Although it looks like that it’s not for adults and designed for kids, but this isn’t true because of it’s built and the level of playing experience that it actually offers.

The best part is like other tetherball sets it can work with any surfaces with filling the base with sand or water. So, we cannot just make it a kid category product at all. Also, this comes in a compact and portable size and utility in which all the parts including the base can be moved, the version of this brand keeps on updating and the pole in this version is quite wider and sturdy with added spirals. It also comes with adjustable height, which is almost 5.5 feet.

The accessories included are a professional swing balls  02 checker bats, a base inset scoring system for added value.

  1. It has a very catchy design
  2. Comes with adjustable height option
  3. Portable and compact
  1. Pole doesn’t attach the base perfectly
  2. It is quite wobbly
  3. Not very durable

6. STERLING Tetherball 

This is another affordable option for price-conscious customers. This tetherball set comes with strong steel poles, a fine quality 8” standard-sized ball with a handy hand pump.

Sterling Games Deluxe Tetherball Set
  • Set Includes: Galvanized Steel Pole,...
  • Galvanized Steel Pole. Inner Steel Cord...
  • Concrete Base Required for safety and...
  • Dimensions: 124"H, Ages 6 and up. Pump...
  • Concrete base required. Adult assembly...

The swinging capacity of the ball is up to 12 ft away from the pole. The rope and the poles of the set can be adjusted and is quite durable in has also 12” ground sleeve for dissembling and the Ball is steadily connected to an 8′ excellent class nylon rope along with a metal hook snap clip attached at the bottom. All you have to do is to Snap it to the eyebolt on the pole for prompt playing.

  1. The heights or rope and pole can be regulated to meet space restrictions
  2. It comes with an air pump for ball
  3. It is Affordable as compared to other brands
  1. Its setup is not user-friendly
  2. It needs concrete for setting-in the playing area

7. Franklin Tetherball Set

Another budget pick which is just around $20, This tetherball set a quite average height steel pole which is 2 feet less than the regular poles in the market.

Franklin Sports Tetherball - Tetherball...
  • Steel
  • A TIMELESS CLASSIC: Bring this...
  • DURABLE: 1.25"diameter welded steel...
  • INCLUDES: An official size vinyl...
  • STABLE PLAY: 10" ground sleeve ensures...

It is about 8 ft but it does a remarkable job. Its rope is made up of cotton rather than nylon. The tetherball for playing is made up of vinyl material which is quite durable and handy top play with. This set also incorporates the air pump set and needle. Furthermore, it utilizes a  screw-in mechanism where basically the entire base is warped into the ground until it is locked firmly.

  1. Excellent affordability
  2. Quite safe for kids and pets
  3. Comes with an air pump
  4. Easy to set up
  1. Not very durable in overall quality
  2. Mounting system is not balanced and is wobbly during playtime
  3. The rope is breakable as it is made up of cotton

8. Champion Tetherball Set

Champion Sports Portable Tetherball Set:...

Another portable, compact and quite decent tetherball set with easy installation. It has well-marked instructions with a stylish carrying bag-case. Its rope is made-up nylon making it well designed for playing the purpose of rope with a vinyl ball, air pump and needle for the ball. The length of the pole is 06 ft and that makes it limited for players under 12.

  1. It is easy to assemble
  2. It has carrying ag that makes it handy while traveling
  3. Comes with waterproof nylon rope
  1. User’s have reported about tilting of pole
  2. Assembling marks are not precise
  3. Not made-up of durable quality

Buying Guide

What to Consider before Buying:

Attention to detail is really important! When you are hunting for the best tetherball set, it’s necessary to look for some features listed below for avoiding any cognitive dissonance regarding your purchase.

But wait did you know? Playing Tetherball is full-body conditioning? Yes! amazing right! Unlike in other outdoor fast games, which requires frequent breaks during the game, tetherball players are in continuous state of motion by jumping, running swinging hands and limbs and stretching as hard as they can. It’s a great full body work-out.

Ok, coming back to the fundamental considerations for buying tetherball set!  You need to see for the following parameters carefully:

Look for the Pole type: Permanent vs Portable (Temporary)

In complete tetherball set, the most important part is the pole and the way it will be fixed to a base from the bottom that can be filled with materials like sand, water on concrete, etc. for holding it on the setting place when the ball moves. Also, one needs to see if the pole is to be fixed in or out of the ground.

While, Alternatively, some tetherball sets come with the capacity to be fixed to the ground permanently, so If you’re looking for a tetherball set to fix in a permanent place, you need to see for the perfect grounding surface. Another thing here is, to check for the material of the pole as it determines the longevity of the tetherball set. Our recommendations are to go for the galvanized steel ones as they considered to be the toughest and most durable metal one can find in any outdoor sports equipment.

However, Other materials such as aluminum will serve the purpose as well. Let’s have a quick comparison!

Permanent Portable/Temporary 
These sets are constructed to be permanently fixed in the ground using solid concrete or gravel substance They are long-lasting They are expensive They are heavier and cannot be moved easily Good for frequent playingThese sets can be carried, portable and stored because of their lightweight They are not very expensive Less durable and generally rust faster than the permanent sets They are suitable for moderate playing
See for Compactness

This characteristic of tetherball sets highlights explicitly the ability of the pole to fold in on itself easily, increasing its agility and storage ability. So If you are planning on using your tetherball set for occasionally, you’ll want to buy a tetherball pole that’s quite easily portable, which will make your life easier when you need to travel, carry, move or store! You really need to see the size and weight of the pole in case you’ve made up your mind regarding the pole type which is permanent or portable whatsoever!

What’s the rope material

Another important feature that you need to see for buying a tetherball set is to check for its Durability. The primary concern is just not to look at your pole or the ball but also the material of the rope also has a good amount of influence on the game as it connects the ball to the pole. We recommend you to buy a tetherball set whose rope is made up of nylon as its weather-resistant and made of long-lasting material that will definitely tolerate the frequent turns, swirls or ball hits.

See durable Ball Material

You need to see for the ball material that is weather-resistant and the one whose material can withstand multiple ball hits.

Suitable Pole Height

This feature is important to look-in If you are buying the tetherball set of adults or children, as Some tetherball sets are designed particularly for kids. While on the other hand, If you’re purchasing the tetherball set for an adult or for somebody who’s taller than 05 feet, you really don’t need to have a pole that’s hardly a bit higher than their head!

Assembling the set

You really don’t have to worry about screwing nuts and bolts because tetherball sets are relatively easier to set than other games. All you need is to feel the base with preferred filling material, select the compatible grounding surface and start playing immediately.

Know the Swing Radius

The swing radius refers to the maximum covered area by the ball i.e. the reachability of the ball when the rope is stretched. You really won’t want to buy a ball that ends up hitting your head or with a limited playing radius.

The attaching rope mechanism

This aspect concerns about your safety. You would really don’t want to hit someone’s head or face while swinging the ball or banging your own head while playing. So, we recommend you purchase a tetherball set with an inner attachment that spreads-out of the topmost of the pole, contrasting to one that only clips onto the external of the pole. you know that internal attachments are less expected to fly-off if something were to happen path of undesirable objects.

What’s more in the pack?

Extra’s are just fun when it comes to something you love! From extra balls to extra ropes, the worth of supplementary accessories and offers like warranties and guarantees should never be undervalued especially for tetherball sets, this holds true.

Types Of Tetherball: Sets Based on Price Range:

The Basic ones: Affordable

The basic tetherball sets fall in the range between $23 to $55 and often consists of the basic tennis ball with plastic racquets. These are light-weight, portable and some designs might be used indoors. However, the tetherball set belonging to this range is not very durable and are likely to be less durable.

The Middle ones: Averagely-priced

The tetherball sets that belong to this range usually fall in the range of $55 to $110 with an average height range of 05 to 10 ft’. they also come with a rubber or nylon balls with strong solid poles that have a  dual quality for being grounded or moveable

The costly ones: High-Ranged

This type of tetherball set fall in the price range of $115 to $200. These sets are the most durable ones and are built with the intention of permanent installation.  The pole is constructed with galvanized steel and ropes are usually thicker made up of nylon as compared to less costly tetherball sets. This type is a go-to pick if You are a regular player.

Wrapping it Up!

Having said that, even so a finding a tetherball set might be a laid-back job in a sporting goods store or even on the internet, it’s quite helpful to know about all the aspects and reviews for the best tetherball sets available in the market online ( and offline sports goods shop! You really don’t have to compromise on ending up with a purchase that you don’t want to make.

Also, we all know that it is always very unusual and pleasant about having everyone’s favorite juvenile years game at home. So If you want to bring a great game home for your family this year, consider picking up a great tetherball game set. It’s really an easy way to get yourself and people around you to relax in a natural environment outside by staying active.

 Well, I will stop there now and the tetherball is in your court! Go and get the best one.! Comment below and share your experiences! We love to hear from You!