Aqib Nizam
I am a final year student of Business administration, and I also work part-time at an agency. When I am not studying at university or working at the company, I play a lot of various games with friends and family. I may play Dominoes in the noon and then a few games of Badminton in the evening. Nothing better for rest and recuperation than a few friendly games right? :) At IndoorChamp, I occasionally write content, apart from managing content publishing, and I am also managing its social media content as well.

Top 40 Best Indoor Games for Kids

Playing is such a childhood staple that its importance is often overlooked. Beyond entertaining, there are numerous benefits kids get from playing. Games are great stress-reducers. They can help children learn, aid their social and physical development, and improve cognitive skills. Unfortunately, with how COVID-19 tore through the world, playing doesn’t always look the same. …

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